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  1. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Do we know what type of injury Cardle picked up and will he be back soon?
  2. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Just watched the highlights from the weekend, Spittal looked absolutely immense and Fitzpatrick ran the show, if they can both be consistent we should be okay. Noticed Coulibaly scored in the reserves game aswell. Would like to see him start as our other strikers haven’t done too much of late.
  3. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Maybe Ade Azeez was a lucky charm.
  4. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Erskine and Doolan are legends and always will be, but we need an urgent transformation and if that involves getting rid of one then that’s just the way it is. Lets face it we have been absolutely bananas since we reached top six, Doolan and Erskine included.
  5. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    When’s Coulibaly back? I believe at this point he may be our only chance of survival.
  6. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    If that’s true then i’d imagine he will link up with McCall at Ayr.
  7. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Lets face it, our squad is full of losers who don’t know how to do anything else. These signings are underwhelming but we are hanging around the bottom, hopefully these signings can atleast cause a shift in mentality. If Mcall can get a team full of absolute gang to challenge for the title maybe, just maybe Caldwell can get us to safety with his own shite.
  8. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    If there is a keeper coming in on loan I hope we don’t have to pay his wages. Allowing us to punt Lennox and Bell to free up some extra cash to Punt Miles Storey.
  9. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Did the hair police caution him on his shite Barnet?
  10. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    That settles the keeper situation then, Sneddon in goal for the rest of the season what a player.
  11. A few things for saturdays upcoming 1-0 defeat to Dunfermline: Quitongo to start upfront because our actual strikers create even less. I thought Fitz and Spittal actually played well on Saturday so that’s the front three I’d like to see. Sneddon to stay in goals because he’s a million times better than Bell and the rest of the team can be picked out a hat. 1-0 Dunfermline James Craigen penalty from a Christie Elliot Hand ball.
  12. Ton v Jags

    Bell is a diddy get the young lad in next week.
  13. Ton v Jags

    I really feel for Fitzpatrick, he’s shown more than most of our players this season and doesn’t get a chance at all.
  14. I’m sorry but I’d rather have him play a game against the next Zidane or Mbappe instead of learning a thing or two from Callum Booth and Adam Barton.
  15. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Park the bus? I don’t mind that aslong as it actually works, unlike Archie’s version where he had the bus drive away after 80 mins.