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  1. I'm slowly working through Vonnegut's books about 2 or 3 a year. There's not one that I've not enjoyed yet.
  2. 3 a.m. start for the Mariners, which means I'll hopefully wake up tomorrow to a positive result!
  3. No chance am I paying for an MLS Season Pass subscription, but thankfully they seem to have a decent amount of free games just now. Whether that continues for the whole season remains to be seen. My IPTV provider hasn't properly picked the new service up yet, hoping that gets sorted fairly soon.
  4. What. A. Night. Don't have enough superlatives for that performance. Utterly outstanding to a man. Who'd have thought that we'd be sitting watching a Scotland team comfortably beat Spain. Superb.
  5. Was lovely to see the reaction Brit got from the crowd.
  6. Star Wars: The High Republic- The Battle of Jedha by George Mann. Another fun and exciting entry in the High Republic saga, this time in an enjoyable audio drama format.
  7. Monday night in the company of Blackberry Smoke. Quite simply outstanding. Non stop for two hours, superb musicians, one of the best live bands going. Also strong cardigan game from their guitarist. Support from the Read Southall Band, who were very good indeed as well.
  8. Even walking might be stretching the amount of movement you get from me on the line! Great to see you.
  9. Fern Brady at the King's tonight. Absolutely hilarious, laughed a lot. Support from Marjolein Robertson and Robbie McShane, both funny in their short sets.
  10. How do you not notice one of the goalkeepers is missing?
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