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  1. The appeal icon if you can call it that could probably be a bit more prominent on home page to be honest. But great effort by everyone who has contributed 👏
  2. I’d agree with Mitchell as he has been really impressive all season. Goodwillie is obviously the best player in the side by a country mile but as has mentioned for weeks until recently was starved of service. Fair play to Lennon / Moore they have tweaked the set up and surprise surprise Goodwillie has been unplayable at times Young player difficult due to consistency of Lamont, McStay (in particular) . So need to be Howie next suppose, pity we didn’t have Livingston earlier.. looks really good.
  3. No doubt Clyde will be docked 9 points for unfairly beating Falkirk 3 times As the ball boy was too slow... so you should be fine.
  4. Surprisingly comfortable win today, 2-0 going on 4 at least. McStay should have had a hat trick. What a frustrating player he is. Goes from great to awful within the one move! Dumbarton were awful, looked like they came not to lose the game and completely forgot how to try to win, had Duffy written all over it. Still, fantastic weeks work from the players and Management team, well done guys!
  5. I 100% agree with this; I think team is better with Lang in the side Of course it is, but like Goodie he is not immune from criticism or comment. He does often dive in and he is needlessly at times over aggressive. Parts of his game he needs to improve and learn.
  6. Agree with all of above. I actually think that Montrose were best side I have seen at Broadwood this season (in league obviously). I think Love took a sore one on Saturday During the goal assist, coupled with Rankin being fresher having only payed 20 mins or so. I’d swap them yes. Other than that same starting 11. Have to hope we actually get 2 good performances on the trot; not happened this season which has been the issue. Glad it’s at home, but as it stands just now I’d probably take a point now TBH.
  7. Great performance today, totally committed and when we had the ball tried to move it with pace. Without the ball we kept shape and were organised, what a difference too with getting support to Goodwillie at last, Falkirk were terrified of him every time he got the ball. Mitchell and Lamont in particular were brilliant today in a team with several great performances, like to add a special mention for Martin McNiff, who is roundly criticised as a LB, however in central defence again did very well. I’m not saying he was MOM or anything like that but credit to him considering the stick he has had this season. He played well today and Tom Lang someone tell him he does not have to overcommit in ever single tackle, calm down son! Think Livingston and Cunningham are improving game on game which is encouraging and Cudahy back to what he showed last season. So.... some consistency please lads and some points on the board so we can relax a bit and enjoy the rest of the season.
  8. I get the fact some Falkirk fans worry about today, that’s natural given they are chasing the title, honestly though guys we have been rank for most of the season. If Lennon sets up with a sensible line up then we might make it difficult for you especially if we get a semblance of support to Goodie. However over 90 mins that won’t happen. You shouldn’t really have anything to worry about given the evidence of our performances over last 6-8 weeks, generally dire unfortunately.
  9. You are correct, does my head in everybody back. Leave Goodie up and they would be terrified to leave him with less than 2/3 back looking after him.
  10. We won’t be in any dogfight, on recent evidence we are in free fall of Barry Ferguson proportions, can we arrest it? I don’t think so, not with that team of inconsistent chancers.
  11. We are poor.. L2 side simple as that. Depressing stuff really.
  12. I agree; based on one decent performance (and defeat at that) we need to be right on this tonight for 90 mins. it’s a huge game for both teams. We need something tonight given the points gap. Both immediately above above and more importantly below us. As ever need for clean sheet at least to build on.
  13. Our team Summed up in one sentence “Really unlucky to lose such a poor goal.” how often??😡
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