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  1. Rutherglen/Hamilton West SNP gain - my seat returns to the good guys
  2. Get some of the boys down from the Faroe Islands - they'll know what to do, I expect.
  3. Until I heard the accent, I thought I was watching Hank Kingsley from the Larry Sanders Show.
  4. Yep - we've all had that one pal who we were really close to at one point but we gradually drifted apart from when they turned into a bit of a bam we didn't have anything in common with. At the moment, England's that pal.
  5. Carluke Station is just over a mile away. It's hardly an epic slog. I walk a lot, maybe I'm not a good judge, but a mile doesn't seem very onerous to me. Yeah, it's maybe 20-25 minutes walk in a straightish line - mentioned that one mainly as the ground and the station are pretty much as far apart as you can get from each other on opposite edges of what admittedly isn't a huge place.
  6. I think we can agree that while Cumbernauld's well served by rail, Cumbernauld United isn't! In terms of other grounds that are a sponsored walk from the "local" rail station: Carluke's about as far away from the town rail station as it's possible to get and still be in Carluke. Port Glasgow entails a long Alan Partridgesque walk down the side of a dual carriageway - - feels like a couple of miles Out east Armadale station maybe takes the biscuit by being located in a field about two miles south of the actual town which was rapidly being filled by newbuild commuter housing. I guess technically it'll actually be in Armadale by now, but it defo wasn't last time I was there.
  7. You only need to look at the amount of places in Scotland that have a ground called Station Park or a street called Station Road. But no station.
  8. I must have been to Moor Park on occasions into double figures over the years and never until yesterday realised the railway line ran so close to the back of it...for some reason the line does a weird loop when approaching Lanark and comes in from the other direction right behind the park.
  9. Pet hate of mine - always smacks of that late 90s "new lad" Skinner and Baddiel era. When some well-meaning soul in work asks me if I'm going to the footy at the weekend, I always tell them I've never been to a game of footy in my life...
  10. Can vividly remember ordering my first pint - I was at a gig in the old Glasgow College of Technology in 1980, and I was 15. The gig was in mid-June, and the place was a total sweatbox. What I REALLY wanted was a Coke, but I was para that if I ordered a soft drink it would be painfully obvious that I was an underager. Problem was I had no idea what to ask for...problem solved when the guy in front of me in the queue asked for a pint of heavy, so I just parroted what he said in a voice probably an octave lower than sounded anywhere near natural. Got away with it, so it was heavy for quite a while after that. Ironically, the only time I ever got carded for age in a pub was when I was 18 and was in Lauders across from the Apollo before a gig...got asked what age I was, replied with the truth and got told to beat it because it was a 21 shop...
  11. A couple of them did look a bit suspiciously steamed up.
  12. Lanark United 2 Maryhill 2
  13. Lanark United v Maryhill: difficult one to headcount, as especially on a day like this a lot of people bring their cars into Moor Park and watch the game from inside them...assuming at least one person in each car I'd say 80ish, although it could have been a bit higher...wasn't going to start keeking in windscreens to ensure 100% accuracy
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