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  1. Please stop. Or I'll shop the lot of you.
  2. A tiger spotted ? Shoorely shome mishtake...
  3. Are you beginning to suspect that the case is afoot, Peter ? Do you think that TS may not be all that he appears ?
  4. I was replying to someone else. Who were you trying to speak with ?
  5. The very dab for the seaside leagues the second one...
  6. We know, Peter,...we know...we've had to listen to him talking pish for years but apparently we're supposed to cut him some slack as he has a serious eye problem. He does certainly have that problem...but that, in itself, shouldn't excuse him from showing himself up as a p***k.
  7. Easy...just phone a chap like Ally Morrison. Once he learns how to quote the correct post he intended to reply to you'll be in gravy...you might be playing for Drongan or Dalry rather than Darvel like you hoped but I'm sure he'll get you a game somewhere. He has an impeccable record of success in these matters. Seriously though...best of luck. Just phone your local club and ask them.
  8. I think that it makes perfect sense for them to retain their membership just so that they can continue to compete in it if the cup (for this season) is to be completed when fitba resumes. They can then decide in the future whether it is still feasible to even be in the competition at all once we see the full extent of the fixture mayhem when the 20 team league starts. I can't see anything at all wrong with their stance. As to the name being retained, well...it makes not a jot of difference really.
  9. I do hope they keep the name of the bar just for a laugh.🙂 Well done Bridlington, and best of luck to Bellshill.
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