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  1. That sounds familiar. A bit like six feet under Maggie in fact.
  2. This is still the most epic dance/trance song IMO:
  3. Proof that Scotland is 50/50 on Yoorup please.
  4. I watched this documentary the other day: It's about six months old now and I'm not sure if it has been posted before, but it's a decent watch. The bit about the snakes in London fiddling with the details on oil is sickening.
  5. Doesn't Scotland subsidise the principality?
  6. Anyone watching this auld Lib Dem duffer slavering on Scotland Tonight?
  7. Would they just vaporise into thin air if we got indy? People who believe that old chestnut genuinely worry me.
  8. Ad Lib boring the arse out of the thread again too I see...
  9. Don't you know that if we Scotch vote for independence, a supermassive black hole will open up and devour us all.
  10. He couldn't beat himself. Most CDUists would probably agree tbh.
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