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  1. Stuart Millar was a asset to Stranraer, part of a management team who have kept us punching above our weight.
  2. The Stranraer player sent of on Saturday has had his red card overturned by SFA after slow motion camera review showed it was not a red card. Where do these refs come from.
  3. Ammo you know I never complain about refs, but there seems to be a consensus among Airdrie fans that the ref stitched us up.
  4. Didn’t make it Ammo but sore eyes watching text. Hope that means we are improving lol.
  5. Wasn’t there thankfully, good result for you today .
  6. Disrespectful to Stranraer pal, don’t forget we were leading 1-0 at half time and lost the lead with switching of for 10 mins . Did you expect us to roll over and let you tickle our belly. Did we not beat you last meeting at Kirkcaldy as well. Were both games flukes?
  7. Sound like your manager. All goals Raith score good well taken goals, but goals scored by opponents bad mistakes.
  8. Montrose hammer throwers helped you ,two key players injured.
  9. You must have been at a different game to me I thought Stranraer came at Falkirk in the second half with your defence looking very uncomfortable.
  10. Yep time to move on. Just a bit peeved at losing two key players in our first league game.with a small tight squad as it is. But swings and roundabouts.
  11. I agree with most above except tackle on Stewart from where I was sitting there was more intent than a bit rough, was a game changer. These guys are part time who also work to support their families. Injuries do happen in football but you can’t sugar coat a tackle like that.
  12. Hi Ammo we all respect tough hard players part and parcel of the game. You know the game and there is a few thugs who go beyond toughness and are quite happy to take someone out of the game, they always get stick from opposition fans. Money is tight in our league and to lose two key player in first match a blow. That’s my grouse over ,looking forward to season in what will be a very competitive league, fighting for survival every point a prisoner. Hope the Diamonds do well except when playing Stranraer lol.
  13. Not for the want of trying though, that baldy headed whining centre you have , kept tripping over his own feet, moans at ref the whole game, a big fairy.
  14. I must have missed the penalties that we got awarded yesterday. I will await the highlights to remind me of them... Hi Thomas you seem a tad upset?Thanks for your input now f**k off and cry somewhere else thanks ,this is for big boys.....Bye Football is a physical game, but their is a difference between hard defenders and dirty defenders. Yesterday that was a game changer. Our two front men who were causing your slow defenders problems were both hacked down , one will be out for at least 4 weeks , that’s not what football is about.
  15. Our already small squad depleted by two, due to your Montrose Hammer throwers,your no.5 should have walked. You definitely will struggle mid season with suspensions playing like that. Still your multiple penalty awards always pull you lot through, experts at it. Summary Hammer Throwers and weak referee.
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