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  1. Scottish Junior Cup Final Venue?

    ST Mirrens park IMO is perfect for the cup final, great surface, great set up walking distance from stations etc... but.
  2. Read this morning that Kilmarnock are relaying Rugby Park at the end of the season, will this mean a new venue for the cup final or will there be a work around in place?
  3. Changing allegiance

    My understanding at the time was they approached the committee in place asking if they could help and were rebuffed so got involved elsewhere, not actually being there its only hearsay obviously but thats one side of the story I have heard.
  4. Changing allegiance

    I think youll find that many committee members in the lower leagues are relations of friends of the manager, I know one team a couple of seasons where all bar one of the committee, small as it was, were the father, brother, and mates of the manager, if he walks then they arent going to stay? Nothings as black and white as it seems. Some people have a passion for their local club and wouldn't dream of joining another committee while other people just love to be involved with a club, to help out, egos, fall outs etc people leave one club so surely going to help another rather then being lost to the game is a good thing? One thing that I cant understand is in many cases I have seen people give year after year serving on the committee of the club they love but when they stand down they are never seen at games?
  5. 1999-2000 Kilwinning Rangers 1992-93 Glenafton Athletic 1973-74 Hurlford United 1972-73 Hurlford United And..... Glenafton & Ardeer Thistle for 1961-62 final Glenafton Athletic All from The Winners 2004 - Bernard Stocks
  6. John Dove

    "It is with deep regret that we have to announce that John Dove, former Arthurlie manager and great servant of Arthurlie FC passed away on Monday morning. He will be sadly missed by all. RIP" Johns service is on Tuesday 22nd at 4pm at Woodside crematorium, Paisley.
  7. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    I must confess that I was wary of us going up even six weeks ago as I felt the squad we had would be cannon fodder in the top league. We are by no means sure of going up but the way the management have been tinkering and adding here and there plus the way the team is building slowly I would be confident that if we went up that we would improve again. Its been a very strange season indeed, the majority of the supporters at the start of the season hoped we would consolidate in this league but without getting too far ahead theres a very good feeling around Dunterlie these days., small steps in the right direction and I guess only time will tell.
  8. Arthurlie 18/19 season.

    Not sure its 100% done yet but assured it will be, he played in the same Barrhead 21's side with Etherson, Bradley,and McNeil seemingly highly rated forward with them and scored a lot of goals, had a spell on loan at Pollok but given the array of front men its not really a surprise he didnt get much game time.
  9. Benburb

    Thanks Davie
  10. Benburb

    Can anyone help with the management and current Benburb squad, thanks in advance to Jamie or anyone else who can help
  11. Pulse 98.4FM Junior Radio Show Nugent4nil

    Its on catch up on Pulse radio barrhead website but dont bother, my guest had to go so its just music...
  12. Pulse 98.4FM Junior Radio Show Nugent4nil

    Offft..... been a while since we were on here but after the tag was taken off and the curfew lifted we are back, we have been but not for..... this is the quality you get.... Anyway back tonight with a new take on Junior football, from 7pm on Pulse984 we shall begin to tackle the serious issue of unemployment in our country, is it ageism? is it past encounters? what stops qualified people from gaining employment? First in our serious, that's the blight of our country, is Davie Greig ........ seriously looking forward to getting back on air and couldn't have pick a bigger bletherer than Mr DG, we have unemployed manager lined up for next Thursday but after that we have an open book if anyone would like to come along, past guest or new guest your all more than welcome. Regards any questions for Mr Greig, I have a terrible memory so dont post them here, if you want then txt the show from 7pm the number is 07538984984 And we go again..... PS nae Facebook, nae live streams etc just talking Harry Haws about things we love
  13. Just the juniors radio show

    He didnt trash anything, it was a jobbie of massive proportions... a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do and he did do a big do do
  14. Just the juniors radio show

    To be fair, nobody other than you was interested. Do you know that a night at Pulse with George, Kevin and Eric Phillips started with them going to the World Buffet and ended with GG braking the toilet and emptying the station haha
  15. Just the juniors radio show

    Im starting back tonight on Pulse at 7pm with Davie Greig, anything you'd like to ask him?