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  1. Glens very unlucky deserved at least a point
  2. Yes saw you and the mrs having a 3 course meal the other day ail pal
  3. Heard he has asked Craig McCracken Talbot centre half who is training to be a lawyer if he does hame jobs.
  4. Hi you will be the next Racist wi a remark like that
  5. He also voted for Henry Dummigan for Cumnock citizen of the year
  6. Don’t think he would have done this action by himself surely Other talbot officials had to have a say as their motto says A CLUB LIKE NO OTHER
  7. Wouldn’t bet on it Chis will have a big say on it
  8. Makes you wonder why tucker never appealed his red card
  9. A bit like yourself aul pal at the coal board by the way see you tomorrow at toonheid
  10. Poor game very few chances but your right meadow could have won it at the end
  11. Can’t get her the cider now as she is a registered alcoholic
  12. In my view its a red card he leaves the ground and catches Chessy now both the Ref and linesman got it spot on if it had been a Glens player I would be expecting a red card
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