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  1. Needs more work with the crayons, graphs, charts, maps, and spreadsheets before this proposal is passed. 4/10.
  2. You didn't mention me...but you quoted my post rather than the post you took issue with ? This time I am done. We will agree to disagree.
  3. OK,...I'm not going to prolong discussions with you, after this post, given that the subject is slightly off topic for this particular thread and you appear to always want the last word in any case. I don't know how you've arrived at your conclusion that the argument is based on anything involving some sort of entirely imaginary clique. Actually, If you check back you'll see that it wasn't myself who even mentioned the junior regions at all given that they aren't relevant to the new structures. My argument is based solely on the fact that the club in question are based in a ground which is located in West Lothian and, therefore, they should be playing in the same league structure as the other West Lothian clubs.
  4. ^^You are wasting your time with him, chief...he doesn't listen.
  5. The person asking the question was being facetious. They know exactly where the ground is located. Just about everybody knows, probably due to the dozens of previous posts confirming that the ground is in West Lothian. You frequently tell us (sometimes at great length) that you only deal in facts. The facts are as contained in my previous post with the exception of the last sentence which is my opinion.
  6. Right... 1. You've confirmed the ground where the team play is in West Lothian. Colin has confirmed that they are free to apply to the WoSL if they wish, but that doesn't mean that he is saying that they would automatically be accepted. Indeed, the existing member clubs may vote against their inclusion if any application is put to them. 2. Postcodes mean absolutely hee-haw in these matters. Unless you believe (as an example) that Lochgilphead Red Star are a team from Paisley going by their postcode. 3. Similarly, the arrangements for snow-ploughs & litter bins (unsurprisingly) are probably not considered relevant in these matters. Many local authorities have reciprocal arrangements with their neighbouring authorities for suchlike issues. 4. Forth Wanderers are already members and their location is also not relevant. So, given the above, I think (imho) that Harthill Royal should politely be pointed toward the existing league which covers teams from West Lothian.
  7. I might be missing something really obvious here, but what is the reasoning behind new applicants not being eligible for promotion from whatever conference they get placed in when they join ? Is it just to avoid teams with allegedly "dodgy" money streams buying their way into tier six in one season or is it something else ?
  8. Fair play to you...I won't mention it again, then.
  9. Sorry, Michael,...what are you trying to say here ?...
  10. Thanks, but I actually meant the bit with the picnic tables...doesn't matter, I'll see it for myself when we're allowed out to play.
  11. p.s. Is that another nice wee sitty-inny type bit just along from where the old social club used to be ?
  12. Aye,... we keep forgetting that (some) Bankies fans have real brass necks. They can't tilt their massive swollen heids to the side by a few degrees to watch their version of hoofbaw. Some of them would probably have a sly dig at Yoker Athletic for the quality of their lights.
  13. Some set of ladders that boy has got. Splendid pictures...well done Darvel.
  14. ^^That won't stop Captain Obvious coming on to tell us all the blooming...erm,...obvious though...
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