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  1. Anyone who fancies coming along is more than welcome
  2. Jon, Davie, Fabi, thanks loved having you all on the show and hopefully you'll all be back at some point, anyway as some people have shown an interest in coming on I thought id post a wee schedule, basically so I don't forget………… 20th December Andy Pollok, Arthurlie FC secretary 27th December No show, we are just having an hour of music to end the year 3rd January Willie Harvey, Rutherglen Glencairn manager, and Peter Ferguson, Mr Glencairn 10th January George Grierson Kilwinning manager 17th January Free 24th January Free As I mentioned the show is live and unscripted it runs from 8-9pm each and every Thursday in Barrhead so if you can make it there for ten to eight and fancy joining in then let me know. Cheers Robert
  3. I've been planning to do this for a while but haven't got around to it until now. We run a weekly radio show in Barrhead every Thursday night which is based on junior football. The show is called Nugent4nil, for those of you that see the significance of the name it's not about that more about living the dream of being part of something special, you could have the Boyak2one or Young2one, and I know for sure there was a fanzine called Fultononenil, that's where we stole the name from I'd never claim that it was professional but it what I would say is it's a laugh, since the show, Nugent4nil, started in November 2010 we have been lucky to get some cracking guests including current and ex-players such as Paul Stewart, Paddy Macklin, Mark Wilson, Steg McKeown, Chris Mackie, Robert Anderson, Derek Heaton, Jordan Murch, Chris Strain, Steven Convery, Roland Fabiani, Ryan Jordan, Jon Connolly, Steve Bonnar, David Gormley, Jamie Docherty, Dennis Connaghan, Steve McNeill, Alan Shields, plus current and ex managers including Mark Cameron, Robert Fox, Sandy MacLean, Bobby Crilly, Davie Greig, Tony McNally, Jimmy McQuade, Scott Smith, Willie Patterson, Andy Whiteford, and James 'Cotter' McKenna. (I will apologise in advance as I know for sure I will have missed a few) There have also been committee men, supporters, and the like from armature sides like Ashvale Victoria, Arthurlie Utd, as well as junior sides Neilston, Arthurlie, Pollok, Kilbirnie, Girvan, Beith, Largs, etc. Even Tom Johnston has been enticed to appear. Anyway with a new year dawning I was wondering if anyone, player, manager, supporter, etc. fancied guesting in the show come the new year. As I mentioned it's in Barrhead and is live from 8-9pm every Thursday night, it's totally unscripted and just goes wherever the conversation takes us. The show is on Barrhead's community radio station Pulse 98.4fm or you can listen online via http://www.pulseonair.co.uk Anyway if you fancy joining us one night then get in touch, we are never short of guests but it would be great to get some new faces. Also a huge thanks to everyone who has guested already plus obviously everyone who listens in to what I believe to be the only radio show that's totally junior football related. Cheers Robert
  4. Havent seen him but Craig Higgins Aberdeen, Meadow, Arthurlie, didnt Kenny Gillies, brother of Ricky play fot St Mirren? He did play for Arthurlie, Neilston etc....... Junior Mendez St Mirren, was at Arthurlie a couple of seasons back as a trialist,
  5. Did McGinty not play for St Mirren after Rangers?
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