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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    Bonnyton Thistle already play in a senior league. The overlap is small in the west, in the east you would have the two leagues covering the majority of the same footprint, minus tayside for EoS and Borders for ERSJFA. The situation is completely different.
  2. Pyramid 2019/2020

    A bit like the leaked sfa letter that was leaked by the junior clubs.
  3. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    Midge must have been the gobby one after the match at Shire starting a rammy. Clearly has an agenda against Ferguson, he’s not even a Kelty fan but has such a big opinion. Having watched Ferguson’s training sessions and spoken to him he has been fantastic so far in the way he goes about his business and I believe the players are enjoying his training and preparation also. Remember Tam hadn’t played any of the so called ‘big guns’ in the league other than the 3-2 win at BSC who have got better considerably since then.
  4. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Or in Edinburgh City’s case, a referee willing to give you two penalties over two games. Failed to score in open play v east Stirlingshire.
  5. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Aberfeldy apparently applied to play junior previously and were knocked back due to some strange reasons, was a fantastic setup when Kelty played Elgin there preseason.
  6. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    When you talk about a lack of class, that also comes from how the opposition conducts themselves. General unsporting behaviour in time wasting from 2 minutes in. Feigning injury (Ger Rossi I’m looking at you. Just as much of a cheat as you were at Peebles) etc then I’m afraid vale can’t conplain about a lack of class from their frustrated hosts after a display of “anti football”
  7. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Kelty could and should have been multiple goals in front today with the chances they had. Vale of Leithen came to play for a draw and got it. Strange seeing a team time wasting a matter of minutes after kick off though! Ross Mutch was fantastic and ran all day. Dodd looks to be a classy player and created some great chances first half also. A frustrating day which sees us fall 7pts back from EK and 4pts from BSC. Another tough tie at Edinburgh Uni to come next week.
  8. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    But injuries, holidays and work blah blah blah
  9. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Bottom club means bottom club. I think the confusion came with wether Selkirk were considered the bottom club or if they were not in the league. Had they folded late in the season the results would have been removed but they would more than likely have been considered ‘bottom club’. It happened a matter of 3 games into the season, so withdrawing means they were basically removed and considered having not started the season. Harsh on Whitehill Welfare as they are struggling this season but would you be saying the same if Dalbeattie or Gretna were currently bottom by eg. 6 points or so? Whitehill might yet not be relegated depending on if Bonnyrigg, Penicuik etc can’t get licensed in time due to the need for floodlights going forward. If Linlithgow are the only licensed club in the EoS playoffs and don’t win them, then no club would end up promoted although my money would be on Linlithgow being admitted by application regardless for the vacancy. Possibility of an Auchinleck or West based team like Clydebank? getting in on application for a more even geographical spread?
  10. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    East Kilbride v Kelty should be ASAP on a Tuesday night to avoid the farce of playing twice in the final month of the season!! IMO teams should have played everybody once by the end of January as a minimum.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    No more barriers than previously. All that has changed is that floodlights are now going to be a requirement in Future. Most junior grounds wouldn’t be up to spec anyway. Licensing is required to progress upwards. 100+ juniors weren’t going to be licensed in the next few years regardless of floodlights becoming mandatory or not. Its been posted on here previously that Talbot haven’t installed floodlights as they didn’t need them for junior football but also it wasn’t a requirement of the club license they were pursuing at the time. Now it is a requirement, they will have no problems installing them with the 50k + in prize money from this seasons Scottish cup run...
  12. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    Better tell that to every professional club in the competition then as all clubs film their matches for various reasons these days. I’d actually argue that clubs filming their own matches isn’t ‘outside filming’.
  13. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    I'm sure the sfa don't allow this to happen. They film a 2 minute highlight of the game. Aaron our camera guy normally sits the big Scottish out for that reason No one stops clubs doing their own highlights. You just have to wait til after the sfa put their highlights out. Some of the footage from the people paid by the sfa to film has been shocking to say the least. They would be better paying the clubs own video guys as the quality would be superior.
  14. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    Other than the ban on live football between 3pm and 5.15pm. That’s why games are geo-blocked in the UK &ROI during those hours. It’s easy to set up a stream on YouTube, but putting behind a pay wall is not so easy or cheap. I believe the rights on Scottish cup matches remain that of the SFA. Talbot v Ayr should be televised but it’ll be Cowdenbeath v Rangers, Raith Rovers v Dunfermline and possibly Hearts v Livingston or Hibs v Elgin or Montrose v Dundee United. i also believe the television payouts shrunk dramatically 2 years ago and was replaced by the current model with more prize money and lower tv money to chosen teams.
  15. Junior football, what is the future?

    My completely own opinion but IF, and that’s a big IF, there is to be erjfa and EoS covering the same area then the sfa/pwg has to take the lead and add some conditions for the good of the game going forward. 1) A timetable for merging the two leagues into a single unified body in the East of Scotland below the Tay must be agreed and adhered to. This allows juniors to come on board keeping what they determine as their ‘identity’ while working towards a single body/league covering the Current area. The term junior over time should be removed to create non league football which should be easier to market to potential sponsors etc. 2) the pyramid should contain a Lowland League below the Tay, an East of Scotland league and West of Scotland League and below that the regions should be split accordingly, the west has a structure to bolt straight on, the east is working on that but two region wide divisions with geographical divisions below creates a nice wide bottom to the pyramid. 3) the East of Scotland premier non league division can include the teams north of the Tay short term, but they are ineligible for promotion play offs to the Lowland League. The league rules should state that the highest placed licensed eligible team enters the playoff. 4) promotion is mandatory if you are licensed and eligible. If clubs with fan bases in the 30-50 region can sustain Lowland league football or super league football then clubs with fan bases in the hundreds are more than capable. This is all my own opinion but if there is to be two overlapping leagues short term to get the pyramid in place then there needs to be a timetable going forward to reach the end goal of one structure in the east and west of the Lowland region. For me, removing the archaic term ‘junior’ has to be a goal going forward as it holds the game back. It may mean something to the 50+ year olds attending matches in junior football but outside of that it really doesn’t mean anything to anyone. Particularly those who dont spectate at junior matches, they associate it with kids football. For commercial purposes this must surely hold the game back. *edit to remove wrong quote.