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  1. 😂Just take Goodie off now and wrap him in cotton wool till league starts😍😍
  2. So you don’t think we need a left back then Domino?
  3. 😂 what an eejit, I was obviously obsessing about the Colts thing. My apologies
  4. And is the Colts sign around scoreboard being removed or at very least our logo joining it?
  5. Unfortunately whether is bad luck or more likely poor decision making etc the evidence is still there that we have not completed a game with a clean sheet. I know at this level teams will always lose goals, that's why these guys are playing in lower league, however it plain to see that in our particular team it is the defensive aspect of our set up / signing targets we need to do something about. As said before I accept this is easier said than done with our budget. Maybe its our set up we need to look at, back 4 perhaps a little bit more exposed than it was last year, which I'm sure Danny and Allan are acutely aware of? Still very early days I suppose
  6. It’s been discussed many times the fact that McNiff is not a LB. his goals last year were incredible contribution so I don’t take any pleasure in seemingly singling him out for criticism. It’s not his problem, it’s not lack of effort and he will still be a valuable squad player this year. But in this league we need a proper LB. However I think it’s becoming clear that defensively we are not there yet; yes Lennon will improve Howie, but I would be much happier if we can get a CH with some experience and mobility to compliment Rumsby. Not sure if we are playing Wallace in correct position but again that is up to Lennon.. look how we improved immediately when Rankin was utilised properly. We are not far away and 2/3 signed for specific areas will make all the difference. I accept perhaps easier said than done at our level and spending limits.
  7. Agree with all recent posts on the defence; the fact we have not had one clean sheet in any of our preseason games is a concern for me.
  8. Did ye, Aye?🤥 Well you missed some cracking performances from the team and our new Captain, but who cares...your loss.
  9. Agreed LB and CH please, although I have a feeling that Lennon is happy with 2 from Rumsby, Howie, McNiff combo. Definitely need LB
  10. Mmm, leaking goals again it would seem. I hope that is not going to be our issue this year, I know it’s early days, closed door game and no idea what the game has been like but it is a bit alien for us to ship goals. All we can do is hope we can sort this aspect of the game out one way or another. I’ll just console myself with the early days theme and move on in the preparation 🤞
  11. Agreed... The embarrassing and liability sentence is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen on this forum for a long time ...really laughable to be honest. Whether Goodwillie scores or not, in 90% of the games he plays for us, he totally changes the way the team plays; his attitude, work rate and influence on the side is outstanding. I have no doubt that when fit and back in the side he will still be best forward player in the league by long way.
  12. Agreed, Brown, Gray and Scullion were poor, but we have had much much worse. Although, I’d certainly keep Barclay in the list of the utter garbage brigade.
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