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  1. Anyone turning a blind eye to the deterioration of our game should look at the stats declining fanbase and resources, one of the main reasons is well posted league structure, fans are fed up with present boring setup. Thankfully a few of our Premiership bosses are now leaning towards change, I spoke to a SFA official recently who stated that Premiership would not allow it, but in my own view the main stumbling block is the old firm. Only people who could force this issue is the Scottish football fans, change is needed for all concerned.
  2. The rug was pulled from beneath Fazs feet last season, losing backbone of his team, very poor player budget also ,to keep us up this year would be a success story, a bit of realism needed.
  3. Last five games has showed we needed experience up front, I rate young Jinky but the combination of him and young Elliott was not working, to easy for opposition defenders, we needed a mix up front.
  4. Got to disagree plenty of desire, alway give 100% lack of experience up front was the weakness , been sorted .
  5. Travel and pitch??? We will hire a plastic pitch up in Coatbridge to save you any travelling lol
  6. Replied to the poster saying shite team , Rovers are in this shite league on merit, and not just this season.
  7. You must be shit as well if the shoe was on the other foot the penalty would have been a stonewaller and even a idiot would have seen that it was your goalie that was doing the pushing at disallowed goal, Stranraer robbed again.
  8. Exactly Being at the game I saw two teams with no passengers, in bad conditions in a very competitive hard fought game, Raith fans have nothing to criticise their teams commitment on. With both teams trying to play football .
  9. Trying to suggest that both teams played hard in the same conditions and should not be blaming wind and grass park every time they don’t win.
  10. Conditions effected both teams, that what Scottish winter football was about before your plastic pitches.
  11. Old one that but agree the heavy pitch brought us down to Falkirks level.
  12. If ball had not taken a deflection and we had picked up your man at the back post, you would have not scored either.
  13. I am sorry for Jones to leave us has potential.
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