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  1. I hope you are just keeping the wind-up going, obviously he is incapable of coming good as he has very limited ability and the heart of a field mouse. Is literally like starting with 10 men. I am serious that if I see a team sheet with his name in a starting 11 I will turn my car around and go home! similarly if he is resigning, Danny should give up as it would indicate serious issues both at the club and with his ability to manage the club. Apart from everything else Danny and the club should read the room.. supporters will go mental if such players as Jones are signed.. so much so they will vote with their feet! As I say I hope this is a narrative because fans are bored with literally nothing happening just now and are having some kind of “laugh”.
  2. This is so ludicrous it has to be a wind-up, however the fact we think that it’s even remotely possible just shows the level confidence we have in the recruitment within the club. Serious questions would HAVE to be asked of Danny Lennon if Rob Jones was resigned. As I say I sincerely hope it’s a wind-up and we actually announce some competitive players in next few days. I have really hated the last 2 seasons and in all honesty can’t see me watching another season of dross.
  3. We could give you Parry back and just let Mitch come back to us.
  4. No specific mention of Cuddihy. Strange that he feels the need to confirm Spain is away and not Barry C? I really hope we are not once again in last seasons predicament where he is waiting on players looking at their options and we get none of them. Learned lessons??
  5. We haven’t even put the statement on our own Twitter page! 100% if it was a negative outcome Tom English etc would be all over it given the fact they dislike us and are never slow to jump other negative stuff regarding the club. I wonder if Cove will even comment on it?
  6. No report ANYWHERE other than on our OS. It Will go un-noticed as nobody cares about us, he certainly won’t pick it up as it’s highly embarrassing for him. Shame as an accusation like that will stick unless the facts are more widely communicated.
  7. So do we see an apology coming from Shay Logan in respect to the club statement and consequently the fact he was talking nonsense? Wont hold my breath!
  8. Docherty is nowhere near as bad as some are saying. When he got himself fit after initial shaky spell he was actually one of our most consistent players. Some fans seem to have a downer on him as he was signed along with a raft of poor players which I think tarred him with that brush.
  9. I know, not expecting that to be honest, I was trying to make the point that there seems to be a thought that we can pick up good loan players, that’s not been our experience either due to finance or just poor recruitment within that market. Probably both tbh.
  10. Our issue with loans at Clyde is that they are very seldom, if ever either ready for starting 11 or actually good enough at all. We don’t seem to or able to afford the players that others seem to. Again fishing in different pond, we don’t get players from likes of Celtic, Rangers etc that are knocking on the door at these clubs.. we get the jersey fillers from Hamilton Killie and the likes. That’s despite Diamond’s Input into the whole thing!
  11. Finding it hard to be positive given the slow recruitment, which I don’t think is a good indication of where we are heading. Hopefully I’m wrong but it’s going to be a hugely competitive league which may be too much for us this year? Still, purchased my season ticket this morning as usual in recent times due to blind loyalty. Also makes me feel less guilty if I end up picking and choosing my games this year.
  12. They are welcome to it!! Hope they remember to get the Council to check team sheets before games.
  13. Not in the slightest, we could have written on a piece of paper and sealed it envelope in May.
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