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  1. You sound like a multi personality type of guy..... Is that you just beginning to suspect that Gasbag might be the poster formerly known as Traffordab & many other names ?....
  2. Saddened to read this news. Smashing wee player, but more importantly a genuinely nice wee man. Thoughts go out to his family.
  3. Yay !! Get this thread pinned to the top of the page, David...with a bit of luck we'll all be using it every week from about mid-October onwards. C'mon the gantry guys.
  4. What kept you ?... The guy that shouts "Cesspit" at you every time you post was here ages ago...
  5. Pretty sure Kennie Young wasn't a "pyramid type". Also sure he is a great fixture secretary and we couldn't have asked for anyone better for that particular post. Bit of a shame that a twenty team top division and a pandemic is probably going to f**k it all up for him.
  6. Erm,...naw...not really to any of them. I do have some standards, you know...
  7. Wid not, wid not, wid, wid not, wid, wid not. Wid, wid, wid, wid not, wid not, wid.
  8. P.S....I'm with you. I want them back in their own place serving their own community. I don't want to sound harsh here but there's been about half a dozen ( maybe more) clubs who have managed to get entirely new stadia built in the six (or eight) years since they sold the ground (or surrounding land)...delete as appropriate to suit the narrative. I'm sure we've all got our fingers crossed for them. Don't take it wrong,..we wish you well. We mean it.
  9. You're wasting your time with them. It's been blah, blah, blah for years now. Can't wait for the photo in the Herald where they point to the "corrupt" cooncillors.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I know the ins & oots. As I said, I wish the club well for the future.
  11. Has anybody ever seen Abercrombie when he didn't have a moustache ? ....A moustache ?.. A moustache ?... ...When he didn't have a moustache ?.... Feel free to join in with the chorus.
  12. Just blame the cooncillors then Lee...it must be their fault. Disregard the fact that some of them were still in school when your committee sold out your ground from under you. Please don't get me wrong here, I hope this all works out for KRR but you're looking in the wrong place for scapegoats or sympathy.
  13. Blaming "corrupt" councillors for the lack of a home ground within the town are we ? Is that the stage we're at now ? Was it "corrupt" councillors who sold off the ground to property developers without an alternative stadium in place ? The only people to blame for the current plight of KRR are the people who were running KRR at the time of the sale. The clue would be the fact that they sold the ground to property developers.
  14. You really think Sunrise is a Darvel supporter ? That'll be a real surprise sunrise to the rest of us. All these years...who knew ? Sneaky b*****ds the Largs Mafia right enough...
  15. If only any of the wee story (or the storyteller) was actually true, eh, Mr. Groundhopper ?
  16. ^^Well aye,...but only one of them died as a small ginger legend. We will never see that sort of thing happen ever again in our lifetimes. f**k knows what the guy lining up against the bandy-legged genius that was, and indeed still is, Mr. Lennox must've thought when he saw them running out. Doesn't really matter who you support....those men were a special team. Fitba itself has changed and we probably won't ever see the likes of Jinky or Bobby playing for a professional team ever again. I'll get my coat, ...mutter,...mumble,...jackets for goalposts...centre-forwards withoot teeth...wing-half positions...mutter,...mumble...
  17. Heart of Midlothian might be looking for some successful business people soon...
  18. Go to Holm Park, mate...the vantage points are shite but the people are really strange.
  19. This thread wasn't started by a Darvel fan if that's what you mean Yogi.
  20. Hmm...will we be able ask which of your players & staff attended a training session (before it was allowed) and then popped into a shop before their 26 mile journey home and potentially passed on a virus which can kill some random wee granny ? Which part of the rules that the vast majority of the general public understood & followed do you think didn't apply to Darvel players and coaching staff ? The backlash here has absolutely hee-haw to do with fitba comeuppance toward Darvel. It has to do with their complete disregard toward public health and their cavalier attitude toward the guidelines in place at the time.
  21. Spiders ? Moth balls ? What the f**k has your thread become since the fitba stopped ?
  22. C'mon man...you've already said that the players who said on social media that they "refused to take part" weren't actually "invited" in the first place...so it follows that those were the already fairly fit players and that the ones who did attend with the manager & other coaches were the ones considered to be unfit by the management team. At the time of the "invite to train" this was entirely against guidance to clubs. So tell us who issued the invite ?
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