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  1. Cause Darvel won’t be around as long as Pollok once the money dries up
  2. This was always the job Southy wanted he must be fed up being Kennedys puppet
  3. Hope you get pumped wi Talbot after last night horrible club run by horrible people
  4. No he canny stand where he wants that’s what segregation is for he has to stand at the Darvel end and watching his behaviour last night you can see why
  5. He also shouted I shouldn’t have agreed to play this game tonight aye right Putin
  6. Who does Gall think he is the way he spoke to Glens secretary was shocking he was told Darvel fans had to stand far side then accused Glens of starting trouble last season when everyone knows Kennedy was the culprit
  7. Yip 2 2 ft Looking forward to Micks Interview about his back room staffs behaviour at full time
  8. Thought that was Black Roosters Managers wanting a wage rise
  9. Game must be in doubt going by the rain that’s fell plus Friday has to be worst day of the week
  10. Hope your Management team show a bit more dignity than they did last season when their behaviour was shocking
  11. Would he no be better giving the 25 grand to his workforce in the bakery’s
  12. Dalry 1 Stoneyburn 2 Glenafton home to Stoneyburn next round
  13. Was at Glens Troon game today worse display of refereeing I’ve seen for years the guy had a nightmare was so out of touch with the game it was embarrassing.Troon goalie clattered young glens striker didn’t even give a foul when it was a blatened red card
  14. Game of goalkeeping errors Glens goalie was shocking for first goal then Polloks goalie was at fault for glens second goal
  15. Martin Feeney went on to play for Cumnock
  16. Wrong once again oh dear told you often listen to the voice of football
  17. Craig Potter will arrive shortly Southy told him to bide his time
  18. Whits happening wi the striker you supposedly signed from Cumbernauld has he signed wi Meadow or Cumnock
  19. The next thing you’ll be telling us is he has signed for Cumnock
  20. Cumnock thought he was signing for them after talking to him
  21. Cumnock 1 Glenafton4. Passed Cumnock off the park that day shoreline flattered them should have been more
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