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  1. Of you I certainly am not, and I'd be surprised if you actually have any! As for the age, well that just isn't true. Any how jog on.
  2. When do the school's break up for Christmas?
  3. Don't ask me why but I think we'll win this tomorrow.
  4. Is the Elizabeathan still open, normally good food and drink in there and footy is normally on?
  5. Great result and performance, was Shankland away on international duties and Nicky come on? Step foward sir Stephen
  6. Is the game on this Saturday and if so will Shankland be playing? Just asking for a friend you understand.
  7. International duty or am I being whoooooshed, no?
  8. What a depressing couple of performances and results over the weekend.
  9. What about the two clowns who're in charge of proceedings?
  10. Aye but how long will that take and how many consecutive games will he be able to play? If my memory serves me well he didn't/couldn't manage many last time he was here and that was a few seasons ago! Very much a meh signing for me.
  11. So Nicolas misses a sitter and a pen, karma.
  12. I'd prefer it if our keeper had nothing to do!
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