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  1. Thursday night show with Stuart and Gary McCann here..... http://listenagain.canstream.co.uk/pulse/index.php?id=9932
  2. Back tonight with the McCann's, not them, the brothers Gary and Stuart from Pollok tonight Pulse 984 with Davie Grieg live from 7pm
  3. A fountain of knowledge, a great dry sense of humor, a true junior legend but much more than that, just an absolutely fantastic human being. Thoughts with Hugh's which obviously included all at Neilston as the club was his family. family
  4. Last nights show with Davie Grieg and guest Lee McShane is here..... http://listenagain.canstream.co.uk/pulse/index.php?id=9823
  5. Tonight's show with Kilwinning Christmas lights switcher oner Ian Cashmore jnr http://listenagain.canstream.co.uk/pulse/index.php?id=9387
  6. Last nights show with Scottish Cup winner Paul Maxwell is here.....http://listenagain.canstream.co.uk/pulse/index.php?id=9278
  7. Finally this is last weeks show with Kennie Young, http://listenagain.canstream.co.uk/pulse/index.php?id=9173 Tomorrow nights show sees Paul Maxwell make a return.
  8. Ive no idea but.... and it wasn't a dig as I hove lots of friends at the Southside's club, https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/13508197.mr-fox-is-not-so-fantastic-after-digging-up-city-clubs-football-pitch/
  9. Jimmy........ here you go sir, http://listenagain.canstream.co.uk/pulse/index.php?id=9068 http://listenagain.canstream.co.uk/pulse/index.php?id=8967 http://listenagain.canstream.co.uk/pulse/index.php?id=8866 That's our first three shows back in no particular order.
  10. Pollok had games off previously because of foxes.
  11. There will be mate,had an issue on Thursday but will be good to go from this week.
  12. Delighted that Bill and co are back with a podcast, fantastic listen and the more promotion for juniors the better. Just wanted to say that after a six month sabbatical Nugent4nil is back with a couple of tweaks. We are still on at the same time, Thursdays 7-8pm and still on Pulse 984 and still live and unscripted. Rather than being solo though I now have a co-host in Davie Greig. Our first show back had Steve Wilson gaffer of Ardrossan Winton Rovers while last week we had George Greirson and Kev Deeney the new management team at Whittlets Victoria while last night we had Jed McCabe who manages Inspire Sport in Scotland, an organisation that takes kids to many areas across Europe giving them the opportunity to see the stadiums, watch a game, be coached by the clubs guys, etc, clubs include Valencia, Man City, Real Madrid, etc. Next week we have the fixtures guru Kennie Young on with Ashfield gaffer Paul Maxwell on the following week. We have a lot of guests lined up basically because Davie just calls everyone but if anyone fancies coming along please let me know. PS I would love to get Bill K along one week if you fancy it sir?
  13. Delighted your back and I personally think this is fantastic.
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