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  1. 1147 was the attendance against Solihull and yesterday was busier than that game IMO. Each covered enclosure holds 500 and both were packed.
  2. That’s some really ill informed writing. He’s clearly clamouring for the 70s/80s and has no grasp on the reality
  3. Not in squad against Easthouses Lily and an unused sub against Tynecastle in previous round.
  4. The sjfa refused to drop the fines and continue to fine players and clubs under the “we need to do it to make money” guise
  5. No it doesn’t, option W has the ersjfa and nrsjfa outside the pyramid process.
  6. Do you think it is purely financial? Or do you not think players talk amongst themselves and when faced with a choice of a potential relegation avoidance as a clubs goal or a potential assault on a league title, that they would be more likely to choose the latter?
  7. Austin, Reilly, Easton, Humphrey & Linton all work full time jobs outside of football, why would they do that if Kelty was such a cash cow and paid them more than league 1 teams?
  8. And the money on offer at Kelty isn’t anywhere near Queens Park levels, who are now Willie Haughey’s plaything.
  9. Hey guys, for balance, a club license wouldn’t be needed for the wrjfa to join the pyramid or any WoSL... some good old mis-information there from The guys..
  10. It’s no wonder the pwg was such a waste of time when the sjfa turned up with their decision and weren’t willing to negotiate anything other than what was already rejected.
  11. There were no recommendations, only proposals for discussion. The juniors were not afforded any discussion at all, in fact it was said on here a few posts back that the paperwork arrived to clubs with a decision already having been made by those at the top. At no point did the SFA or LL back any of the proposals, I would rather trust my sources than yours, given yours has taken his information from someone with no credibility and has contradicted himself already post pwg meeting in the papers.
  12. The west Region was offered to enter the pyramid while a solution to the rest was sought, option W in the list of proposals for discussion, Tom Johnstone blocked this. the tier 6 juniors proposal was included at the insistence of him, even though it was rejected unanimously the previous year. He knows fine we’ll what he’s doing and as long as there are sheep in the west who will follow him blindly, he’ll continue to stifle progression in order to keep is cushty job. WRSJFA would have entered the pyramid intact next season, except for one man’s veto, and it wasn’t the LL or EoS...
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