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  1. What’s the news on Hastie? Is he fit or just another standard shite OF youth with a bad attitude.
  2. My stream crashed at 1-1 and won’t reload. What a blessing.
  3. Really enjoying these pre match synthwave beats on the Arbroath stream.
  4. The last game before lock down he was infuriating. Tried to shoot from absolute everywhere and when shooting was the better option he chose to pass. Scored some belters though. Having said that, from what I remember Tommy Robson was unplayable in that game so maybe my opinion means nothing.
  5. How do you register for the ticket thing? I can only see a login option!
  6. Could teams not draft in a bunch of youth players to fill up the positions? Then at least the first team players that aren’t self isolating are still getting some form of ‘pre season’.
  7. Bell has been pulling off some outstanding passes recently. Who would’ve thought.
  8. Excuse me if I have missed something here, why are we playing on Tuesday and Thursday when we could be playing Tuesday and Saturday?
  9. It was Martin Keown talking about Caldwell banishing his son and 5 other players https://talksport.com/radio/listen-again/1608285600/1608294600/ It’s about 3:30 in. I wonder who the 5 other players were.
  10. Hope he is okay. You hate to see challenges like that in the game, Docherty should be ashamed.
  11. How many penalties have to be missed before you are taken off them?
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