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  1. Makes you wonder why tucker never appealed his red card
  2. A bit like yourself aul pal at the coal board by the way see you tomorrow at toonheid
  3. Poor game very few chances but your right meadow could have won it at the end
  4. Can’t get her the cider now as she is a registered alcoholic 😁😁
  5. In my view its a red card he leaves the ground and catches Chessy now both the Ref and linesman got it spot on if it had been a Glens player I would be expecting a red card
  6. Whit about at beechwood are we still unbeaten lol Yes tremendous home record
  7. Take it you must be a relative of Gareth or even Gareth himself as your views on the incident are completely different from everbody else
  8. Did Gareth not leave the ground when making the tackle.
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