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  1. Your team will certainly never be world beaters 5th best team in east ayrshire
  2. Hello aul pal still say it’s a backward step as we could be doing with caddis at Glens
  3. Love to see you at Glenafton you destroyed us at Ford earlier in season.
  4. Was our worst performance of the season so far that day and I certainly wasn't impressed with Bankies a howler from our goalie or it had 0 0 written all over it.
  5. Would he get in current Glens team don’t think so scored the winner at Talbot 2seasons ago that was his best glens game done very little after that
  6. Was only a fringe player at Glenafton and hardly got a kick last week that's why he got subbed.
  7. Two poor teams today very little football played bankies just shadied it glens worst performance of the season it’s going to be a long season
  8. Glens played well tonight lots of good football
  9. No you shoudny accordin to Darrel legend
  10. You better tell Kilypio who Jimmy McMillan and Gavin Collins are he wont know them.
  11. Hopefully Glenafton his father Brian played with Glens in the 80s his mother is from NC.
  12. Now now the new super duper drainage system is working
  13. Silence from Chis is deafening
  14. What a statement from a SJFA Official.
  15. Last night he was different class everything Troon did was down to him.
  16. Stevenson different class what a goal he scored Stu should be knocking his door.
  17. At least Troon saved £ 750 by not paying amateur players this season to keep them up
  18. Well done John gemmell for his usual thuggish behaviour,no doubt he will be on here with his version of what happened at full time.
  19. Glens very unlucky today best team
  20. You told me this at Darvel booling green at the start of this season you could sign any glenafton player you wanted whit happened .and also taz would sign from hurlford bullshit.
  21. Hope you’ve got your facts right if not shocking statement.
  22. Woeful since 6 points off Cumnock this season worst Cumnock team I’ve seen for years and can’t believe you don’t even have a physio to save money embarrassing
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