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  1. Just watched… as I said yesterday Parry is finished! Definitely a free kick for the first in 99.9% of any game you ever watch, although big Sula has to be stronger and it wouldn’t have been an issue. Typical of the players we have. Not that we deserved anything yesterday, Edinburgh not great at all but better than us in every single department. A horrible performance from a Clyde team tumbling out of L1 with an alarming standard of player. Unbelievable negligence from Lennon and the board in the last 3 years.
  2. Well that was poor again. Obviously Duffy with hands tied given the abject losers that Lennon signed. So, tried Thicot in midfield.. failed he was awful. First goal; what a shambles! Firstly from ref for not giving free kick or at least stopping the game due to potential head injury, then what is Parry doing? How can a 6ft 5” keeper get chipped on his line? Honestly.. he just cannot move his feet now. Decent shot stopper but otherwise finished.. ( no doubt I’ll get stick for that statement) Other than that, not at the races against a bang average Edinburgh side who are so much better than us. Again, thoroughly depressing, Dom any changes required and no means to do it. Duffy must be wondering what he has got himself into. Impossible job it would seem
  3. My understanding from the meeting etc is that if we get the Crownpoint transfer over the line it will be ours to run completely with no interference or input from anyone else, unless we go into partnership with another body. For example the other interested party who may have placed an interest in the place? Happy to be corrected on this.
  4. Hope not putting 2+2 together and making whatever but Rob Jones was in stand today. Surely not?
  5. Ray Grant leaving the boot in? If only, that’s the biggest weakness in his game, although he has been a bit more physical than he was first time round with us I’d say and has been our most consistent player probably.
  6. I’d say Cudihay coming in at RB and if…we can get Duthie back eventually immediately the team is stronger and gives Duffy a platform to perform a miracle by signing a proper CM and hopefully an option up front. All conjecture of course but Duffy will needs to use some proper wheeling and dealing to make that happen given he’ll have huge problems moving on the three / four he’d need to get additional players in!
  7. Question for any of the brave souls who attended; Did Duffy have McLean or anyone on the bench with him today
  8. I’m sure it was mentioned that although Danny had a 2 year deal, there was a reassessment built in after one year, so I think it’s a payment till end of the season. Not sure it it’s full contract payment or some kind of agreed settlement. I assume Allan Moore will be the same? Also said there is no budget for an assistant, wonder if one of the players, McLean will step up? Same goes for new players will only happen if Duffy can move any on first.
  9. Peter Grant? Ray has actually been decent this season especially considering the dross he is surrounded with.
  10. Just always strikes me as just not wanting to be there. Everything about him just seems to ooze the air of negativity.
  11. Next time park in Council Car park. 5 min walk but get away no problem. Although after this year probably be a while before we play each other again!
  12. Aye, saw him at most home games certainly. I’m sure he will be interested but I’m afraid he’s shown absolutely zero potential in any of his previous jobs so please, no thanks.
  13. I sincerely apologise for what I may have inferred regarding this or any other volunteer, I absolutely didn’t mean to criticise this person individually and on reflection my post was disrespectful to him. My point, however clumsy in my post was more a frustration after yet another defeat and just the ongoing malaise around my club. Allan Moore has a difficult if not impossible job to do and I was mealy (poorly perhaps ) trying to point out that he had no ‘Professional’ help yesterday not even a Senior player helping. I remember John Rankin assisted a number of times while injured. I’m sure even Connor Duthie for example, not being in the squad unfortunately could have taken some of the drills for example. Just to let Moore concentrate on the preparation etc.
  14. I know, I probably did exaggerate a bit, but I still think he needs a hand from an actual footballer/ coach… did you see Corr him trying to pass to the back 4 during a routine. Honestly we are a joke just now, Who is the other guy that takes part? The Big lad. He can’t even boot a spare ball onto the pitch. whole thing is embarrassing.
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