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  1. I've been involved in a working group to discuss what things are going to look like once blended working is the norm post-pandemic...there's a concept being floated of having sections in together one day a week to facilitate team bonding...they've decided to name them "anchor days"... Took a cosy 30 seconds for them to be redubbed w****r Days, because that's who you'll mostly be dealing with.
  2. The thing is that the clubs in question are entirely the architects of the situation they currently find themselves in...they've buried their heads in the sand and pretended nothing had changed till now where they find themselves at the point of no return, with the level of denial being so high that at least one of them apparently convinced themselves that the various CFC teams who went Junior were actually the former ERSJFA clubs returning cap in hand after they realised the error of their ways. And yeah, if it was one daftie on a committee shooting their mouth off it might be pause for thought, but the fact that there has been complete inertia from the clubs concerned suggests a quorum for their actions - or inactions - of the last few years. It would also be nice to think they think the WOS is a superior set-up, but based on what...the third of a season we managed to complete before COVID shut things down rather than the several seasons completed by the EOS since the other ERSJFA sides moved across? The inescapable truth is that we're talking about some groups of people who would rather continue to bury their heads in the sand and look elsewhere than the logical place for them to move to rather than have to admit they got it badly wrong.
  3. Might help to think of the Swiss one as Röss-ti.
  4. Not so much infuriating as terrifying...I walked into the room she's working in to ask if she wanted coffee only to hear her doing an ice-cold live dissection of some poor c**t she works with that had made an arse of something...
  5. In terms of getting the name out there, more stunt-orientated thinking outside the box is almost always more effective than some of the things every team has already tried and failed with...the giving tickets to local schools thing is invariably a damp squib although every committee has at one point considered it a blue-sky idea, and the packing bags in supermarkets only really works with youth teams' fundraising...adult players couldn't be expected to take time off work to undertake that. As a pertinent example? We were recently contacted by a girl from Leeds called Mary Hill (!) who recently found out there was a district in Glasgow called just that. Once this is all over, she's organising a gathering of similarly-named people she's found online over the course of the pandemic to meet up and go to a game at Lochburn and go for a night in the club. It's already got us namechecked in the Sun, Glasgow Live and Radio Clyde, and I believe she's also being interviewed for Amanda Holden's radio show today. I understand there's even a possibility of TV coverage when it eventually happens. Admittedly it's gimmicky as f**k and will no doubt rub some traditionalists up the wrong way, but it'll give us more word of mouth exposure than a year's worth of sheets of A4 blu-tacked up in the corners of local pubs.
  6. Occasionally, you hear news that gives you pause and makes you start totting up your own consumption....I'd heard over the weekend that a mate of mine had been hospitalised through drinking. He works in an industry that's essentially kaput at the moment, and has a bit of a bevvy-soaked culture at the best of times. Although he's seemed fine anytime I've spoken to him online the past year, clearly his intake had spiralled upwards from what was probably already a pretty high baseline. It does reinforce the fact that you never really know what's going on in someone's life - even the ones you think you know well.
  7. I've no doubt there are at least some more progressive voices on some of the committees involved, however the fact that nothing has happened until their situation has become completely untenable would suggest that they're certainly not in a majority. It's also a salient point that I don't think has been raised thus far that for all the bleating about history and tradition, they seem more than willing to rip up the history and tradition playbook and pivot to another area of the country where they have neither rather than admit they initially got things badly wrong and were caught on the wrong side of history...not for the first time in recent years in some cases.
  8. There's definitely a case to be made purely due to geography for Harthill just as there was for Luncarty in the east. That's it though. The others are prima facie potential EOS teams, and should be pointed in that direction for pyramid entry no matter how much those in charge of them are squirming at the prospect of having to meet up with people from other clubs they've had a go at previously, and to all intents and purposes have to admit they've made a c**t of it.
  9. It applies more to the city clubs I reckon - and 5% is a more than optimistic estimate. Even Pollok who are far and away consistently the best-supported side at our level average 600-odd despite having the entire South Side to themselves which must hold not far short of 100,000 people. St Roch's had been pulling in impressive numbers too of late, but at least a proportion of those numbers will be contingent on another side not having a game that day. When that guy was compiling attendance figures last season, it came as a slight shock to find out my lot were marginally the best-supported in our old division with average crowds from memory of about 140. Bear in mind we've essentially got the whole West End as a catchment area, so that's hardly impressive, although it seems to have been building albeit slowly. It's obviously different in the case of village and small town teams who seem to be able to mobilise good proportions of the local population - whether that's down to the less transient nature of small town life which encourages people to put down roots and support local institutions or the fact that a city has proportionately many more entertainment options on people's doorsteps competing for their attention I don't know.
  10. You know, there are some points in his interview that probably sum up how at least some WOS clubs actually feel. We know at the time the new league was set up there were anything up to 20 clubs that REALLY didn't want to move, but had their hands forced by the West Region's decision to close operations and the realisation they'd have nowhere left to play if they didn't go WOS. There were also a number who seemed to almost sleepwalk into the move, clearly not having a real understanding of what was actually happening going by some of some the statements that came out at the time. The residual resentment at being almost forced to move is something I hope will fade away gradually, but at the moment there are definitely a cohort of clubs who wish they could turn the clock back...almost without exception however they're directing their disgruntlement towards the new setup rather than the old one which had in some respects been failing them for years. All the more reason not to choose to import the additional resentment of an additional group of clubs from another area of the country who feel hard done by through feeling railroaded into change they patently didn't want
  11. She needs done away with sneakily IMO. If only there was some untraceable locally mass-produced weapon...maybe a knife of some sort.
  12. My missus mentioned the other night she'd seen an ad on Amazon for something called Liquid Vault offering a voyage of discovery through Scotland's craft beers or something to that effect. Worked out about three quid a bottle, so I asked what kind of things they were offering...turned out to be core range Williams, Inveralmond, Broughton, Fyne Ales and the like...some pretty good beers in there to be fair, but literally nothing you couldn't pick up in any decent-sized supermarket at a sub two quid price. Pass.
  13. I'll be honest, with that general stance they're not exactly selling themselves well. I'm all for new entrants to the WOS - the more the merrier - but if your reasons for applying seemingly consist of being in a huff with the clubs you previously played against, coupled with your not wanting to have to eat humble pie by joining up with them again after being four years late to the party solely thanks to your own inertia, then it isn't a fantastic look.
  14. I wonder if the vet pushing to report it maybe has a bit of insider knowledge and has an inkling of potential involvement in dog fighting or whatever...the c***s involved in that kind of thing seem to often let their charges practise on smaller dogs or cats?
  15. "Hiroshima's been a total dump since that bomb hit it. I hear Nagasaki's nice...."
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