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  1. A rare West Coast IPA from Polly's. It's rather good.
  2. My in laws just moved from Seattle to Arizona and sent us a big box of shite they didn't want to take with them. In amongst it was this baseball signed by Ellis Burks, who played for five teams over 18 seasons. He was playing for the San Francisco Giants (father in law is a Giants fan) in the late 90s when he signed this. Not worth a whole lot, but a pretty cool wee momento.
  3. Most of the guys in this league either play for "winter" teams at a decent amateur level, with some of them even at junior teams. A lot of the older guys had pretty glittering amateur or semi pro careers.
  4. Cleland AFC 1-2 Red Star AFC. Red Star win the GDSML Cup in a fast paced, entertaining final at Holm Park.
  5. #Flagle #89 2/6 https://www.flagle.io
  6. Very pleasant New England Pale from Elusive. Excellent can art as usual from them.
  7. Vale of Leven u20s 1-0 Clydebank u20s A fantastic performance from the boys. Not sure we totally spoiled Clydebank's trophy night, but definitely put a bit of a dampner on it.
  8. #Flagle #88 3/6 https://www.flagle.io
  9. The wild garlic is in bloom on the Renton Road, which means a delightful smell on my way home every night.
  10. I was at The RCS for Sweeney Todd tonight and it was fantastic, no issues at all. Really disappointed to hear you had such a shite night, they're usually so professional.
  11. Anyone know what the admission price is on Sunday? They're doing a terrible job of advertising it on Twitter.
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