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  1. My opinion would also be that we stick to back 4 at the moment, mainly due to the fact we don’t had natural wing backs. Lennon, I think has to make a decision either Lang or Howie at the moment, from what I’ve seen neither can play anywhere other than CH, certainly not full back. Our age old issue of at least 2 seasons is that we don’t have a LB and it continues to bite our backside!
  2. Yea noticed it at the time; he wasn’t happy with the challenge, think it was young MacNiven that caught him accidentally. Strangely, when asked about it after the game Lennon seemed pretty vague about it as if he did want to talk about it. Although I’m probably reading too much into it tbh.
  3. Assuming there is still two actually playing; McStay seems to have disappeared off the face these last few weeks. Not that he has been missed much given his performances so far this season unfortunately
  4. On Sportsound an Half an hour or so prior to the Accies game the reporter during his preview commented on the potential crowd being low; said at the moment there is nobody in the ground and that Corporate had a total of 20 people booked.
  5. Brilliant.. total banana skin of a game, vital win moving on financially and of course the profile a cup run brings. Well done guys👏👏👏
  6. I agree, did well for us last year when eventually returning from long term injury and if he came back I’d be happy enough as I say he is decent; however if it is about best use of budget I’d much rather have a proper LB or Central midfield player or a forward to help / compliment Goodie. Obviously, all about budget so probably unlikely we would get all of above without moving on contracted player (not easy).
  7. Suppose taking a slightly different tack.. when we signed Sean Higgins a few years ago, during the Barry bi annual signing merry go round. I thought he would be a standout in L2 ;;experienced player, scored goals at high level etc etc How wrong could I be... useless, uninterested Imposter of a player. Think he turned up twice in matches in 2 years. Of course long line of equally poor charlatans signed by Barry, but Higgins should have been much much better.
  8. Maybe he is better than Chris McStay though?
  9. Ahh, another one of my heroes gone! RIP Danny!
  10. Even if Howie is fit and I hope he is; its a big ask for him to come straight back into the side after being out for so long. If we don't get bodies in then I might be tempted to push McNiff in beside Rumbsy and Wylde at LB?
  11. I have to say that he always seems to do really well against us! I think him and Goodwillie would be a pretty decent partnership. In fact anyone partnering Goodie would be welcome given that he has been a lone and often isolated striker ever since he arrived!
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