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  1. Having moved house in February after nearly 14 years in Edinburgh, I will be back and staying at friends for a night out this Saturday. I can categorically guarantee that on Sunday I will have left the City and be back home for lunch, never mind kick-off! That's something that 'Edinburgh me' would have found inconceivable, however £27 a pop to watch a Hearts B team utterly decimate whatever guff Davidson throws out there is simply not worth it.
  2. Kane the Bair

  3. Haha, that's getting chored and posted on the FB page.
  4. Loan or not, so long as we're not relying on Parish as our number 1. He'll probably end up being rotten anyway, but I'm honestly beyond caring anymore and the league season hasn't even started.
  5. Deas was very keen to join Saints, however the deal was completely kyboshed by Celtic as there's a clause in his contract stating they receive a very high percentage of any future transfer for him. For that reason ICT want stupid money for him so they themselves are not at a loss.
  6. I've renewed, purely out of habit more than anything else though. I also have to factor in that we have our first wee one due in October so if I don't have my season ticket I'll likely struggle to make the effort to pay at the gate, seen it countless times before when the renewal is put off due to kids arriving. I have however moved seat due to the ticket office screwing up my renewal years ago and put my seat in the South end of the East stand, which I never once sat in. So feel free to minus 1 non season ticket renewal..
  7. Drey Wright was sat behind us in the Main stand for the return leg against ICT, along with Ali McCann & Jason Kerr. Since then I have been convinced he will be signing for us again at some point in the summer.
  8. For such astute business men, someone really needs to give them some training in Sales! I mean, if they really do want out/shot of the club, going on about how shit it is to be involved with, how crap it is to be successful on the pitch, and how pathetic the fans are, is hardly selling it to any potential suitors is it? Imagine trying to sell your house... Aye it cost me a fucking fortune, roof leaks, cold, damp and council tax is sky high. The gardens great, nice and big, but that'll cost you more in the summer! Oh and as for the neighbours? Yeah there aren't quite as many as you'd have if you lived in central Edinburgh, Glasgow etc... but they're always round helping out with stuff and supporting us when we're struggling a bit. Who the f**k wants that eh? Fucking nosey c***s! All in all, it's shite! Want to buy it?
  9. I'll no be there. Only because I have my stag do in Glasgow the night before so will likely be rough as. Will just need to find a pub in the centre of Weeg that's showing it, then slink out the door and fire back to Edinburgh as soon as the 3rd first half goal goes in, again.!
  10. 2-2 First game back up in the Prem, hence the size of the crowd. I remember this as it was my brothers 30th that day and we were out for a meal that evening
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