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  1. You think? It’s more about by how many goals you’ll win by!
  2. Wish our Chairman was as honest with our situation!
  3. If Airdrie turn up and have one of those performances which they seem to have at times this could genuinely be a 5, 6 nil victory. We are that rank, believe me!
  4. Absolutely agree that at least trying Swift (if that’s the only alternative available) till end of the season may give some kind of lift?. It will be even more annoying if we do suffer the inevitable defeat from a terrible Peterhead side so I agree we need to find something to perhaps help us fluke 2-3 points from elsewhere. I’m not expecting any wins now this season and it’s entirely possible that as happens in football Peterhead pick up a draw or win in last embers of the season against say a Kelly or even Montrose as they accept they are safe and begin to experiment for next season. All that said, and much as I’d obviously take the back door survival route, I doubt we could win the playoff’s as the players are: 1. very poor and 2. Not apparently interested in fighting for the “cause” (or Duffy?) shame on them. Consequentially we actually don’t deserve to stay up sorry to say.
  5. Hopefully delaying news on Rennie is late fitness test and last min decision. As for Cunningham, no loss been total waste of space for months. Imposter of a player.
  6. They are absolutely determined to shoehorn B teams in. Said at the time getting them in and in the process ruining a good competition that was the ‘Diddy cup’ was thin edge of the wedge, then of course LL took the silver and that was it. Never attended a match involving my team and a B team and never will. If this goes through there should be a mass boycott of any game they are involved in.
  7. Also sums up the lack of ability, attitude (of majority), leadership and above all the criminal recruitment record of Danny Lennon initially followed by rank poor management from Jim Duffy. Sad state of affairs
  8. Kind of what we have been saying about our team all season absolute shambles, unbelievable mess left by Danny Lennon and carried on by Jim Duffy. Embarrassing and a disgraceful situation to be in!
  9. Who was the loan player Edinburgh had on Saturday? ran us ragged from what I could see! Well him and the other 10 but you know what I mean.
  10. Was that the exit trials thing the players Union (I think) hold? I don’t recall us ever signing a player from those? Although many of them included Robertson is likely outside our budget now sadly.
  11. There is very little chance I will be there next year if Jim Duffy is Clyde manager. Enough is enough!
  12. Its hardly worth moaning about it now. Normal Saturday now. A team like Edinburgh (and no disrespect to them) have totally passed us by now. we are an embarrassment week after week!
  13. Aye efficiency and good governance is not something we associate with our club recently, unfortunately.
  14. Yes, it was explained On Official forum, club are well aware he can’t play for us at the moment. I assume he will go back elsewhere if they can find a club in LL or below.
  15. I’m not convinced Doherty is that good tbh, I’ll give him a few more games but so far not particularly impressed. Cunningham does my head in, more often than not offers very little over 90 mins, couple of flashes during a game and nothing else, also pretty cowardly in anything resembling a challenge.. McCombe number 2 I’m thinking, has ability but never shows it.
  16. I actually said that to my boys during the game. You probably feel the same for Peterhead with Rory but in our case, rubbish as we are we would be possibly 10-15? points or more better off if Goodwillie was in the team. There have been several games where we lost by odd goal (deservedly) but the chances missed and the poor defenders in L1 he would have scored at least one most weeks. Anyway, we have to move on but still think if we are to secure 9th and more importantly have a chance in play off if we are fortunate enough to get there we need a couple of loans (of quality) in midfield and or Full back.
  17. Awful standard of game but fantastic result for us, as it’s hard to see either ourselves or Peterhead winning again this season out-with playing each other. Roberts makes such a difference in that he is creative and does get us up the park. Funnily how folk see games, I actually thought Rennie was really good today and it was Doherty who really struggled. McGeever is pretty solid and makes a difference, Sula however is one of those players who ranges from doing well to bomb-scare within 5 mins, but worth persevering with as we have little choice. Not sure what was up with Cudihay today, awful. Very strange as we all know he is much better than that! Hynes is never a midfield player do I assume he is better at fullback, either way we desperately need a RB, what a difference it would make. Still… well done to the guys today and hopefully we can build from actually getting a win. Crowd were great today, I’m sure the players appreciated it.
  18. Exactly, at least it’s a fresh pair of eyes and some help at training and pre match.
  19. Can’t say I agree Brian, we all know the mince in front of him but I will also say that there are shots that at this level we expect keepers to save 8 times of 10. I’m afraid he is simply not saving these same shots at an alarming rate. Unfortunately goal keepers can’t hide from mistakes and Parry is now doing so most games. It’s a shame as I agree that he has had a fantastic part time career but it’s over now I’m afraid. Not a scapegoat at all there are several of those in this mob from Lyon to Thicot to Rodden etc the list Danny Lennon role of ‘honour’ is I’m afraid endless.
  20. I’m not saying the other two are any better than Parry but he is completely past it now but unfortunately I assume a high earner and we are stuck with him. Just so typical we always seem to find ourselves in these positions.
  21. There is an alarming decline in his performance even from last season to this one unfortunately. Any shot hit early or from distance to a corner inevitably ends up in the net. 2 seasons to far for him I’m afraid!
  22. Just watched highlights and as I thought, yes we lose possession cheaply with Hynes poor touch but once again Parry looks really slow to get down, whether or not it’s a decent strike, he should be doing better. Is and has been another recurring issue and weakness in this side.
  23. That fills me with dread, never occurred to me that one. Lyons with Cunningham in front of him? Oh my God!
  24. Wonder if Hynes can play LB? Central defenders worry me, MCGeever is not quick and not played all year. Sula I still haven’t made up my mind about but is at least reasonably mobile. Left mid is still a worry, Cunningham is mile off as a midfield player.
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