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  1. I believe the lack of availability in the seated stand is due to the number of officials, press and media for the premier sports cup matches and with distancing in place it means no room for punters. Hopefully thing will be back to something more like normal from the first league game
  2. Re the bit in bold. No it doesn’t. It only states the winner of the competition between two clubs that are not spfl members. Nothing about clubs in said league. Although I would argue that Celtic/Rangers B wouldn’t hold the required club license and also don’t have a ground that is license compliant, hence rangers at this moment scrambling to find any spfl club that will allow them use of the venue. I’ll give you the fact that if a B team wins the league then second couldn’t be put forward as they wouldn’t be “champions” and also wouldn’t be selected on “sporting merit” if you ignored the team that actually won, I worry for the SLFL clubs that this hasn’t been thought through, although unless the B teams are full of ringers they wouldn’t be any more than mid table cannon fodder anyway.
  3. The way I read it was 500 for all seater venues and 250 for those which are not.
  4. I suggest you read the articles sent to the lowland and highland clubs in December that Mozza posted the link to on Twitter which explicitly states that if there was only one eligible champion club from either league they would go straight to playing club 42.
  5. Maybe football just isn’t for you? If my employer decides ive to go back into the office then I don’t get to say “maybe after the summer so I can have a holiday cos I don’t fancy playing 3 games in a week” (those same players have played 3-4 games a week for years in junior leagues to catch up.)
  6. To be fair I’ve seen your tweets and it gave my arse a sore head. Shire fan has dig at Kelty, I’ve not seen a club more up themselves at this level and I’ve been to East Kilbride.
  7. That is exactly what would happen, had the premiership been null and voided last season the spfl would have put forward candidate clubs for the champions league and europa league qualifiers.
  8. I would be most concerned about Sauchie Juniors CFC application. I believe the EoS rules only allow one club membership of their leagues (if Stirling Uni were to be relegated from the LL I believe Stirling Uni EoS would cease to play in the EoS). Sauchie are a reserve team for the EoS side and may find themselves being knocked back on that basis. Don’t underestimate the application process for the EoS, it’s not a box ticking exercise and unless it’s changed they are as much interested in what your club will bring to the league, what their plans for the future are and why you want to join the league in the first place.
  9. Was little Kerse not supposed to be developing one of the 3G pitches with a stand and changing rooms for the shire to play there pre falkirk stadium arrangement?
  10. With gov guidelines you can’t take a pcr test within 3 months of a positive covid test either. I know people personally who work in care homes and were exempt from routine weekly testing for 90 days after a positive covid test.
  11. They have been told by the sfa that if they were able to pcr test they would be able to play...
  12. If there is no time to play out the campaign then the leagues decide how to finish, that will include how to decide a champion club. Much like the SPFL deciding amongst themselves last season to cancel a playoff that they were only 50% decision on. There is nothing in the spfl or sfa playoff rules that states how a champion has to be decided to play in the pyramid playoff. Those same rules also state that the playoff can be modified by the spfl but can’t be cancelled unilaterally by one party of the agreement. The only reason the spfl got away with that shenanigan last season is the Scottish gov suspended all football indefinitely. Right now the games can take place with teams testing as per sfa/spfl rules.
  13. The rules only state a champion is provided to the playoff, they don’t detail how that champion has to be decided. The HFL could decide Brora are champions and put them forward and ditto the SLFL for Kelty.
  14. Since then and the nonsense that ensued the SPFL have been told that no change in the rules will happen and The boundary is still in place and Brechin if relegated would go to the HL.
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