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  1. You lasted a couple of weeks more than me. Welcome to the club, I’ll no be back until that c***s got his jotters
  2. Hi Bob, I don’t care about you down voting my post but I am interested in why. if you find some time to let me know I would appreciate it.
  3. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on the British army, everyone is entitled to an opinion in remembrance (in any form). The two aren’t tied in any way in the world we live in now btw. maybe until as a country we can behave ourselves and respect others views we keep it away from football? For the record i think remembering sacrifices made by others is a good thing but listening to that moment be abused by others or jumped on with over the top celebration is pretty sickening.
  4. Let's not chuck the debt thing about......everybody does it. the only win is against those cheating c***s Rangers that started it. What ever happened to them?
  5. These are both low quality shite posts that should not be tolerated. Reddie ( eugh) each.
  6. Get it right up these c***s Aberdeen. I don't like you much but this reincarnated shite are detestable.
  7. Everybody forgetting the reason it's moved is to suit Rangers and Celtic. Play it Saturday or play it where we want. You would think the massive fucking budget difference would be advantage enough for the glory hunting c***s. Either way I will be there Keeganesque when we destroy these minks.
  8. I like Saints. Gid c***s. Naebody cares what I think but I felt obliged to acknowledge them. Good evening all.
  9. Also, more iconic is Beattie penalty shafting you daft c***s.
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