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  1. Whit about at beechwood are we still unbeaten lol Yes tremendous home record
  2. Take it you must be a relative of Gareth or even Gareth himself as your views on the incident are completely different from everbody else
  3. Did Gareth not leave the ground when making the tackle.
  4. Yip a crazy man who works crazy shifts aul pal
  5. The only venem coming from the crowd on Sat was from the Talbot support who couldn't take the defeat .
  6. You would have won the bookings tourney on Sat. with the yellow and red cards your mob got.By the way were you not upstairs on Sat. as you usually are.Poor losers.
  7. Was David Attenbourgh of Talbot tv not filming the game sorry Hurlford tv
  8. The linesman at the Talbot side was about 3stane over weight he couldnae run , was a joke So now an overweight linesman was why Talbot got pumped oh dear
  9. Of course it is big man yesterdays result was better than any bookings tourny
  10. Tell Chis to make a formal complaint he seems to have a say about everything else by the way big man ref did nothing wrong yesterday.
  11. No this was our best performance of the season we were by far the better team hopefully the same performance next week against meadow
  12. Good summary big man jimmy bone was beside us taking notes for dick Campbell saying thank god we don’t play glenafton next week.
  13. Only Armstrong to blame shocking tackle
  14. Chessys shin pad was halved by the tackle deserved red card
  15. Glens spoke to him thank god we never got him
  16. Micks a great judge of character along with everything else he does
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