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  1. https://www.facebook.com/100010931081294/videos/1369187100122313/
  2. Hi old friend great signing, I tip him for the top full of talent great attacking midfielder with winning mentality, something must have happened behind the scenes at the Pars, you's have won a watch.
  3. Stranraer goal was a good worked goal , your one was suspect Linesman was away behind play. Wait till you see the highlights.
  4. Never get a better chance 7 first. Team players out, chance for 4 south of Scotland youngsters.
  5. Started early this season Mattmc on the negative posts, thankfully we had Hamill to but balls in the box last season I personally have never saw Jamie putting aimless balls in, one of his strengths is perfectly weighted balls up field . My opinion
  6. Anyone turning a blind eye to the deterioration of our game should look at the stats declining fanbase and resources, one of the main reasons is well posted league structure, fans are fed up with present boring setup. Thankfully a few of our Premiership bosses are now leaning towards change, I spoke to a SFA official recently who stated that Premiership would not allow it, but in my own view the main stumbling block is the old firm. Only people who could force this issue is the Scottish football fans, change is needed for all concerned.
  7. The rug was pulled from beneath Fazs feet last season, losing backbone of his team, very poor player budget also ,to keep us up this year would be a success story, a bit of realism needed.
  8. Last five games has showed we needed experience up front, I rate young Jinky but the combination of him and young Elliott was not working, to easy for opposition defenders, we needed a mix up front.
  9. Got to disagree plenty of desire, alway give 100% lack of experience up front was the weakness , been sorted .
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