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  1. Quick question on the fanzone, do they accept debit cards? My 2 boys wanted a pie at the stall yesterday and it was cash only, which they didn’t have.. (obviously old man had to bail them out as usual).
  2. 100% correct, although I think? Kennedy was holding his hamstring after he hit bye line late in first half. Hence the substitution l.. Rodden is an absolute bomb-scare. As you say the fullbacks are nowhere near good enough and at this level it makes a huge difference even if they are mealie competent. A decent midfield addition would allow Cudihy to move to FB as I still don’t think he is creative enough in MF but is a decent FB at this level. Two issues possibly solved at once it it could happen.. doubt it will though.
  3. As I said on match thread full back will kill us this year, particularly LB desperately need a quality midfield player to compliment Grant’s tidy football which is improvement on last year but no real creativity. We do look much better when we break forward, just need that quality in the pocket 20 yards either side of the halfway line, ironically like their wee no 7 today. Still it does seem we are much stronger side than last season not that it’s a high bar to clear.
  4. Aye, trying not to be too disappointed, I think the word for today is frustrating! Frustrating Offiials Frustrating chances were missed plus penalty obviously Frustrating that we are 2-3 players away from a very decent side. Full back position, particularly LB will kill us this year. Another proper midfield player would make all the difference. The young boy they had as trialist today, no 7, was a cracking player. The creativity we don’t have in that area which would compliment the other decent stuff we do with this side. Officials today were awful, Linesman who both have absurd offside decisions at times.
  5. I agree with the wait till Saturday attitude, while I’m absolutely thrilled and delighted with our first league game, I am hoping it’s not a mirror image of our first game last year when we meekly handed Dumbarton an easy win. Hopefully QOS weren’t as bad as we were that day and made us look better than we actually are. As I say Saturday’s game against Peterhead will be an acid test as to where we are for this season. A real bread and butter game.
  6. What an unexpected and fantastic result today. Credit where it due to the team and Management.. I’ve been critical of many things, probably over critical so extremely happy to eat my humble pie tonight.. keep ur coming!
  7. Going back to Shawfield seem as unlikely as us adding a couple of players in key positions that would make all the difference. Just my opinion, hope I’m wrong.
  8. My point wasn’t about moaning players being ineffective, Goodie and as you say Harty had a right moan at times. The issue with LJ was that he moaned at others even when he messed up and kept it going… but more to the point he’d continue to moan when the game was going on around him. Inexperience and lack of maturity possibly; but also to be fair to him he will become a decent upper end lower league player.
  9. Agreed, he does love a good moan, even when he is at fault used to do my head in at times. Spent time greetin when the game was going on round about him. Decent player and will do a good job in L1.. that’s his level top end L1
  10. Don’t think there was ever much chance we’d get him back yet again, I assume he and possibly St Mirren (although I suspect they won’t offer another contract when time comes) would rather try his luck with a side challenging for something at the end of the season, which I can’t see us doing. Unless of course we were able to get a couple or 3 others in key positions as well discussed before.
  11. Probably the 4 combined won’t get what Goodwillie’s total but definitely good to have some kind of option rather that Jones!
  12. Happy if Splain came back, not fussed about Livingston. TBH
  13. I think it’s clear that watching Clyde over last 10 years in particular has been a tough shift. As such I think some people will no doubt question whether they have the time or inclination to keep going and I admit being there many times, blind loyalty being the main motivation to keep turning up. Certainly don’t go to away games now. I suppose also it doesn’t then take much to sway the decision when in that mindset, changing travel being one, although Hamilton is actually much closer for me. Goodwillie situation I assume made others mind up for them also. In the end like all clubs at our level it only takes a few fans to make a significant financial hit to the club and that is the worry. A decent product on the pitch of course is the biggest factor.
  14. I don’t think there is any chance Danny will bring in another forward, I think he has set his stall on Allan being his ‘marquee’ forward player and that he and Cunningham would / will be the starting front 2. That said McDonald has given him a nice problem to think about. Of course this would not be m thinking, I’d definitely be looking at another body Although as I said earlier we 100% need another mid field player even at the expense of anyone else.
  15. For me a LB too and a central midfield player to compliment Grant, if we are to assume he will start. We all know his strengths but similarly we also know that he will not create nor will he push the team on that valuable 30-40 yards that might create something. I hate to keep repeating it but we need creativity in the middle of the park. Would allow Cuddihy to be the “busy” player without trying to hard be creative which is not his game either. Can’t actually see where Gomis fits in now other than cover or as an effective sub to bring on to protect a lead if we are in that fortunate position in games.
  16. It we can turn up to watch the debacle of the Bomber Brown through to Ferguson era then I’m sure we can get through this, at the end of the day it’s up to the supporters to ensure we survive because we don’t have any real investment on the horizon as far as I can see.
  17. As ever ultimately it’s what’s on the park that will determine whether folk turn up.. in the off chance we win first 3 game (yes I know!) then it would be interesting to see the crowd numbers and those on the fence might just come. As people are saying match day experience seems to be much better. Certainly be less freezing from October onwards. Also be nice to get it round NLC if we get decent crowds.
  18. Well that’s a bit more encouraging, got to start somewhere so the players will take a wee bit of confidence in after that. Still fair bit to go and a couple of key signings (can’t see that right enough) but still glimmer of green shoots today.
  19. It makes such a difference too, but as you say we never manage it…. Mental!
  20. Great to be discussing actual football and lineups etc. I agree that is probably our best 11 players. But I think a line up like that will get ripped wide open in midfield, not to mention the lack of creativity (problem for years now other than Splain’s contribution got last 2-3 months of last season. Unless we address that we will 100% struggle as we will for pace at the back. Sorry for the negativity, but it’s carbon copy players we have had for years minus you know who of course unfortunately.
  21. I think the take home from that is that it’s another face that no one recognises! Another in a long line now of nobody’s uncovered by Diamond/ Lennon/ Moore or whoever else takes the blame for another season wasted due to inability to do their job!
  22. I agree, but who out of this current squad could be adde to the starting 11 to create our best team? from what can see recruitment seems a mile off yet again.
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