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  1. Awful lot of advertisements in these postings, mate...any actual fitba news ? I maybe only need scaffold to hold my hair in place.
  2. f**k sakes, mate...have you not being paying attention ? It was a wee jovial comment about recent events which occured elsewhere. It was nothing to do with the awful alleged incident at Glencairn which took us all by surprise. None of this stuff gives any of us any particular pleasure and I'm sure that the good people at Glencairn will deal with the culprit when identified. There is nothing funny about racism. You, however,...appear to be a humourless git.
  3. I already gave them a clue who it might've been...
  4. P.S. Don't distract from the tenet of this thread. The auld c*nt is an odious individual and always has been. I'm more worried that nobody stopped him the moment he said it.
  5. It's also the same story that Ayrshire folk tell about the "Lanark" mafia. It was, and is, intended as a joke. There is nothing wrong with the 2 o'clock kick off and it suits a lot of people. Me, for example.
  6. And I, for one, want the name of the opponents to be spelled correctly.
  7. Do the SoS league still require a non-refundable deposit from new entrants ? Don't know if that was actually introduced but they were definitely considering it for this very scenario. Having watched the Bankies recently...I'm not even convinced they'd get promoted straight away anyway. The rest of the West would do the same as when they voted to go East...collective shrug of shoulders...best of luck, lads....
  8. Was auld Scott at your game again today, Peter ?
  9. No,...of course not...you'll have to wait until he sees the new sheriff approaching.😲
  10. Anybody seen the latest Spike Lee film ? You should hear what he implies about you little small dick honkies.
  11. Strikes me that the referee is probably spot on here...shouldn't think that particular venue meets the criteria for any league game to be played.
  12. The exact same muppet who got paid again to deem it unplayable three hours later.
  13. This one is also incorrect... 1977 21 May STV `Scottish Junior Cup Final’ 14.45-17.10 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 3 Kilbirnie Ladeside 1 Live from Hampden Park The result was KRR 1 - Kilbirnie Ladeside 3....rather than the other way around. Maybe Mr. McDevitts tireless research wasn't as accurate or extensive as suggested. 😉
  14. Saltcoats Victoria, Shirley ? It's tough down there.
  15. Beginning to wonder if it's the same Stevenson... If so, I've seen him a few times playing for Troon and he wasn't very good. Maybe Stranraer have signed him up for some sort of coaching role ?
  16. OK then,....Never. Came close once though...
  17. Never. Came close a few times, though.
  18. What was the final decision as to the flavour ?
  19. Think uncle Bob was probably meaning the situation with Girvan as they already currently hold SFA membership. Don't know why he is asking you, though...
  20. Aye,...I know, (I don't think he was a fervent Largs Thistle attendee either) but it just seems a wee bit too soon after to be raising these questions. Maybe wait until he's cauld ?
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