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  1. Rangers B 5-2 Open Goal Broomhill. A fairly routine win for the Young Gers. 4-1 at half time and the second half almost a complete non event.
  2. Renfrew Ladies 2-1 Hutchison Vale Women. A late winner for Renfrew just a couple of minutes after they had missed a penalty. Decent game.
  3. Michigan ended up handing out an absolute pasting there. Some performance. Can't see past them v Georgia in the CFP Playoff Championship game. Should be a cracker.
  4. Two games against each team then a split and two further games against each team.in your half of the league. Rangers, Celtic and City will play each other four times this season without any doubt.
  5. Vale of Leven 4-1 Royal Albert. A fantastic win and probably our best overall performance of the season. Brilliant feeling coming home with three points in the bag on a Saturday.
  6. Excellent collaboration between Sureshot and Verdant. And yes, that is a new toaster!
  7. Vale of Leven u20s 0-5 Open Goal Broomhill u20s. Well beaten tonight by the best team I've seen all season. Would not be surprised to see them win a trophy this year. Onto another all important league game next week.
  8. Neon Raptor in collaboration with Radical Way from Cyprus. Good stuff.
  9. Cornwall's Pipeline are a new brewery to me, and on this evidence they're a very good one.
  10. Thornbridge can usually be relied on for good quality beers, but this is a bit on the meh side.
  11. Scotland u19s 1-3 France u19s. Young French side very good but Scotland gave a good account of themselves. Very impressed by Chimuanya Ugochukwu in particular, who looks like he'll be an outstanding player.
  12. Wife was putting dinner together in the usual spot, so needs must! An air fryer and a toaster
  13. Good wee Norwegian beer. Love a Sunday night when I have no work on the Monday.
  14. Thanks for the kind words. Larkhall is always one of my favourite away days, great people and a well run club. Lovely touch presenting us with the plaque to mark our anniversary yesterday. All the best for the season, I'm sure you'll be up challenging at the top.
  15. It's a pale ale from Polly's. You all know what I think of it.
  16. Anyone know if there's an entry charge for the u19s games this week? Heading to Somerset Park on Tuesday night and want to know how much cash to lift.
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