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  1. Any information when Glens Blantyre fiasco will be decided Kennie
  2. Surely a decision has to be made before Glens game on Monday
  3. No their prams broke down other side of Strathaven
  4. Hopefully the Blantyre game will not be replayed
  5. Absolutely nothing to do with Kennie Young Blantyre to blame 100 per cent
  6. Yes we havny got the glory hunters Talbot have easy to support Talbot
  7. I’ll be at Glens game tomorrow night along with the other die hards you watch your team all season but Rangers are in a cup final so stay in and watch them don’t think so
  8. Talking to Darren Christie ex Beith now Stenhousemuir
  9. Hopefully your players have a well earned rest before tomorrow big pal we badly need the points
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me if Darvels game is off tomorrow night raining today and tomorrow fixture pile up perfect scenario for a postponement
  11. Glens very lmpressive today outfought Beith all over the park and should have won by bigger margin
  12. Wid be better getting their pitch sorted rather than giving players bungs
  13. See Southey left St Cadocs last night was he sacked or leave mutually
  14. Scott Archer at Glenafton a two footed maestro in midfield then near end of career moved to sweeper pure class
  15. Totally agree defence needs to tighten up and quickly
  16. Well Clydebank didn’t have any bother tonight but again their manager has class well done Moff unlike Kennedy
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