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  1. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

    Mon the TALBOT!
  2. Tonight's scores 11/6

    The silence is deafening from Troon Portland
  3. Tonight's scores 11/6

    Suddenly Troon Portland is silent
  4. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    I would say better chance of him going to the Glens Signed new contract with buffs
  5. End of season pitches

    Ask Talbot Treasurer after last nights game against Glenafton good night weather wise and a terrific crowd summer football is the way forward.
  6. Tonights Scores

    McIlroy Shankland Siney
  7. Tonight's Scores

    Maybe the ref came from clydebank
  8. Tonight's Scores

    Linesman gave the penalty yards from the incident so must have saw something
  9. Goals, & Gossip. 7th April.

    See nothing has changed then Davie will never learn.
  10. Scottish Cup 1/4's and 6yh round tie.

    Cum oan Big Yin Greenbraes must be colder or is it auld age
  11. Today's scores

    Didn't think Pollok had one outstanding player Larky very ordinary side but agree with your view we were very poor 1st half.
  12. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    If only the Bonnyrigg players had shown the same fight sore losers again.
  13. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Gallant losers same as last season
  14. Scottish Junior Cup

    Done the same when they played Lugar booked into our Bowling club and didn't turn up horrible people.
  15. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    See you are still poor losers same as last season when Glenafton pumped you