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  1. From experience in League Two this season, we had some larger visiting crowds in the LL, most clubs in L2 bring double figures if you’re lucky.
  2. Hi Tom nice to see you’ve migrated here from your absolute shambles of a Twitter. How’s the boardroom at a cowden? Are directors supposed to be acting like idiots on social media these days?
  3. Looking on the SFA website the hearings are listed as postponed. Waiting til the season is over to make any decision?
  4. And all while claiming they brought big crowds to the league to justify their existence. Nonsense. Shite like this was outlawed in the Scottish cup for clubs to make a few bucks, the lowland league should have forced them to either use ibrox every week or play their mini derby at their nominated home ground.
  5. Unless it’s changed the away teams have to change in a marquee on one of the outdoor artificial pitches
  6. A deserved win for Kelty today. Should have been 2 or 3 up before Montrose got their equaliser. Second half Cardle and Barjonas should have scored again while DJ didn’t really have any saves to make in the goal all day. Great saves in the shootout although heart was in the mouth that Higginbotham would try another panenka!
  7. Mainstream TV deal was what was put forward to the clubs by the Chairman in his proposal document. That along with a league sponsor and various other “benefits” all failed to materialise. In fact I would say the coverage of the league in the traditional print media has got worse as OF colts dominate coverage and everybody else gets fleeting mentions whereas before the whole piece was on the real clubs.
  8. I believe the lack of availability in the seated stand is due to the number of officials, press and media for the premier sports cup matches and with distancing in place it means no room for punters. Hopefully thing will be back to something more like normal from the first league game
  9. Re the bit in bold. No it doesn’t. It only states the winner of the competition between two clubs that are not spfl members. Nothing about clubs in said league. Although I would argue that Celtic/Rangers B wouldn’t hold the required club license and also don’t have a ground that is license compliant, hence rangers at this moment scrambling to find any spfl club that will allow them use of the venue. I’ll give you the fact that if a B team wins the league then second couldn’t be put forward as they wouldn’t be “champions” and also wouldn’t be selected on “sporting merit” if you ignored the team that actually won, I worry for the SLFL clubs that this hasn’t been thought through, although unless the B teams are full of ringers they wouldn’t be any more than mid table cannon fodder anyway.
  10. The way I read it was 500 for all seater venues and 250 for those which are not.
  11. I suggest you read the articles sent to the lowland and highland clubs in December that Mozza posted the link to on Twitter which explicitly states that if there was only one eligible champion club from either league they would go straight to playing club 42.
  12. Maybe football just isn’t for you? If my employer decides ive to go back into the office then I don’t get to say “maybe after the summer so I can have a holiday cos I don’t fancy playing 3 games in a week” (those same players have played 3-4 games a week for years in junior leagues to catch up.)
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