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  1. Don’t usually comment on other boards but never found JH arrogant and hard to get on with actually a nice guy !!
  2. Mate you need to give it a bye man !!! Get back to the fitba and talk about how shit things are !!!
  3. Listen mate it went a bit Pete tong !!!! It’s funny watching from the outside but personally if that was me I would be going aff my nut !!!
  4. Offfttt !!!! Honestly crazy shit happening here !!! Thought I was bad even Jeremy Kyle would struggle here !!!
  5. Listen mate I tell you what happened two bid where excepted for him ok one was Haddington the other leith the first time he found out about it was when one of them txted him and told Kyle that ww had excepted a bid for him went to training as normal nothing said to him from the manager so that told him everything he needed to know a manager that has not got the balls to say to his face it wasn’t until Kyle contacted him days later and asked what was the score and that’s when he said yes bibs have been accepted would you play for a manager like that me personally would I f**k !!!
  6. That’s true mate two goals in two games for his new team so he’s doing no bad
  7. Was not like that mate I can assure you two bids where excepted for him without his knowledge and was told they had to except due to money did not want to leave he was gutted as felt not wanted but that’s football
  8. Personally I think your bang out of order with that’s statment let me remind u for 1 he did not want to leave 2 personally I think he gave everything when selected 3 he was playing basically for nothing so to come on here and slag his as deadwood let me remind you !!! The way things are going the rest of the deadwood will be joining him in the EOS league !!!!
  9. That’s it confirmed the wee man is away to leith ath !!!
  10. Mate he’s got a choice but not wanting to say to much incase things take a twist and I put my big mouth in it !!!you ken what this place is like lol
  11. That’s the wee man away !!! Got a phone call on Monday saying they had excepted two bid !!! He’s actually a wee bit gutted that they except them . But that’s football honestly wish yous all the best and will look out for the score on a Saturday .
  12. Still plenty points too play for and after sat performance should take encouragement as ww were far the better team some might say you still got beat get that however they made them look ordinary and they have taken points off good teams lately I’ve got a wee sneaky feeling things are about to change hopefully the boys will kick on from here as if I was a player I would be looking at myself and saying two managers in the space of 4-5 months let’s get a fucking grip here but words are easier that action .
  13. Mate every time I came across the last manager he was a confident guy spoke well and that is not in his class to come on here and write pish that’s my own personal opinion
  14. I haven’t got a clue but I know it ain’t the previous manager
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