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  1. Vale of Leven v Larkhall Thistle this Saturday tickets on sale here: https://app.fanbaseclub.com/Fan/Tickets/SelectType?fixtureId=2571 Or you can secure your admission to the Vale's five remaining games and get five games for the price of four here: https://app.fanbaseclub.com/Fan/SeasonTickets/ChooseQuantity?ticketId=997&clubId=164
  2. Renfrew Ladies 2-1 Rossvale Women Only managed to catch the first half of this before being called away. Was an enjoyable game and looks like I missed a great comeback.
  3. Clydebank Ladies 2-1 Bishopton Ladies. Game one of the day and it was absolutely dreadful stuff. Every cliche criticism of women's football (which I usually try and defend against) present for everyone to see. Hoping game two at Renfrew is better fare.
  4. Vale of Leven 0-1 Kello Rovers. An absolute sickener today.
  5. Renfrew u20s 4-0 Vale of Leven u20s. Well beaten tonight. A disappointing all round performance, but better to get it out of the way in a friendly.
  6. Kello Rovers v Vale of Leven this Saturday is now Vale of Leven v Kello Rovers at the Cheaper Insurance Direct Stadium in order to get the fixture played. We'll visit Kello in a few weeks and hopefully the weather will have improved. Buy your tickets here: https://app.fanbaseclub.com/Fan/Tickets/SelectType?fixtureId=2572
  7. Pretty spectacular stuff from Vault City. No one does sours like them.
  8. Annual leave means midweek beers. Starting with a tasty one from Alphabet.
  9. Scotland Women's u17s 4-0 Georgia Women's u17s. A comfortable win for Scotland and promotion back to League A of the Euro qualifiers secured for next season. Ahead inside a minute and not troubled for the entirety of the game.
  10. The in laws who we haven't seen since before the pandemic have invited us to meet them in Barcelona in November. Any recommendations / places to avoid? I know Las Ramblas is a tourist trap full of pickpockets, but other than that I'm going in blind.
  11. It's actually incredible how many teams in this division haven't had a single draw.
  12. The women's team play at Broadwood now, but there's no reason I can see that the main pitch at their Training Centre (which has a covered stand) couldn't be used for the B Team.
  13. Vale of Leven u20s 3-2 Central College Dutch. A really good run out against an impressive NCAA Division III side from Iowa. Great to see seven of the 2006 boys involved. Player pathway in full swing.
  14. Werder Bremen v Bayer Leverkusen just now another very good watch.
  15. Finally onto the real stuff and it's an absolute cracker from Pomona Island.
  16. Mrs fae the Vale is out tonight and I'm picking her up later, so its been non alcoholic beer for me tonight. This one is pretty good, doesn't taste a whole lot different from regular Elvis Juice, which doesn't always happen with non alcoholic beers.
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