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  1. Glasgow Women 6-1 St Mirren in a friendly at Petershill yesterday afternoon. Was like a training session for the SWPL2 side for the first hour, with the Buddies coming into it a wee bit towards the end. Decent entertainment.
  2. Development League or not, what's the point in this being played in Glasgow? The Upper Annandale under 20s team are Glasgow based. I'm not really sure on the reasoning behind it.
  3. Newmains United 0-3 Vale of Leven FT
  4. Upper Annandale 1-3 East Fife in the Lowland Development League at New Tinto Park last night. Good competitive game, a late third from the Fifers sealed the win.
  5. Clydebank 1-4 Pollok last night. Well deserved victory for the visitors.
  6. BSC Glasgow 3-1 Cumbernauld Colts in the Lowland League last night. Not a bad game and the home side deserved winners
  7. Renfrew 2-0 Morton in the Scottish Women's Championship South this afternoon. My fingers have yet to thaw out.
  8. Glasgow Women 2-3 Spartans in the SWPL Cup group stage this afternoon at Petershill. Decent game despite the wind.
  9. Vale of Leven 3-2 Ashfield 78 mins
  10. Vale of Leven 2-2 Ashfield 67 mins
  11. Vale of Leven 1-2 Ashfield 33 mins
  12. Vale of Leven 0-2 Ashfield 28 mins
  13. Vale of Leven 0-1 Ashfield 15 mins
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