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  1. 2-2 First game back up in the Prem, hence the size of the crowd. I remember this as it was my brothers 30th that day and we were out for a meal that evening
  2. Fucking hell, have we actually become that desperate we're talking about bringing Cummins back? Sake, we may as well offer Chris Kane a three year contract extension! Oh wait........ 💀
  3. Safest job in football, he's not going to sack himself is he? At best you can hope he decides to go back upstairs and bring in some other scapegoat in to sit in the dugout. He'll still pick the team and rubber stamp all the signings though, so your fucked either way so long as the man is involved in any shape or form with Hearts.
  4. No surprise at all, far too good for League one. Unfortunately his Premiership days are behind him, should be finishing his career as a solid Championship player, and by current league standings he's on course to do that next season. Just depends with which club though!
  5. This is an absolute nothing 'puff piece' story. There's nothing in it that wasn't known, or said when he signed in the first place. It's literally just been published to appease one half of the overall arse, so they can type out how highly an ex-player regards The Rangers. That, and absolutely nobody is interested in the Scotland game tonight because we're shite and have nae chance of qualifying from the group.
  6. I'd probably opt for the above if pushed to pick all three. Craig & Davidson are probably at the stage in their respective careers that sitting in a bit in midfield should (in theory) suit them well enough, a like for like sub with each other playing alongside one of the younger lads. Although saying that, I'm not sure how effective May would be as a lone striker, he was always at his best with us previously when Macca was holding the ball up and laying it off for him.
  7. Na, there'll be signings. It'll either be someone from south of the border that nobody has heard of and be brilliant ala Drey Wright, or it'll be someone from south of the border that everybody has heard of and be absolute shite ala Chris Iwelumo. That, or both of the above.
  8. Had this the other week at the Skoda garage. I received a letter through the door saying the car was due a free engine technical solution upgrade or some such thing, all to do with the VW emissions scandal a couple of years back. I thought f**k it, it's free so may as well! Suffice to say after an hour of waiting the front desk/service sales dude comes out and gives it, you need this done, that done, new wiper blades at £40 a pop, full set of new tires, brakes needing replaced, etc... I mean the car had literally just passed it's MOT a couple of weeks back! So I said thanks very much for washing the car inside and out, and bid him adieu.
  9. Still down the Winchester................😩
  10. I am officially no longer a St Johnstone fan 😨
  11. But St Johnstone are such a well run club. No! I've said it numerous times before, St Johnstone are not a well run football club in the slightest. A well run business? Very much so, but certainly not a well run club.
  12. I'm away down the Winchester, have a pint, and wait for all of this to blow over
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