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  1. Game of goalkeeping errors Glens goalie was shocking for first goal then Polloks goalie was at fault for glens second goal
  2. Martin Feeney went on to play for Cumnock
  3. Wrong once again oh dear told you often listen to the voice of football
  4. Craig Potter will arrive shortly Southy told him to bide his time
  5. Whits happening wi the striker you supposedly signed from Cumbernauld has he signed wi Meadow or Cumnock
  6. The next thing you’ll be telling us is he has signed for Cumnock
  7. Cumnock thought he was signing for them after talking to him
  8. Cumnock 1 Glenafton4. Passed Cumnock off the park that day shoreline flattered them should have been more
  9. Any information when Glens Blantyre fiasco will be decided Kennie
  10. Surely a decision has to be made before Glens game on Monday
  11. No their prams broke down other side of Strathaven
  12. Hopefully the Blantyre game will not be replayed
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