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  1. Todays scores 16/2

    Vale of Leven 0-1 Ashfield HT. Screamer of a goal
  2. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Bishopton 1 -1 Pollok United SWFL Division Two West/Central On Sunday Not the highest quality of game, but a reasonably entertaining way to spend a couple of hours
  3. Scottish Women's Premier League 2019

    Rangers are still at Benburb's ground, New Tinto Park, but until it's brought up to SWPL1 standards it will count as their alternate ground, as these only have to meet SWPL2 conditions. They can do this for four games, and they say the ground will be ready after that. I think all they'll need to do is cover 200 seats. Apologies, I couldn't get this section to quote in the app. Does this mean that Rangers/Benburb are finally covering the seats at New Tinto? That will be a fantastic addition to that ground
  4. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    I was hoping to pop along to this game but not surprised to see East Kilbride blanketed in snow. Might have to search out an alternative

    Boneless wings and nachos for me this year, if I even bother staying up. That no call in the NFC Championship has soured my mood on the whole thing, and I really don't want to watch Brady and the Patriots win another one...
  6. Which NFL team should i support

    Either go with someone you have somewhat of an affinity for (which I guess would be the Seahawks in your case - their fanbase is rabid, having been to Washington State, the amount of signage on cars, houses etc is bananas) or put everyone apart from the Patriots in a hat and pick at random. Or just choose the Browns for a laugh.
  7. Todays scores 19/1

    Vale of Leven 1-1 Lanark Utd HT
  8. Championship Sunday

    Looking forward to this weekend, think the Saints should have enough to see off the Rams at home, but I'm extremely nervous. AFC game could go either way. I'm tempted to say the Chiefs should do it, but the experience of the Patriots could prove to be key.
  9. Divisional Round

    Oh for God sake...
  10. Divisional Round

    This one seems done already. Sigh
  11. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Newtongrange Star 2-4 Penicuik Athletic yesterday. Cracking game with Penicuik coming from 2-0 down to win
  12. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

    Planning on taking in Newtongrange v Penicuik tomorrow. How's the parking and how much is admission?
  13. Last Book You Read....

    I just finished "My Best Friend's Exorcism" by Grady Hendrix. A horror-comedy that's never short of fun and entertaining throughout. Well worth a read if you're into that type of thing or looking for something a bit different.
  14. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    If other teams look as scared of you as Colts did yesterday you'll win the league at a canter. 3-0 wothout having to get out of second gear. Really impressive looking team this year
  15. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Cumberland Colts 0-3 East Kilbride in the Lowland League yesterday. EK didn't even have to get out of second gear, Colts were absolutely awful.