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  1. Why call it off now, no travel issues wait and work on it till 2 and check again or delay kick off til 4, 5 At it!
  2. Agreed; our work rate was fantastic to a man. As usual under Lennon, I have to say. To the extent that Goodwillie amongst others were completely knackered at the end of the 90!
  3. If he is that badly injured then he won’t sign for anyone, that said if he was fit enough for part time or pay as you play it would be unbelievable signing. Again though, still think he would be financially way out of our reach to even consider. So completely hypothetical
  4. Unless his injuries mean he is totally fecked and he just wants to play another couple of years part time, he will end up at top end Championship at very least, probably won’t want to play on Astro anyway if his injuries Issues are ongoing anyway. That’s without even bringing finances into this
  5. Ok with that one.. I think he has a lot more to offer than he did last season. Was improving with every game. Good player
  6. It’s well known in pro youth set up, similar story with my son; at end of the day 3 players, out of a decent side actually, (probably statically more than usual) eventually played first team football. Only one now still plays- Shankland- so a clue as to the side. It was obvious to most that the set up across the club was to accommodate 2-3 players in most age groups. Fortunately both my boy and I were comfortable enough just to enjoy the football no illusions about being a professional player.
  7. I agree, Andy Munro is nowhere near any improvement on what we have. He actually did ok when first arrived, mainly because anything would be an improvement. When Danny Lennon took over Andy really struggled as Danny tried to play more football from the back. Unfortunately he could not do that, great attitude and alway put in a shift but not as good as Rumsby.
  8. Might get decent squad, but just remember who the manager is.. I rest my case!
  9. Sorry, yes Grant. Got a carried away there!
  10. I wouldn’t keep Syvertsen unless it’s on peanuts or pay as you play, we can’t afford injured passengers. Also can’t fall into the trap of signing players who have done an alright job in the past, we need improved quality (not easy I know) but that is what Lennon and Moore are payed to do. To be honest Love and Lamont should be the last to sign from last year, anyone from now on has to be an improvement on those already there. (Obviously not the case in Goodwillie or Mitchell as improvement on these two is impossible at our level) we are fortunate to have them we know that. Proper playmaker midfielder who imposes himself on the game in an attacking sense, Left back CH and support for Goodie is minimal. Ironically exactly the same as last year! Livingstone would be welcomed back that would be a start.
  11. While I get things are financially difficult for people; unfortunately if we want to survive not just in L1 but just survive this is reality. My sympathy for those who may be struggling believe me! Club has no option. Pay £7 we get Dan Kirkup, pay £14 we might get a Tom Lang. Football economics I’m afraid.
  12. Top Pro.. as they say, gave the same commitment and professionalism to us as he did as a young player in SPL.. What a difference with him and wasters like Sean Higgins etc who stole a wage for 2-3 years! Wish him all the best, pity his fracture robbed him of most of last season. Thanks For contribution John
  13. Will be the old cliche of small squad hopefully with some quality. I 100% agree we need much more pace across the park. Getting Livingston back would be great. Everyone mentioned above leaving I can’t argue with. Even Ally Love, definitely big impact player, do love the guy but unless he can agree a smallish wage (and why should he I get that) I think we can probably get a better player for starting 11. I still see him as a valuable impact sub. Don't think we can afford the money that McStay would want given he is so inconsistent, we can’t risk that. Possibly same with Lamont again I like Lamont but we need his good performances every week at this stage.
  14. I seem to say this every week now, but today was up there with the worst ever. Tam Cowan and wanting to finish the league, then reconstruction, he must have been at the wind up surely! Todays guests and panel just talked the biggest bollocks ever.. still saying Reconstruction required and Fecken Colt teams just give it a rest! The BBC agenda is just sickening completely turned the programme away from what was a decent listen with some decent debate. Now just a sycophantic crawling bunch. At least Tam Cowan is living up to the “ill informed” description of the show. At least Cosgrove still manages to put some realistic views over at times. Although Murray the MSP guy was given a platform today that went totally unchallenged!
  15. That was probably best line😂 Interesting though that Budge stated her continued intention to get feedback from clubs. Now both Cowdenbeath and previously Clyde saying they had no contact from the successful business women at all. Can’t confirm if our Chairman called her right enough Tom!
  16. I think, it’s only my opinion, that part time players now seem to see themselves as footballers with another part time sideline or job. The football being their job if they are asked or profile on Social Media. Generalisation I know but as such I think they expect, and the market has bought into it offering very decent money even at L1 level. L1 and L2 boys in late teens early 20’s with agents etc.. bonkers. Well Is to me, brought up watching guys like Brian Ahern, the real Danny McGrain 🤪 and Allan Swann etc.
  17. Utter garbage and demonstrates the whole point that the media and Rangers / Celtic just don’t get it!
  18. I agree; Colts would end it for me, or even more so the tie up nonsense where we become essentially feeder clubs; absolutely no chance!
  19. Aye, get that in the sea; spends more time on his backside than on his feet, nowhere near good enough for even L1
  20. The premier one is very active and generally dead against it thankfully
  21. Well done; if I were you I’d post that on all the league forums. Might just mobilise others from clubs who are thinking of supporting this nonsense of Colt teams. As I said supporters have to let their Chairmen know we don’t want this!
  22. And to illustrate the point Rangers just sign a 20 year old defender from England today; I assume the defender they had lined up to put in their 1st team from their Colt team is injured or something!
  23. And one of them couldn’t even beat a Clyde team who were pish at the time with Danny Lennon in the side. We got over it fine!
  24. Sportsound was all time low this afternoon. I thought the Ann Budge sycophants were bad enough but the God bless Rangers for this plan was absolutely unbelievable. Neil McCann is completely clueless about lower leagues and the identity supporters have with their teams. He is clueless in general but that was just shocking.
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