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  1. They can't allow a chicken & egg situation to develop due to all the foxes in their area.
  2. Got to be Neilston winning their replay...
  3. Virtually no support ? We call it actually no support.
  4. f**k me, Tombo...you win. "I'm just nipping off to see a fitba game in Transylvania...won't be long, dear"....flutter, flutter, flutter....
  5. Only 358 Pollok fans today ? What's going wrong ? Is it another crisis ?...We should be told...
  6. Oooh...where to start with this one...?...nah, we"ll leave it alone...get tae yer bed and you can delete the thread in the morning. We've all done it.
  7. Fucking hell boys (and it will all be boys) this thread has taken a bit of turn since the last time I popped in. Each to their own. Batter in.
  8. ...and that land tended to be fairly flat as the rail companies weren't particularly keen on sudden changes to gradient...
  9. In which case, you're posting the info in exactly the right place.
  10. Aye, young Carlo seems to be living the dream all right. Although, I heard from a guy who once passed him in the street that he'd overheard a bloke who got told by a women who works in the library that Carlo was holding out for a wee amenity house in Onthank. Maybe that deal is dead in the water due to the Brexit uncertainty ?
  11. You're just as bad. Benburb are at home on February 12th. This is all getting a wee bit undignified now.
  12. Eh,...no, the points would just be deducted from Cumnock if they can't find a way to fulfil the fixture. You already know that and are just being naughty.
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