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  1. 1 hour ago, pozbaird said:

    Got one friend born and bred in Linlithgow, and the ‘black bitch’ thing is absolutely for real. Was actually at their house last week. I believe there’s another old school thing attached to Linlithgow, a saying along the lines of ‘if they were at Lithgae’ Brig, they’d be divoted’. I haven’t Googled this, my understanding is that it means, for example, if Boris Johnson came away with his shite patter in Linlithgow he’d be taken to the bridge and given pelters.

    As I say, not Googled this, just from me being an old fart and having a friend of similar old fartage from Linlithgow. 🤪

    A friend of mine lived there for a few years, and I remember him saying that was the collective demonym for the locals - I think their coat of arms is a black dog tied to a tree. Old habits die hard in some areas...apparently they also still refer to natives of Bo'ness as beggars purely because something like 400 years ago when it was a poor fishing village in hard times the locals would come over the flints to beg in Linlithgow which was a relatively affluent royal burgh.

  2. 54 minutes ago, Big Davy Boy said:

    Thats why we're where we are - the lowland league was invite and not merit

    It wasn't. There were a few nailed-on teams to start it due to their already being licensed - four or five from memory; Spartans and so on - but the majority of the initial teams who formed it were by application.

    There are a few reasons why none of the former junior big-hitters applied...first and foremost, at the time it appeared they had more to lose by jumping ship whereas a start-up team or a club languishing in the EOSL which was at a pretty low ebb at the time at the time perceived there was very little to lose by throwing their hat in the ring. Add in the fact that a lot of junior committees tend to be older, more risk-averse and suspicious of change, and the fact that there was an element of misdirection coming from the powers that were at the time who had attended the various meetings, and I reckon that covers why for the most part.

    I totally agree that the way it evolved was a bit of a mess and that a lot of teams ended up in the LL that almost certainly should never have been there, but you snooze, you lose, and unfortunately a lot of the bigger non-league sides didn't twig to the fact it was happening anyway whether they showed interest or not

  3. 3 hours ago, BFTD said:

    There was a big scandal in the late Eighties regarding a long-deceased furniture chain (the era's DFS) who would regularly increase their prices for a couple of days, then drop them to the exact same levels and advertise a massive sale with deep discounts. Front-page news in the tabloids at the time; presumably their chairman had pissed off one of the paper's owners. I believe the law was changed as a result so that discounts can only be advertised on items that have been at the prior price for a longer period (still something daft like a couple of weeks, or a month).

    I can't remember their name - something like Alldays or Alders? They had a huge outlet near where I lived at the time, and it closed within a year of the new laws coming in, which spoke volumes.

    From memory, to stay within the law they had to actually offer it for sale somewhere for the higher price for a specified period...they'd pick out one branch in Plymouth or Lincoln or wherever to sell it at that price - which obviously no c**t would ever buy it at - for a few months and they could subsequently claim it as a legit markdown.

  4. 40 minutes ago, San Starko Rover said:

    I can sit and throw blame at the SJFA and certain people from that organisation but it’s only fair to do the same to the SPFL and LL/HL with their self preservation (1 down maybe if the stars align) which as mentioned above has saved VOL and L2 clubs from a deserved drop.  Yes the Juniors missed the boat and now have to play through but the SPFL and LL / HL need to open the trap doors to allow this.  It’s understandable fans are frustrated when the best of the East, West and South get 1 promotion place to playoff for. There’s some cracking clubs in these leagues who’ll improve the LL and SPFL.  Let’s get 2 down from League 2 and 3 down from the LL, personally I’d like to see the SOSFL merge with the WOSFL but that’s a future debate. Every Champion deserves promotion and teams finishing bottom deserve relegation.  

    Absolutely not their fault in isolation, although it is frustrating to think how easily the problem could have been solved by plugging in the SJFA's pre-existing structure as it was had they been bothered to engage from the start with a process that clearly was going to happen anyway with or without them.

    Having an East/West/North structure would have solved at least one of the current problems in that what is essentially a closed shop of 18 clubs who represent an area in which only 15% of the country's population live having 50% of the opportunities of being promoted to the SPFL.

  5. On 21/11/2021 at 15:51, San Starko Rover said:

    Get yourselves a DeLorean travel back to the beginning of the last decade and tell your chairmen to ignore Tom Johnson and sign up to the Lowland League. The best of the West and East Juniors starting at tier 5 was utterly blown when the member clubs chose to believe lies about gold plated toilets and Tuesday nights in Elgin. You have absolutely no right to jump the teams at tier 5 who are there on merit you’ll have to play through them as Kelty have done.
    Your teams being better than theirs and having more fans is completely irrelevant as it’s a pyramid you start at the bottom and earn your way up it (someone tell the Old Firm Colts 🤢 ) Armadale are down in Tier 7/8 because they missed the boat, should we let them into tier 4 or 5 because they’ve a bigger support? Expecting to jump existing members is utter fantasy you might as well ask for Tier 2 instead of 5 as it’s about as likely to happen. 
    Get promotion and relegation opened up so every Champion can be promoted if licensed and we’ll start to see some movement. I look forward to seeing the best of the EOSFL and WOSFL at tier 5 or higher but they have to earn it on the pitch.  Sadly it’s going to take time for the pyramid to even out but this was all caused by a few people who wanted to protect their fiefdom and too many chairmen who couldn’t see what was inevitable.  

    It's hard to disagree with much of that....it's the arrogance and insularity over the years of a few much closer to home than the LL is what sees us where we are at the moment. The ironic thing is that given a bit more vision and a bit less self-satisfaction the SJFA could have easily ended up running Scottish football below League 2...the structure as it was would have been ideal.

    Looking at the LL, it's still far from the finished article and certainly isn't a roll-call of the top non-league sides south of the Tay. In eight or ten years time though, there will be at least a couple more former SPFL clubs taking the drop, and each time one of the ex-junior behemoths is promoted into it...a Linlithgow, a Talbot, a Kilwinning...another of the current LL sides will find the going too rich for their blood and drop down to find their true level in the divisions below.

    It'll come...the only issue is it'll take longer than it should, and as I said that issue's largely self-inflicted.

  6. 12 hours ago, Boghead ranter said:

    Who said that he was astounded that he had turned out to be a wrong 'un, as "we shared a house with only one bathroom and toilet, and when you share washing and toileting facilities with someone, you really get to know them".  Bizarre.

    If really getting to know someone is defined by finding out that they clog up the bath with pubes or are bad for leaving skiddies in the pan, I'd tend to agree. Not a great barometer of their inclination to blow themselves up though.

  7. 8 hours ago, Ginaro said:

    Some comments on Twitter about the Maryhill game - 10 minutes after the first tweet it was called off, apparently they had youth games on it in the morning...


    Yep - not even going to attempt to defend the indefensible decision to take bookings in the morning given even a cursory glance at the weather forecast would have shown that it was a bad idea. Shortsighted too as any money made - and more - was swallowed by the actual game in the afternoon being cancelled.

    I only found out about what had gone on after two hours fighting my way to the park through COP26, so safe to say I wasn't best pleased either.

  8. 1 hour ago, die hard doonhamer said:

    I used to referee kids football, and shit like that was a big reason why I stopped. Some of the behaviour from parents was absolutely horrendous.

    We had this beauty a few years ago, where cunted parents acrapping caused the abandonment of some wee end-of-season tournament at our park. Said parents promptly blamed us for the heinous crime of having alcohol available in the adjacent social club....I assume the pubs and off-sales up and down Maryhill Road should also have shut up shop for such a potential tinderbox fixture....




  9. The Poles are great swearers in terms of quantity, but they've got a pretty limited repertoire which basically consists of the word kurwa used almost obsessively - it literally means "whore" but does multiple duty as an equivalent for f**k, c**t, arsehole and probably a few others.

    I remember making a kurwa of myself one night in Warsaw...my friends had decided to do something cultural during the day while I'd plumped for going to watch Legia v Gornik Zabrze in the league. We'd gone to a fairly upmarket restaurant that night and I was asked what the game had been like:

    "Standard was pretty shite...the taxi driver had warned me against going into the nutty end, but the bit I was in was still quite intense....10,000 punters shouting "KURWA!" every five seconds..."

    Place went silent. I imagine it would be the same in the Ubiquitous Chip though if a foreigner randomly shouted "c**t!" at the top of their voice while conversing in their own language...



  10. 4 minutes ago, johnnydun said:

    Why does this offend you, when in this country 'c**t' can be used positively such as 'He's a good c**t'.

    Yeah, it's pretty much interchangeable with "person" through a lot of Scotland and has lost a lot of its sting...always have to be careful when speaking to non-Scots though as it retains a bit of shock value to them.

    Be interesting to find out what the world's sweariest country is though - I suspect we're up there in the rankings.

  11. 2 hours ago, alta-pete said:

    Kentigern House was designed for the MoD. Don’t know if true or not but  it was always said at the time that the design was to limit damage from any external bomb blast and that it has as many floors below ground as above. 

    I know somebody who worked there - I'd heard that rumour too, but they said there's only the one basement level. Apparently the blast thing's correct though, and it's designed so any external blast would travel upwards and limit damage. A lot of the corridors supposedly have staggers in them the way WW1 trenches did for much the same reason.

    Back to art deco, and the Luma tower out Govan/Cardonald Way that you always see from the motorway. Think it's flats now.

    Luma Tower - Wikipedia

  12. 23 minutes ago, Trackdaybob said:

    I like a Bovril when I'm at the football. 

    Don't drink it around the house as I could never seem to get it 'quite right'. To the point that I've actually gone and bought the same catering packs that they use at McDiarmid and The Walks. 

    It's ace having one whilst sat in the van at a cold and wet Knockhill. 

    Same - I really like the powdered stuff from big catering packs, but that slimy variety in jars never seems to work out.

  13. 1 minute ago, pollokfan1987 said:

    Yeah it seems The Team back the management while the committee sacked him according to what I seen the manager was sacked over the phone

    It's a strange one right enough. I assume it'll be classed as a forfeiture of the fixture rather than a postponement till a later date.

  14. 3 hours ago, Billy Jean King said:
    16 hours ago, Hillonearth said:
    There's been a group of Little Egrets at Ardmore Point between Cardross and Helensburgh I managed to catch sight of from the train the other day - they were only about 100ft away from the tracks. Here's a photo of one of them that somebody who wasn't going at 40mph took!

    Amazing how they are colonizing up here now. We have them on the shore here all year round after they arrived last winter. They seem to move up and down the coast a bit but haven't seen them nesting anywhere.

    I'm not sure if they've bred yet in Scotland, but it's surely got to be in the post over the next few years, considering they only first bred in England sometime in the 90s.

  15. There's been a group of Little Egrets at Ardmore Point between Cardross and Helensburgh I managed to catch sight of from the train the other day - they were only about 100ft away from the tracks. Here's a photo of one of them that somebody who wasn't going at 40mph took!

    May be an image of wading bird, nature and body of water

  16. 7 hours ago, Billy Jean King said:

    The favourite round this way right now are the residents of the clutch of social housing properties that planners insist are built as part of any new build estate. This generally stems from the god awful way the builders shoehorn in say 20 flats or 1 bed terraces amongst a development of 4/5/6 bed detached villas.

    Every single issue is blamed squarely on the "scum" in the social housing. Some of the Facebook posts are up there with the worst racism you would see. And woe betide any single mother who has the "fortune" to be allocated one of these properties. That ramps it up another 100%.

    Saw that fairly recently in the area where I live which I guess you'd describe as "leafy" - there was a sort of triangle of grass abutting the railway maybe 200ft wide and 50ft deep where a developer had apparently fired in a speculative application to build on. I'd barely registered it was there, but everyone in the immediate area started receiving literature on a weekly basis about how they planned to ruin our "much-loved local green space"

    TBH I doubt a builder could have fitted any more than four houses on the plot - I think it was more the fact that one of them might end up being social housing that shat up the curtain-twitchers, because they might end up living in the same postcode as somebody poor.

    The level of organisation they deployed was almost military - within about a month the "concerned residents" had got the council to designate the plot as the saddest-looking wee park you've ever seen.

  17. 1 hour ago, GNU_Linux said:
    1 hour ago, AsimButtHitsASix said:
    Was there not a Bearsden club who were supposed to be appearing in Division 4 this year but had to pull put due to being unable to find an adequate ground?

    Westerton United. The story iirc was they thought they had secured a ground share but then circumstances changed. Zero idea who the proposed share was with.

    Funnily enough they actually approached us before the new sides were announced - there was no mention of an actual groundshare though, just an informal "how much to rent your park?" - assumed it was a start-up ammy team as I'd never heard of them.

    We'd already got wind that the start of the season was going to be two games a week, so we said no and that was the last we heard of them until the new names were announced.

  18. 33 minutes ago, AsimButtHitsASix said:

    Would it be any more expensive than Alloa?

    Glesga has enough clubs. They don't have a history or fan base to upset but they do have a position in the Lowland League which would be attractive to a lot of places. They had an affiliation with a youth club that fizzled out but what's stopping them creating a new one with another amateur or youth team? Third Lanark isn't an awful idea (but bandied about just as much as Scotstoun). Places like Bearsden, Erksine, Helensburgh have a decent sized population. Why not look to move there and find a club to mooch in with.

    Bearsden would be a non-starter for identical reasons as I described above with Jordanhill...those leafy established middle class areas can mobilise and organise very effectively when there's a proposed development they don't agree with. The area's happy enough to have West of Scotland play rugby there and tolerate Milngavie Wanderers playing up at Staney Brig in the middle of nowhere, but I'd imagine even a small actual football stadium being planned in the area would have the various residents' committees and so on lose their collective shit.

  19. 1 hour ago, Bankies Alive said:

    They did enquire about land in Victoria Park beside Broomhill but AFAIK they got knocked back.There was opposition and there were people who wanted to turn the land into an orchard 🤷‍♂️

    I doubt that was ever going to happen TBH - the area behind Vicky Park is Jordanhill rather than Broomhill, which itself is just a few streets the other side of Crow Road that isn't really a distinct district, more the no-man's-land between Hyndland and Whiteinch.

    Jordanhill is very leafy, very affluent and also very organised when they hear of a potential development they don't want. I imagine a football stadium in their backyard would come into that category.

  20. Vale of Leithen are nailed-on to finish bottom and will go East. There's so little West representation at the moment aside from Cumbernauld Colts and Caledonian Braves that it shouldn't be an issue this season. 

    Broomhill I'm not sure about...while nominally a west club, Alloa's clearly in the East. The current incarnation of the club's never played anywhere else, so there's no precedent to fall back on...the original club's now playing in WOSFL Div 4.

  21. 2 hours ago, virginton said:

    Some moron on the news whining about having to leave his house on the Canary Islands because apparently it is the authorities' fault that he chose to live next to an active volcano and now has to run away when it erupted. 

    What is so fucking wrong with the world that so many people adopt this bizarre sense of injustice? Why is it not trained out of them by ridicule and/or a truncheon in the face by society? 

    Akin to those clownshoes living on the Somerset Levels who appear on TV every other year moaning that the government should do something about the fact that the reclaimed marshland they chose to buy property on has reverted to type and flooded.


  22. 3 hours ago, Widge said:

    I can finally come and post in this thread now since as of yesterday we brought home a rescue cat. I’d post pictures, but the little thing is currently under the spare bed and I suspect will stay there for quite some time. Stark contrast to her previous life in a house of 25+ cats and then the loud enclosures at the charity. Still I’m sure given time you’ll get to see her (whatever we call her!)

    Yeah, just leave her to her own devices for a while and she'll come round. We got two from a similar background, and while one of them was out and about within a day or so, the other hid away for the best part of a fortnight, alternating between under the bed and behind some shelving in a spare room. I'd go through and talk to him now and again to get him used to my voice and so on, but didn't rip the arse out of it and crowd him out.

    Anyway, one night my missus was up at her folks' and I was sitting on my tod watching TV when out of the corner of my eye I saw the wee guy come into the room and hop up on the couch beside me. After a couple of minutes, he tapped my arm with his paw to get my attention and gave me the big hopeful eyes:

    "So, am I like your cat now or what...?"

    It's a good moment when it finally happens.

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