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  1. Serious question: why is the PPV so expensive at Falkirk? Surely this is false economy, I certainly won’t pay that price for a stream service. I’d imagine many will feel the same, at a 10 -12 quid or so then much more would pay. Maybe me just being a miserable auld git right enough.
  2. 1-0 to Clyde; Bryson own goal. He then purposely gets sent off for last 20 mins.. legend!
  3. Plus also that Goodie actually got some minutes on the park
  4. My impression of Duffy at Clyde and in general is that he doesn’t show any enthusiasm or in any way try to get any connection with the fans. Just seems to come in and do bare minimum as if he really doesn’t want to be there or thinks he should be at a bigger club, it’s probably not the case but terrible to watch as is the product he puts on the park, I hated the time he was with us, even though he got to playoff, even managed to make that a hard slog.
  5. These are the games where Goodie would possibly rescued us with an undeserved equaliser. Keeping at 1-0 is unusual for us as until very recently we shipped at least 2, so don’t know if that is at least an improvement moving into next couple of weeks. But we really need him back and with some service or support.
  6. 100% although if Danny plays and we win it’s another fecken game to play!
  7. And probably travelled 1000 miles then spent a day at work. It must be brutal.
  8. I think the team on Saturday will depend very much on how we do tonight; if and it’s a massive if, we get a result Lennon might be tempted to play one or 2 players he might not have. Goodie (if fit) Lang (if fit) to name a couple. As there would be a little bit of pressure off given that would be also on the back of winning at Peterhead and out draw at Montrose. If we lose at East Fife then no way I think he would risk a whole raft of players for next weeks instalment of the football marathon and the desperate need for points against teams around us in the table.
  9. Certainly have taken that if offered at 3pm. To score 2 goals away against a very decent side is great, just wish we could stop losing goals as we do too easily, not necessarily today but was in general. That said I’ll take that today and hopefully kick in a bit, really need a win though.
  10. Have to agree and please abuse me if I’m wrong, I desperately hope I am. Why is Cunningham not starting? Why is Nicoll starting? Danny does have a habit of having very strange team selection in away games, as I say I hope and pray I am way off the Mark here!
  11. Sportsound tonight ,Maurice Ross; “if Rangers were not playing and the Colts where for eg playing Clyde, there would be 2-3 thousand at the game!” Aye right Maurice, what colour is the sky on your planet? The Challenge cup games are sold out aren’t they... honestly it would make you greet! Brora chairman was on all for it, aye because you get promoted!
  12. BBC radio reporting that clubs have now met for discussions on this and will probably vote next week... I have a really bad feeling about this folks!
  13. BBC radio reporting that clubs have now met for discussions on this and will probably vote next week... I have a really bad feeling about this folks!
  14. I sincerely hope my club continues to vote against this garbage. As I’ve said numerous times if it happens I am finished.
  15. So this garbage is going to vote again..(on BBC) along with various other bribes! I really hope my club continues to vote against this, as I’ve said many times, it goes through I am finished!
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