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  1. I’ve seen every game unfortunately and you are 100% correct, no matter how we try to explain it away or try to convince ourselves otherwise we are dreadful and defend like total amateurs. Its a relegation side written all over it. We’ve seen plenty of them an know exactly what it looks like. The only light is Goodwillie, obviously and the fact we are not detached. Mitchell is, as we know an excellent keeper and can’t be as bad as last week again. We need, somehow to try to move on at least 3 players to replace with better... an experienced CH and proper midfield player (I’m beyond dreaming of decent fullbacks) easier said than done but that is where Lennon is supposed to earn his corn!
  2. Agreed, but hardly great choices due to fact Tom Lang has been utter torture for weeks too. Although I’m not sure I’m allowed to say that🤐
  3. 100% down this year, there is absolutely no way any side can leak goals like we do and survive. Same week in week out, nightmare!
  4. This is going to be a total farce in these conditions! How can ball players like Nicoll be expected to run the show in a howling Gale!
  5. So is Jim Chapman and Stuart Miller in charge for this game then?🤪
  6. Our issue is quite simple.. we cannot keep a clean sheet and that will be our undoing this season. We have Goodwillie and so we always have a chance at this level because he is an utter class act and can create and score in every game if he is allowed any kind of service, but it’s uphill task every week until we stop gifting goals.
  7. That’s the sort of thing we would say when we were due to play Queens Park s and to lesser extent Cowdenbeath. Only to succumb to the inevitable pumping as normal! Horrible times those 🤯
  8. That’s scary.. I’d like to think part time teams may have different outcome as these guys have other jobs and mix with the wider public. It’s not out-with the realms that a player (not saying Clyde) any team could have a player whose day job is in NHS or Care home for example. Hard to legislate for infection coming in like that? Fingers crossed our protocols are all ok for the things we are responsible for.
  9. More likely 2-0 up trialist comes on gets sent off we lose 3-2!
  10. Has Danny Lennon been kidnapped and replaced by a lookalike absolute madman! Truly baffling signing FFS man!
  11. Didn’t watch; but 2-1 up going into last 5 mins and we lose! Garbage! No matter what level opposition is! no doubt we will get the patronising “unlucky” nonsense. We CANNOT keep a clean sheet ever!
  12. We can discuss and debate all we like about support for Goodie, that’s been an unanswered problem for 2-3 years now. However our biggest issue is the fact we cannot keep a clean sheet. We have ongoing issues at fullback we all know about and centre midfield, again not addressed, which is hugely disappointing. I thought Bain was a step forward but having watched the games now, he is not an improvement on Cuddihy. In fact if we could get a proper CM then I’d definitely move Barry back to full back. LB is still an issue obviously. Shiels is either not ready or not good enough. Both fullbacks give the ball away constantly. End of the day unless we get one / preferably 2 Centre midfield players in then we will go down, certainly on evidence so far. Back 4 no matter who we have in have zero protection and even more worrying cannot keep hold of the ball, which also adds to the lack of protection problem as teams just find it too easy to build attacks.
  13. Again it’s back to trying someone in the middle of the park who might help! Howie is a defender, Lang is a defender... unfortunately Cuddihy is not a good enough midfielder to do the job himself (might be ok if he had a decent central partner. Who knows?) What we need is an actual central midfield player who knows: When to defend, When you support attack, When to make a pass either short or long When to put his foot in etc etc etc. As I say a midfield player, not a defender or any other player who is essentially out of position. I realise that given our financial situation it’s an almost impossible task but it’s what we need simple as that.
  14. The difference in the upturn in performance last year was bringing in a proper LB and an attacking player with pace to support Goodie, or at least give us an option other than a constantly heavily marked Goodie. This also balanced the side which had reasonable CM ie Grant and McStay. We now seem to don’t have a decent enough fullback (again) and of course a midfield other than being obviously light weight is attack minded young boys, we are simply overran in the middle of the park! Our only CM is Cuddihy who will of course be the scapegoat. Not his fault, he was not good enough to hold down his position in midfield before in L2, so why did the management think he could do it in L1? what I would say though is that he is a better full back than Bain on recent showing! Worrying times as it looks like the experiment (or is it financial necessity) of bringing in young loans is failing. I can only hope Danny can develop these boys very very quickly or we are in deep trouble!
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