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  1. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Counted roughly 100 at dundonald v Lothian Thistle hv today.
  2. Lowland League Fantasy Football

    There’s your problem. This is incorrect as corrected on the day and as seen on the highlights from the match. The goal listed as Conrad Courts was in fact Stuart Cargill.
  3. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Don’t understand the point in putting out only your own teams goals if you film the whole match. It wouldn’t take any longer to throw all the goals into a small clip to go on social media and may even reach a larger audience and increase exposure for your sponsors etc.
  4. Promotion. How Does Will it Work.

    If both SoS and EoS champs are unlicensed then team 15 in LL gets relegated and can reapply along with other licensed teams.
  5. The Recent Match Videos Thread

  6. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    Michael Gemmell in disguise?
  7. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    Do they not enter only the one team into these competitions? They played their LL team against Leith in the king cup late last season I believe.
  8. Selkirk possible demise

    15th can only reapply if neither the SoS or EoS winners are licensed. Otherwise they are relegated and replaced with the winner of the playoff. If there is a vacancy then any club can apply, I would think sporting merit would be considered and the best placed licensed club if they applied would be admitted rather than a club who had been relegated on merit. IMO if it comes to an application then Linlithgow as long term licensed with a well developed ground would be at the top of the list if they don’t win promotion through playoffs/conferences.
  9. EOSFL match attendances 2018/19

    Surely during the second half after people have came in for free is an invalid number? It’s inflating the actual figure as all and sundry wander in for a look. Before half time with those who have paid entry and are there for the match would be the valid figure imo.
  10. Scottish Cup 2018/2019

    Interesting trip to dalbeattie for Kelty. A tricky place for any team to go to. East Stirlingshire will be hoping they fare a bit better than last time they travelled to Huntly when they crashed out the cup at the first hurdle.
  11. Selkirk FC thread

    If Selkirk fold or their sfa license is removed. What happens with their space in the Scottish cup? One club gets a bye?
  12. Selkirk FC thread

    Looks to me like Selkirk had no intention of playing Kelty on Saturday. They wanted to play the home game to bring in some cash but never had any plans on trying to play Kelty. To leave it til Friday to advise the league was poor show. This is supposed to be the level below the professional leagues, not borders amateurs when you play when you can.
  13. tv coverage of Scottish Cup

    With the advancements in technology and the ease in ‘webcasting/broadcasting’ there’s no excuse for the bbc or whoever not to at least show early round games live through their website and smart tv’s. All it takes is a camera or two, laptop and a reliable internet connection for a basic output with graphics and transitions.
  14. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Tully was inept, and that’s being generous. Bringing in his brother who wasn’t match fit or getting a game at junior level should have set alarm bells off. He’s managed to relegate two clubs!