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  1. Not surprised if it was a bit quiet today...they should've turned up yesterday.
  2. Eh,...aye,...and while we're here...lets have a wee shout out for Colin McPerson and his smashing, joyous, fitba photie. 'mon the weans !!
  3. Definitely, maybe, and also quite unlike me...will try harder next time.
  4. Talbot most probably don't need to move the game.
  5. Nope...it was on the instruction of The Polis... "East Kilbride, who play in the Lowland League, were told by Police Scotland that their K Park ground was unsuitable to stage a game of that magnitude."
  6. There would have to be a railing (or some other physical barrier) between seats and playing surface to allow EoS or LL games to take place, Shirley ? Maybe the javelin chuckers will be posted at either end of the pitch to discourage any encroachment.
  7. Erm,...I'm not wanting to cast any nasturtiums or anything,...but should you folks not be oot getting pished or something ?
  8. I'm a doctor, I'm a lawyer, I'm a movie star. I'm an astronaut, and I own this bar... And I'd lie to you for your love...and that's the truth.
  9. ^^ The last time I saw Sauchie they had George Connelly playing for them. She probably wouldn't have heard of him either.
  10. Would it be the case that Mullin might just be about the only player in the Accies squad who has any previous experience of playing against Talbot at Beechwood so should, at least, have some idea of what to expect ?
  11. Feel free to join in with the rest of the bewildered. I'm looking at this from the perspective of "the bottom" upwards to tier six. I am equally baffled. WTF is going on here ? And...also...if the clubs themselves didn't directly pick up a portion of the bung to let the OF join the LL then who actually trousered the cash ? Is the money from the OF just a red herring here ?
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