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  1. Last comment tonight, maybe for a while. So many have had a go at me for my personal opinions but most on here know me or at least know my name, I have never hid that. Robert Burns Arthurlie supporter.... just does my nut in that all the ones having a pop are behind user names. I am NOT for a second saying any of your view points are wrong or indeed right but FFS at least have the courage of your convictions and name yourselves. We are all in this because we love juniors fitbaw times ARE changing and we all have different ideas how we go forward so be open be honest and also if any of you fancy coming on the radio your more than welcome.
  2. I have and to go forward things would change, if you can give me the benefits of moving I will happily look over them. My one and only worry and personal thought is that if ones team goes we all go I don't want teams left behind that end up closing shop all to join a league where if you get promotion two years running your playing against a ten year old team with no park and zero support apart from family.
  3. I absolutely get what youve said and I do agree with most, what I dont get is the hunger for clubs to become senior as the likes of Pollok for example have bigger crowds than the bottom two senior leagues. Senior football in Scotland imo has too many clubs, many junior supporters follow clubs because they are junior clubs, lots of them have a favorite 'big' team so the likes of Arthurlie moving up would mean they lose support to St Mirren and the old firm
  4. I may pop along, will you be there ? Nope im in hibernation mode
  5. With the current weather conditions Arthurlie have arranged a provisionally friendly for tomorrow. Its Arthurlie v Ashfield @ The Cowan Park Astro Barrhead with an 11am kick off. Obviously this depends on both sides games being called off which will be notified tomorrow morning.
  6. Thanks you so much, a reasonable and qualified opinion which I may agree or not with but the fact youve actually taken time is appreciated. Regards the show, anyone is welcome along they have free reign to talk so opinions vary,if you fancy coming along one Thursday night to Barrhead you willbe more than welcome.
  7. Correct Peter, my worry is we go or stay but some will be left behind and iMO id love the West Juniors to either go enmass or stay.
  8. The bit about knowing a players name and nickname, absolutely embarrassing. Can't believe the Linlithgow fans don't know their players names now..... I get you, sorry, I mean if they go up to the SPLF
  9. So you 'think' there are spaces for new senior teams while the likes of Pollok have a bigger home support than most in the bottom two divisions?
  10. Jexit will obviously happen, as in the Juniors leaving the current set up but for what? A chance to be promoted into the Lowland League that has clubs younger than your match day mascots who have a zero fan base, more traveling, more costs in traveling, less 'local' derby's. YES there is that carrot of the 'BIG' Scottish Cup and the chance of entering the bottom tier of the SPFL which is dying on its arse and will mean you have to have floodlights, emergency services, raise your prices, etc. I follow Junior football because I love it, name another grade where your team can win a cup but you know you will hold it that night? Name a grade where you know every player by first and nicknames and can share a bear with them after. The list is endless, my huge worry is that some will go and others will be left behind hence IMO if one goes we all go if not we stay as we are and look at the possibilities. I love junior football and must state that while many make comments about this and that that member clubs vote in the West committee and clubs vote in their representative's so if your a member and not happy do something rather than sit on here and moan.
  11. I personally think that the best team I have seen this season are Blantyre Vic's football wise. Young squad, want to play football, brilliant but inconsistent as you always get with young players. Darvel are the team to beat because they have the best players, the best set up and a very professional approach. I have praised, as has Davie, Darvel on countless occasions on the show because of what they have done on and off the park, off the park is a thing of beauty and more power to you and them. Whatever happens regards Jexit you will finish in a promotion place without a doubt. Cracking gaffer and a squad filled with quality that can play silky football or roll up their sleeves and play fitbaw and grind out results. I wish you well going forward and love the fact youve put something into a club that obviously means a lot to you and I seriously hope everything goes to plan as so far results on and off the park are very impressive. Only issue I have is you always go on the defensive, take the credit, take the knocks, Blantyre Vics are a better football team to watch but you will finish above them and I wish you well. Its Thursday nights in Barrhead if and when you fancy coming along as a guest where you will be given a platform and made very welcome. Robert
  12. Have you listened back to find out yet?
  13. Thursdays show with Blantyre Vics chairman Andy McDade here.... http://listenagain.canstream.co.uk/pulse/index.php?id=10367
  14. And the 2020 Understatement of the year award goes to...
  15. Good shout, in all honestly over the last few season you lot were the best team but fell away end of season until last year. Cumbernauld were the best team I saw last two seasons in our league but.... Blantyre Vics are by far the best I have seen in our league this season.
  16. Different circumstances Peter, we were maybe three or four away from being decent, this time we are maybe the same number that are decent
  17. Tell the folk in charge to get extra Bovril in!
  18. We are back tomorrow night with Blantyre Vic chairman Andy McDade live on Pulse 984 from 7pm or on catch up if I remember to upload it.
  19. Jings im crap at this, we had two weeks off due to myself and Dinosaur Dave having a domestic, or maybe the weans weren't well,cant remember. Anyway we were back last Thursday with brothers Kyle and Blair Lochhead who are currently with Winton Rovers, show is here.... http://listenagain.canstream.co.uk/pulse/index.php?id=10258
  20. Sorry for dragging this back up but I didn't see this earlier. I was shocked when the manager in question was appointed full time after three wins as a caretaker the reason being continuity with the players etc. Come the summer he punted everyone and brought in a completely new squad which IMO no matter what level you are at football or money wise takes time to gel but gel it did.....nt.
  21. I absolutely love going up the hill, got so many good friends and have so much respect for everything thats happening on and off the park with all the academy sides doing so well. For me, as an Arthurlie fan, the big difference for me is that if you walk through both towns an hour after a home game and ask say ten people if they know the score, eight? of ten in Neilston would know or point you in the direction of someone who does while in Barrhead youd be lucky if you found one. Its a comunnity thing and pulling together for the better of the club. For me while everyone, and rightly so, raves about Talbot and how they run themselves with different committees for different goals, but for me Neilston is a fantastic example in that the wee, well behaved I must say, 'neds' in the shed those years ago are now the committee bar a couple of long timers. Everyone up the hill does it for the love of the club and, although I dont know of any but, if there are any fall outs they are put to one side as its all about the club. You dont have to like someone to work with them as long as the aim is the same.
  22. Iain, I would say they are the best side we have faced this season, great pace and movement, a joy to watch..... through your fingers.
  23. Who at Arthurlie suggested either of those two?
  24. Thursday night show with Stuart and Gary McCann here..... http://listenagain.canstream.co.uk/pulse/index.php?id=9932
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