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  1. Since then and the nonsense that ensued the SPFL have been told that no change in the rules will happen and The boundary is still in place and Brechin if relegated would go to the HL.
  2. If the Highland League objects to clubs in their catchment being a feeder to their league then would the sfa step in and remove them from the pyramid playoff as they would no longer be complying with the rules they agreed on. Dundee clubs saying they are in no mans land cos the HL doesn’t want them is nonsense. They’ve sat with theyre heads up their arse hoping someone would force them into LL catchment rather than engaging with the HL to sort a solution, they already play in a cup with clubs in the NRSJFA so this bleating on about being hard done by is pish.
  3. Going on last seasons numbers, about £2k in tv payments from the bbc/sfa. I think the tv payments have gone down this season from round 3 also as it was £36k for a televised game in rd4 onwards previously.
  4. I’m hearing the offer has been made to reverse the fixture to ensure it goes ahead... can’t see ndp surviving two games in 5 days in this weather.
  5. I’ll be very surprised if that happens given last seasons debacle.
  6. Good, given Musselburgh were able to travel to wick for a Tuesday night when the players would have been working then I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have wick travel to fife on a Saturday.
  7. I’m sure Ken Ferguson is already lobbying for proposals to be drawn up to stop relegation at the bottom again, assisted by that other clown Donald Findlay. the answer to covid curtailed season is really simple btw. If league is called on pts per game then you just write into rules that playoffs will take place based on standings. If that means testing then so be it, one off matches at neutral venues to get games played if season is curtailed.
  8. They deffo won’t be slotted into the lowland league when relegated anyway, last seasons bullshit meant that proposal was kicked right in the sea. Nice to see spfl clubs won a watch with the “loss of ticket revenue” grants as they receive far more than they would have lost. Nice war chest they’ve got courtesy of the gov and top brass at sfa/spfl ensuring so.
  9. Nice to see someone let locheeboy loose on Microsoft word for that rebranding. Embarrassing stuff. EDITED to remove person's real name.
  10. Were these not the plans which were approved at planning 3 years ago? If that’s the case I’d imagine they are breaking ground to ensure the planning doesn’t lapse?
  11. What a car crash from Donald Findlay, an example of all that is wrong with Scottish football.
  12. Clubs in the national leagues receive over £45k in cash from the spfl, clubs in the lowland league receive nothing. If you’re travelling to Elgin twice but receive a wad of cash over the season you can budget this, if you don’t get anything then the travel becomes a burden that prevents you making upgrades to your ground or playing squad. The pyramid is the SFA’s baby in this country, the only time they have intervened has been to prevent conferences at WoSL level. They have the power to ensure the spfl play ball by the pyramid IMO, their silence has been defeaning. Stewart Regan has done more since leaving his post to support the pyramid during this sham than the current incumbents who are sleepwalking.
  13. Yes, the lowland league was told by the spfl that if they didn’t alter their rules to allow Brechin to drop into the league If relegated, that they would lose their places in spfl competitions (league cup and challenge cup). The spfl was asked to supply funding to compensate clubs for the increased travel to Angus but point blank refused.
  14. £70k comes from what you get every year, add in league cup, Scottish cup and challenge cup and your sfa handout and you get not much shy of £100k every season. Club accounts are all available online, it’s easily available to see where clubs are making large losses year on year.
  15. Brechin over the course of the season received £45k in prize money from the spfl, that is paid in instalments during the season based on lowest possible finishing position I believe, hence why you got £3.5k at seasons end.
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