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  1. Top of LL doesn’t automatically get the play off spot, they have to beat the HL champion. A more reasonable scenario would have the bottom of spfl league 2 relegated, the winner of the HL/LL play off promoted with the loser playing second bottom in a two leg play off for a (potentially) second spot. However, realistically I can’t see this happening until the spfl moves ( as is being rumoured) to 4 leagues of 12 in a couple of seasons.
  2. With regards to the Junior cup. I have a feeling that it will continue as it has for the last few seasons then see a gradual drop off in entrants over the next few seasons.
  3. Overall champion could take as little as two extra matches - winner A v winner D in one semi and winner B v winner C in another. Then a final. Or could take a round robin meaning three days - Saturday/Tuesday/Saturday.
  4. HL got so many poor teams that won’t take points off the top sides that there’s no way Brora could likely drop the points needed to bring others into it. LL very different in that regard
  5. Agreed. Also expect that individual committee members will now have the time to at least set out plans and draw up lists of jobs etc that would help their clubs meet the various requirements.
  6. This, with a caveat. IF all 63 apply and want in, the junior cup survives And I say that from the point of view that without that happening there will still be teams operating in leagues under the junior fa banner in all parts of the country.
  7. Can anyone explain to me how Gordon Ronney ( or anyone most likely) can negotiate on behalf of the Junior Cup as a competition? Fair enough if there weren’t any non WRSJFA participants in the trophy ( west of Scotland cup for example), but this isn’t the case.
  8. What are the fees for current participation in the WRSJFA and membership of the SJFA?
  9. There are plans being discussed to potentially expand below the prem- each of the leagues being 12 teams so 6 new clubs joining.
  10. Same would apply to English system if anyone’s interested [emoji6] This season tied up in August and September. Then everyone plays each other once. Then split down the middle and play the teams in your half again. 28 games plus the amount left this year. No need to remove any cups. I expect the call from Sky sports at any time soon
  11. Restart and finish all seasons in aug and sep (at least til the formal issues resolved). Have a short 3 week close season. Start new season in late October. Use premiership (or rugby league super league) type splits to help shorten the league season - where necessary. Premiership in Scotland - play everyone twice then split. 27 games plus the 8/9/10 in aug/sep. Champ- league 2, play everyone 3 times, 27 games plus the 8/9/10 in aug/sep. Lowland - EoS Prem 30 games season. Reduce the local cups. Plus the remaining current season fixtures til issues resolved. Conferences in WoSL and EoSL can then be as creative as they need to be, perhaps using various other models from different sports detailed above. Each of these would mean that in the spell from start of August to end of May teams would play between 35-40 (ish) league games* *if minor cups took a one year sabbatical
  12. You can’t surely end up with a ‘less united non-league’ than we currently have
  13. Suspend the season until the start date of next season. Complete the majority of games in August and September to tie up the various issues - pro/rel ( so no need for a mid table team to have to complete ALL 16 remaining games). Have a brief hiatus (2-3 weeks) to rejig leagues for pro/ rel and start again towards the end of October. Then be creative with the set up of the fixtures for the coming season ( splits etc) to ensure that sorting integrity is kept without teams being asked to fit more than a full season into August to May.
  14. Not as delighted as the rest of the league [emoji23]
  15. It can. But there are still clubs among the ‘chaos’ who don’t want to join the EoS, as Burnie points out. Burnies point is that clubs should be allowed to choose. The chaos you’ve referred to is obvious and evident to most of us but there are still clubs that are actively choosing not to join the EoS despite the situation for 2020-21 being much better ( in terms of where you would start) than may have been expected in year 3. So if clubs right in the heart of the East utopia can still decide that it’s not for them, why can’t teams in the west have the opportunity to do the same?
  16. Chicken and egg scenario. Folk tonight will want to know the potential format before making a decision. Decision can’t be made by member clubs before membership happens.
  17. Maybe at half five and not half nine [emoji23][emoji23]
  18. Sounds like an entertaining 0-0 draw then......
  19. Double jeopardy is what would have made it a yellow. Used to be a red but now downgraded if genuine attempt at the ball
  20. I’ve no doubt the meeting on Tuesday will ask clubs to make a decision and pledge support, but why would a club do that (no matter what their individual preferences) until after Thursdays meeting? Absolutely no benefit at all to any club to commit to anything before hearing from both groups.
  21. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Just timed it myself ( as Philip schofield would say) and it took me exactly three seconds to find that reply by clicking on the back arrow and reading . Hardly the sort of task that requires hour after hour of fanatical obsession.
  22. Armadale twitter feed responding to the Bamford news with ‘about time’ [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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