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  1. Who’d have thought, getting a loan in from a premier league team would help your cause? I wonder if Clyde knew such things were available, probably not, you’d likely need a recruitment dept to be able to access these things….. oh wait a minute!
  2. A couple of million in January will get you the best striker around just now!
  3. Disappointing, always a gamble in the loan market at our level in particular but one or two in key positions would have made the world of difference.
  4. As an outsider looking in, thankfully as we have had the Barry experience. It’s history repeating itself. He had a Barney with Clyde fans after a Scottish cup defeat in the highlands and it’s never far away during a game. Ironically at fans official meetings he is generally good and talks a good game, engages and is interesting but out with that he comes across as not caring one bit what fans think. You will never get an acknowledgment or an applause from him at the end of a game for example, well never did with us anyway! He and I suppose other ex old firm players just don’t get how much fans of other teams dislike it when they go on constantly about Rangers or Celtic when they are manager and employee of our clubs! As said before, he does work hard but just cannot cope with players making mistakes and of course not helped by his utterly clueless assistant. He will probably do ok with Alloa for a season or two but now way will it be sustainable. He just does not have the temperament for management, particularly in lower leagues.
  5. I n the unlikely event we are able, or willing to strengthen in a couple of the obvious positions (and that’s a huge question given it’s the loan market) then I think this will be game to far for this team. Obviously, it’s more than likely Goodwillie will score but can’t see us not shipping at least a couple of goals to a team of better quality than we played last weekend, that’s despite the fact we have significantly improved in the last month . In saying that we have significantly improved to that of average, which given how bad we were it’s big pat on the back to Lennon and the players.
  6. So 6-6 then, should be entertaining if nothing else.
  7. I absolutely agree, I’m not confident of a win no matter who playing in this league. Even if like, Saturday we play well. Our defence still leak and lose soft goals. Hugely improved in last 4 weeks or so but still really struggle to keep a clean sheet. Which is the biggest frustration as we are decent out-with that.
  8. Also noticed Danny chatting to one of their players. Probably offering a 2 year deal.
  9. As been said many times apart from his obviously ability his work rate and passion on the park is unbelievable and that’s been from day one! Also seems to be the same at training etc. That is despite being surrounded by absolute dross most of that time. Other clubs won’t touch him because of the baggage, although depends on who you are I suppose. Ronaldo doesn’t seem to have been held back by his charge, again though like Prince Andrew he is multi multi millionaire which in our society seems make things go away. (Maybe not in Andy’s case right enough)
  10. More to the point I think the team / management seem to have got off a bit lightly after Saturday’s result. Probably due to Goodwillie’s achievement! On reflection over the weekend it was an awful result, score 2 away from home against a team not doing well and as ever not getting even a point against teams around us is simply not good enough. I don’t mean any disrespect to Peterhead at all, my point is that our signings have been poor for years now. We NEED to improve and we need quality or it’s same old struggle. As I say not good enough from the management team both terms of recruitment and the same excuses every single week.
  11. Great achievement considering the absolute dross he has been playing with, he really does deserve better. It’s such a frustrating situation we have Goodwillie in our side but have failed to have a recruitment policy that would make us successful. I say again, 3 players of even reasonable quality in key positions would see us compete at top end, however once again we are going to be scrambling for points throughout the season in an attempt to stay out of bottom 2, which we probably won’t,
  12. If Elsdon had been available I’d be more confident. Despite another couple available since the Cove win, I’m still wary of our defence keeping a clean sheet. Coupled with the fact it’s Peterhead who normally deal with us. I’d take a point now but at least we seem much more about us than first few games but as I say Elsdon is a loss both in terms of his presence but also gives us a formation headache of returning possibly a back 4 with zero pace at CH. On the bright side as ever… We have Goodie so always a chance.
  13. If true good luck to him and decent business to get a replacement that comes with good reputation. I get the feeling actually got the best out of Mitch!
  14. Parry is a Strange one if true, although he is a cracking keeper by all accounts coupled with Mitchell dipping a bit it might not be worst thing. unless he is away or perhaps carrying an injury which might explain the fact he seems to have lost his ability to dive to his left. (I jest a bit, don’t get too annoyed folks) Wouldn’t think it’s a priority for us given that we are 5 players short of being even decent but given it’s about our recruitment absolutely nothing would surprise me!
  15. I think we might be surprised about the money paid to players. I was speaking to a friend of my son last week who plays pretty well down the pyramid below LL actually, he is on £120 pw. He even admitted the standard was pretty terrible. Its little wonder we find it hard to compete with clubs in our league, God knows what they pay? No excuses for still signing the dross we have at the moment.
  16. I agree, can we get a retrospective red and a 10 game ban please.
  17. Tbf that’s a fair challenge in Nicoll’s mind! While we persist with the likes of him in the side then that’s what we get.. all entirely self inflicted. Depressing times!
  18. It clear to absolutely everyone, except it seems to Management and recruitment team that we are quite simply not good enough. Not only our own fans, every other team we have played have pointed out the team’s faults and lack of ability of all the players except one! Everyone can t be wrong! I’d say that it’s also clear that this squad will get relegated this year, an inevitable fact that the board must take full responsibility for. The appointment and direction of travel we embarked on with this so called football department has been a complete and total disaster. Either due to the incompetence of those appointed to do the job or the board not releasing funds or both. Again I say, if we are in financial trouble then you least let us know. If so then it’s in the open and not leaving supporters to have to speculate why we are in such a shambles on the park.
  19. Well done Mr Diamond, I assume you and Mr Corr have another unknown, limited ability player lined up.. can’t wait
  20. I thought he was actually really good at the weekend. Mopped up a fair bit of loose balls and won his fair share of tackles. It’s so the most creative I’ve seen him and allowed Splain to get on the ball more. Also though he was still moving well by 90 mins. So.. all in all if he keeps it up, happy with him.
  21. I don’t know about that, I was just making the point that it came out at the time Bomber was bullying players and that Trouten was one of those who just doesn’t respond to that kind of “encouragement”. TBF he was a young player at the time and may not be effected in the same way now.. purely speculation on my part. It’s also well known that many Clyde players also found Barry to be similar in attitude.
  22. Just to add my bit on Barry, for no other reason other than it’s there to be said; today was classic Ferguson.. over complicated system with players who were unable to carry out the “system”. As the game went on the Barry crouch started, then it all kicks off. Shouting at the players, moaning, berating everyone, then throwing on the subs. As said previously I actually think he tries incredibly hard but has such an intimidating attitude the players, like most of ours were, are terrified to make a mistake and / or terrified of him! Guys like Allan Trouten for example will never play for him. He had similar experience with Bomber Brown so I expect he will “leave” pretty soon. Barry’s other issue; is the complete clueless idiot he has as assistant, if he had a proper coach then maybe, just maybe he would get his ideas across, or at the very least have someone who could moderate his faults and issues. I genuinely feel sorry for Alloa support, very strange appointment
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