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  1. Which was a brazen lie by the management committee to get the outcome they desired, which was an option that had zero chance of happening so they could stay outside while looking like they want to join.
  2. The wind won’t blow him over.
  3. Option Z has absolutely zero chance of happening. The Lowland League has no appetite for this and they are never going to reduce their chances of promotion up the way for the sake of the SJFA who have talked down at them through the whole process.
  4. I don’t believe that is correct at all, certainly not the feeling of LL clubs anyway. Again it seems like those in power in the wrsjfa are telling their members porkies to get their desired outcome.
  5. That’s not what proposal Z was, that proposal involves taking X amount of WRJFA teams and putting them into a LL West, and not as you believe , the status quo below. If that’s what you were told then the person at the top table was brazenly lying to his member clubs. The only way for the WRSJFA to feed tier 5, as it is, was the option which had West at tier 6 and East/North to be sorted at a later date. If your club are budgeting based on away crowds, then more fool you. That’s not a very stable way to budget as away crowds will fluctuate depending on the success of that team.
  6. You guys want to do some research, this is some of the most ill-informed stuff I’ve ever heard.
  7. Edinburgh City have announced that Alan Martin has signed for them after being released by East Kilbride.
  8. I must have missed where all bonnyriggs ex pro league players played for the love of the game...
  9. Can only assume Bonnyrigg have a few players unavailable, weather hasn’t exactly been poor this week and no long journey for CSS, unusual not to have the match referee inspect the pitch tomorrow lunchtime to give it the best chance.
  10. Crazy money for a player with 6 months left on his contract. Could sign a pre-contract with anyone now and leave at the end of the season for nothing. id imagine that Berwick have very little leverage when it comes to fees at this point.
  11. You get a chance to build something for the fans and the solution is to build a soulless two stand all seater jobby. Most lower league fans want some sort of standing, and it looks like queens missed the mark big time with this.
  12. Unless the clubs wanted to do something that put him out of a cushty job...
  13. A headless chicken, capable of decent stuff going forward but has zero positional awareness on a football pitch. Seemed to always be injured, so much so I had assumed he was retired.
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