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  1. Lets be honest though, nobody likes being turned over especially by us border bumkins!
  2. As long as Dobbie and Harkins stay fit we'll have enough to keep out of the bottom two.
  3. Queens v Dundee United

    Great highlights as always MOTD W and nice touch re Ball. Robbie's On to the match we we're e all over the place first half and were lucky to be just two down, guy looked onside on the highlights. Nice assist from the ref in the build up to their first. Second half was a lot better and after Sir Stephen did what Sir Stephen does i thought we were going to get something from the game. Jacobs did really well to set up Dobbie's goal.
  4. Queens v Dundee United

    Now this bit I believe. Anyway, 3-1 Queens would be nice, and to see Nicolas trudge off with a face tripping him the same as when he came calling with Sevco
  5. Vultures circling, hope shabba stays a few more months but after he gets Dobbied on Saturday his number could be up.
  6. Looking forward to another opening day victory.
  7. Gonna be some poor defending in this league this season going by some of the predictions. Anyway mine is Sir Stephen with 18 league goals.
  8. League Cup last 16 draw

    What, like the last time we played you here in the cup?
  9. Liverpool reserves at home. Money-spinner and they'll have one eye on Europe so winnable.
  10. Step forward Sir Stephen and Harkins.
  11. Although it was a good result today it doesn't really matter after the news of Alan Ball, RIP big man true club legend and a true gentleman.
  12. Here's me having a quiet Saturday evening after Sir Stephen scored another brace and you bring me into this. FWIW I don't think Clark will get into double figures this season. Gonna be raging at being subbed today.
  13. Football with a smile, how it should be played.
  14. Jezzo, what's going on in here? I've only come on to say that Laszlo and Nicky are a match made in heaven. Enjoy your season the best you can, buckle up it's gonna be interesting.
  15. I feel your pain!