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  1. Have to disagree here...at least one of those in your list is definitely a sausage.
  2. Eh, aye,...we can see ye... S'funny how you look taller than you are in real life...
  3. Probably checking your team lines for "admin errors"...
  4. So, in short, your evidence of long term corruption is entirely based on unsubstantiated statements you found on the internet. Hardly compelling, given you took issue with the guy for having a go at Colin based on exactly the same thing.
  5. Pssst....and old feckers almost always completely miss the point of "top fives"...
  6. Me too ! Don't know about you but I fucking hate getting old. Don't suppose you know where my specs are ?
  7. You would think that a club with a chap on the management committee would want to make sure that they were squeaky clean in such matters. Did they ask their new captain if he was carrying over any suspensions ? Surely the player would know...and tell them.
  8. I know it shouldn't really but it fairly rips my wee bit of knitting when folk can't even be bothered to get a team name correct...See all that pish last season about St. Cuthbert Wanderers and only about two people actually got their name right when they were complaining about them. Ignorant c***s.
  9. Must admit that I thought folk were doing this deliberately given the howler in the title of the thread...
  10. Was (is) Richard Bingham not the actual name of Lord Lucan ?
  11. I saw Saltcoats Victoria yesterday evening. I think they will struggle again this season unless they bring some more experienced players in to the squad.
  12. Huv ye got yer ain goalie gloves, though but...?
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