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  1. Not taken Bayern long to take total control over Schalke
  2. Been telling the letting agents for months that the wall in our living room was damaged after a leak (the leak got fixed about a month back). They sent a decorator out. He popped the ladder up against the wall to have a look, and immediately a huge chunk of plaster fell off the wall. Much bigger job than the letting agent was prepared for, despite us telling them for months. On the plus side, maybe they'll now listen to us, but still a massive hassle
  3. I think you'll probably find most Premier clubs charging £7 and £4 or similar. Vale of Leven in the conferences will be charging £6 and £3, which I imagine will be pretty similar throughout the conferences as well, but yeah, teams can set their own prices, no more league requirements
  4. Going ahead now. Toronto 1-0 up after 12 minutes
  5. Different Drumchapel. It's Drumchapel Amateurs that have Glenhead. Drumchapel Utd of the WoSL will be sharing Lochburn.
  6. Theres no barrier at the Vale Academy. The club are looking at the astro at the Argyll Park
  7. www.donateaticket.com It's a fantastic site that's really helping a lot of clubs. Plenty of non SPFL clubs on there
  8. Missing football so much I'm seriously considering forking out for a BT Sport subscription for the Bundesliga starting up again. Think I've watched about 3 games in the league in my life, but the excitement is pulling me in.
  9. Delighted to see the Vale of Leven announce entry. I'm a big fan of this league, and regularly spend my Friday nights at one game or another. Having a team to properly support will just make it all the better.
  10. Anyone know if any of the Faeroe Islands games are being shown anywhere this afternoon?
  11. Plenty folk take a carry out into Vale games, can't see it changing any time soon.
  12. Glasgow Women 6-1 St Mirren in a friendly at Petershill yesterday afternoon. Was like a training session for the SWPL2 side for the first hour, with the Buddies coming into it a wee bit towards the end. Decent entertainment.
  13. Development League or not, what's the point in this being played in Glasgow? The Upper Annandale under 20s team are Glasgow based. I'm not really sure on the reasoning behind it.
  14. Newmains United 0-3 Vale of Leven FT
  15. Upper Annandale 1-3 East Fife in the Lowland Development League at New Tinto Park last night. Good competitive game, a late third from the Fifers sealed the win.
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