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  1. West of Scotland Cup

    You are a very bad man.
  2. Re-scheduled Fixtures from Saturday 9th March

    I don't know why we didn't get Mr. Young voted into the job years ago...he's taken to it as if to the manor barn. (And yes, I spotted the schoolboy howler too)
  3. Todays scores 9/3

    Troon goalie played a blinder too...I think he only made one mistake the entire game.
  4. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Erm...that went well Dave...Could you try to take the zealots somewhere else again, please ?
  5. Would you like to see your club join the Pyramid?

    Ah,...well OK then...if that man there says that they're two different people I'm willing to believe him. The chap who isn't Goudie does have a point about certain posters though...
  6. Potential New Pyramid League ( West Sector)

    He might just be concerned that you're still working as a teacher ? Ah never did nuthin' sir...
  7. If your team Folded ?

    This might be the saddest thread ever on P&B. Is there a saddest thread section ? Lighten up boys & girls... Oh,...And, as for the chap who has an Ayr United season ticket and wants to get more involved in the actual, real, blood & snotters, nitty-gritty of the game,...may I suggest that you get yourself along to Whitletts Victoria because they'd appreciate your help as well as your money. ETA...sorry,...just realised you live in Edinburgh so not very handy for putting the nets up or lining the park on a Saturday morning. I'm sure Musselburgh Athletic in the EoS would also like a hand and they're very nice people too.
  8. Pyramid

    Goudie ?....is that really you ??....I've missed you man !... C'mon back in...there's lots of really interesting stuff about pyramids and all other sorts of shapes which will make fitba better for everyone. You'll love it. Apparently there will be tens of thousands at every game (you'll be able make it sound like, like, like...there was zillions at the game, man)...we can even start up teams at under 20's level in communities that don't have enough living, breathing, people to pick a squad for one team. It'll be pure brilliant so it will. Let's all lump into that.
  9. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Ach,...Mes enfants ! Behavies vous maintenant !! Need tae check le spelling au "behavies" but yezl get le point. Gettaeyerbedznoo.
  10. Todays scores 23/2

    To be fair kilbirnie didnt show rovers any respect aye there were favourites to win but they players strolled on to the park 20 mins before ko for a warm up thinking they had won before the game kicked off big shock when the rovers came a bang and what i seen carluke were the better team Not entirely sure there was any disrespect shown toward Carluke Rovers at all. How can you possibly know what the players were thinking during the warm up ? It was just a terrible game and had 0-0 written all over it. The rain made it a bit "iffy" at times but even taking that into account both teams were pretty awful. The draw was the fair result.
  11. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Aye,...it was just a thought given that yourselves & Hurlford won't have far to travel home after the match
  12. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Or...you could just have a later kick-off and finish the game under the floodlights ?
  13. Talbot crumble

    Unlike your tattoo...which is indelible.
  14. Quarter Final Predictions

    What...like every other year you mean ?...or, every two out of three years for the past how many ? The "loss" of the big East teams is neither here nor there...they decided not to take part in the competition. The competition itself isn't devalued by teams deciding not to take part as it is still the national cup competition. You can only play the blokes in front of you.
  15. Plastic not so fantastic

    Jeezo,...lighten up chief,...everyone knows what is meant by calling it "Astroturf" ! Should we all stop calling our hoovers a "hoover" just because it isn't made by Hoover ? Everybody knows what the term means. Even if they don't know how to work the hoover.