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  1. On 02/07/2022 at 00:03, Zen Archer (Raconteur) said:

    Neil Young was touring an album about 12 years ago, he pissed off the audience by stating, we'll start by playing my new tunes from start to finish.

    After every song the audience shouted out 'requests' but the band stuck to the task.

    Young announced an interval after the album was played out, then came out after the break and played the whole thing all over again.

    Was that not the Tonight's The Night tour back in the 70s? He played the new album, came back out and said "We're gonna play some stuff we know you'll have heard before..."

    Big cheer, then he launched into the new album again.

    There was a time a while back though when he played the SECC and there was a sizeable chunk of the set consisting of songs that he must have just written and AFAIK still hasn't recorded.



  2. The cultural faultlines now run so deep that down the line I wouldn't be 100% surprised if the whole shebang breaks up in a Yugoslavia-style scenario, with the relatively more liberal - and affluent - west coast and north-east going their own ways and leaving the shithole states to morph into Gilead



  3. 9 minutes ago, LongTimeLurker said:

    What exactly were MI6 playing at with Give Ireland back to the Irish or were Wings not part of the psyop?

    John Lennon's MI6 handler must have been off sick when they allowed this one to slip out as well:

    Why the hell are the English there anyway?
    As they kill with God on their side
    Blame it all on the kids and the I.R.A.
    As the b*****ds commit genocide
    You should have the luck of the Irish,
    You'd be sorry and wish you were dead
    You should have the luck of the Irish
    And you'd wish you was English instead


  4. 5 hours ago, LongTimeLurker said:

    Usually the senior team is expected to be financially self-supporting to avoid that criticism. That ultimately leads to the BSC and Rossvale scenario once it becomes clear that few if any players are coming through from the youth teams so the two groups decouple from each other.

    I'd mentioned this scenario a while back - it's naive of any club to join a semi-pro setup and think it'll provide a pathway into adult football for anything like entire groups of players...in any age-group side you'll be lucky to get a handful capable of stepping up in any given year.

    Then the ambition of the senior team's management and committee come into play - very few will want to be hamstrung by the inevitably limited resources feeding through the "pathway" and will sign more and more players with no prior connection with the organisation until it disappears altogether.

    When that happens it's difficult to see what purpose or indeed future the senior club that now has no ties to the parent organisation that it was ostensibly set up to sevice has....Broomhill appear to have thrown a bit of a Hail Mary by hitching themselves to a website, but the club soon not to be called Rossvale? Who knows - shorn of their previous identity and with no defined home patch and minimal support they're essentially down to being a bag of balls and a hamper full of strips.

  5. 26 minutes ago, Albus Bulbasaur said:

    I think it's more likely your colleague is a hypochondriac and attention seeking which makes your normal behaviour and immune system seem impressive, it's not, they're just morons. 

    I used to have someone like this at one of my previous jobs, every second week they were off to the hospital for scans or tests despite not being ill, the whole office would have a cold and they'd have a different virus, a mild cough would be a throat infection. 

    Imagine being that boring your biggest personality trait is feigning being sick for attention...

    I think every workplace has at least one of those hypochondriac types...my guess is they don't have much going on in their lives and their supposed ill-health gives them something to talk about they wouldn't otherwise have.

    Can be funny sometimes when they forget what is supposed to be wrong with them - was one wifie that stayed off for a fortnight and realised when she came back that she'd initially claimed she had diarrhoea.

    Having the shits for a solid fortnight would probably get you either in intensive care or in the Guinness Book of Records.

  6. 2 hours ago, Crazy Feet said:

    They are a well run club and certainly established in youth and amateur football but I see where you are coming from also. Teams need to understand their level.

    Where's the funding coming from to build a suitable ground to meet the semi professional requirements?

    Yeah, good luck to them - I suppose the only real question is that of catchment area.

    It's open for debate whether there ever was any real appetite for even one semi-pro side in the Briggs but now there's three there, with there set to be two iterations of Rossvale going forward.

  7. On 10/06/2022 at 14:52, Todd_is_God said:

    Really not a fan of banning things because they are unhealthy.

    If it starts with tobacco, how quickly before they turn their attention to alcohol, and/or anything else that a few people at the top of a nanny state deem unsavoury?

    Me neither - it has of course already happened with the sugar tax and the reduction of salt and sugar levels in food. I'd much rather that people were allowed to make their own mistakes occasionally rather than gravitating towards bland state-sponsored food and drink because a minority of blimps are unable to regulate their intake.


  8. There's been a family of Canada geese nesting on a local pond, and a few days ago the parents decided to walk the goslings down the hill to the Clyde - must be about a mile. They had a human escort all the way down and pleased to report they made it unscathed.

    Makes a change from orange walks holding up traffic at this time of year - wish I'd seen this first hand.

    May be an image of goose and outdoors

  9. 9 minutes ago, wow-wee said:

    Absolutely winning the league now is the main prize because of the pyramid the only thing that's keeping the junior cup going is money winning it is no longer up there because of the lack of teams involved. Talbot fans and players will revel in it because it's a cup and the money gained is still the biggest financial prize there is . Until those in charge can get one cup going I think the junior cup will continue to dwindle in numbers and the South challenge cup will become the norm.


    I reckon the leagues always came second fiddle previously because clubs were battering their heads off a glass ceiling and the SJC was the only opportunity to test your real strength nationally. It's become more like a normal league setup where the league takes precedence over cup success due to the fact that there's actually something to aim for nowadays.

  10. 1 hour ago, wow-wee said:

    The junior cup is the best known cup at our level because generations all over Scotland have known about its history for years so that's why the South challenge cup unless you are involved in the game most people have had never heard of it ,will it get to a stage where it will get to the same stature of the junior cup probably not as in the past the junior cup attracted thousands to its games and not just at the final where now big crowds like the way they used to be are not there anymore for obvious reasons. The junior cup has now dwindled down to no East teams wanting anything to do with the sjfa and a few West teams are the same and I think next season it may dwindle even further so that leaves Midland and North teams and how they think of the cup now who knows as they now become more associated with the highland league . In my opinion you may as well just hand the cup to talbot each season as there is no competition left in it. As for the South challenge cup I think it's going to take a bit of promoting to get fans interested in it even though it's got all the top teams involved fans just don t get excited about it like they used to do about the junior cup think the only way is a new national competition because while the junior and South challenge cups continue to be played then both are cancelling each out .

    Also bear in mind that in recent years the former junior sides have pivoted to a situation where a cup competition - any cup competition - is no longer the crowning glory of a season that it previously was. The juniors were always an anomaly in that respect in that the cup represented being the best of the best, but until there's an all-encompassing non-league tournament that's no longer the case.

    It's a lot more about final league positions now than it ever previously was - the status of the various cups have gravitated to the more usual position where they are nice to have but not the sine qua non of a successful season.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Glenconner said:

    Anything under 4-0 to Talbot would be a good day for Yoker.

    I saw the Yoker/Petershill semi and they absolutely played out of their skins that day....was a cracking game to be fair, but I honestly don't see it being anything other than a reasonably comfortable Talbot win which seems to be what's putting off at least some potential neutrals.

  12. Not planning to, and going by what various people I've spoken to have said there might be a relative dearth of neutrals at this one.

    Absolutely no disrespect meant to Yoker, but on paper this one's got a certain air of inevitability about it that might well impact the attendance.

  13. On 01/06/2022 at 14:49, welshbairn said:

    A bap's one of these huge rolls.


    That looks not unlike something I encountered in Bradford years ago that they called a flatcake breakfast....basically a roll about the diameter of an LP record with the contents of a frying pan dumped into it. Band I was in at the time were recording there and round the corner from the studio there was a wee newsagent that did them.

    TBH, we'd normally get one of them between two of us...only person that managed a whole one was the keyboard player, which was odd as he was about nine stone soaking wet and normally existed on a diet of amphetamine sulphate and cider.

    Here's one - glad to see they're still available:


  14. 2 hours ago, LongTimeLurker said:

    Kamenica (Stoney place) and Novo Selo (New Village) cropped up a lot during the Yugoslav wars in a similar sort of way. Slavic languages seem to be more limited on placename variety sometimes.

    Think a Ukrainian minister may have talked too much to the press about going after Belgorod from Kharkiv with the MLRS that were about to be supplied and that's why Biden felt the need to dial things back for a bit.

    We're fairly guilty of it here....we've got two Dalrys, two Newburghs and loads of Tarbets :)

  15. 37 minutes ago, ICTChris said:

    Here are some of the posters that have been photographed around Kherson and Melitopol

    Expat in Kyiv on Twitter: "It's an increasingly rough business being a  Russian occupier in Ukraine where the locals want them dead. Kherson  partisans have taken out around 300 Russians, mostly at


    Good luck on your patrol, Friend", Kherson partisans still active - 9GAG

    This one says "Good luck on your patrol friend".  Not sure what the top one says.

    There have still been demonstrations against the Russian occuption in Kherson, these now tend to be broken up with stun grenades and shots fired on the crowds.

    The top one's along the lines of "We know all the routes you take on patrol. Kherson is Ukraine."

  16. 1 hour ago, Glenconner said:

    The problem is some of the most reluctant clubs are at the very top of the West Region.

    Absolutely - the most reluctant ones seemed to fall into two categories; the ones nearer the bottom of the pile who are run by a handful of older dyed-in-the-wool sorts, and the ones who were content to be huge fish in a small pool hoovering up honours and were wary of the realistic prospect of advancing fairly quickly to a level where they were likely to get hosed every week.

    As I said, I'd put the number at anything up to 20 clubs who joined the WOS more or less unwillingly because there was unlikely to be anything viable to remain in. If you look back through the old "Junior football - what is the future" megathread it's those ones who only broke cover and declared interest towards the very tail end of the application period when it was clear that regardless of what they thought well over half of the West Region was getting out of Dodge and potentially leaving them high and dry.

    There was more of an appetite for change than most of the clubs are given credit for though - I was at the two meetings at Hampden and EK just before the first lockdown, and although there wasn't too much chance to mingle and shoot the shit I managed a few words with folk from other clubs at Hampden, including reps from a couple of "traditional" clubs I'd always assumed to be entrenched in the junior at all costs mindset. They'd done their homework though and were all for the WOS...that's when I knew it was definitely happening.



  17. 1 hour ago, AlansHotBath said:

    West clubs do often come across as being more parochial and Junior-obsessed than the east, although I'm sure there are a few chairman and fans who are keen to move up.

    Anyway, congratulations to Tranent, it's good to see the LL slowly getting stronger despite the efforts of some of it's current member clubs.

    I think the difference is that the East clubs moved gradually across from the juniors in order of reluctance, with the last holdouts that ended up forming Conference X only realising last season that the game was a bogey and moving across.

    In the West, it's been done in a oner, and it's common knowledge that at least some of the clubs' preference was to remain junior...you can historically gauge who was who by the rough order that clubs initially declared an interest. There probably were around 15 or 20 clubs whose hands were more or less forced as the WOS applications piled in and the holdouts realised they'd end up playing in the kind of blasted hellscape that the last couple of seasons of the East juniors were.

    The unfortunate result is that there are a minority of clubs who probably don't actually want to be there.

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