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  1. To be fair, how many clubs go into the first round of any cup with a realistic expectation of winning it? I doubt the Champions League entrants from say Latvia or Macedonia approach the qualifying rounds thinking this is their year to go all the way...likewise a Whitehills or Banchory St Ternan about to play in the first round of the junior cup were unlikely to be booking time off work in anticipation of making the final in May.
  2. Yeah, like I say it's a transitional season but there needs to be some kind of resolution...I'll guarantee if they'd got a home draw in the Scottish then that wouldn't be BCD. I might be wrong, but there seems to be an element of picking and choosing what's worthwhile letting people in for - clearly the few dozen tops who would travel to Airdrie to see Maryhill (or indeed Bellshill on Wednesday) aren't worth it, but I suppose the acid test would be if they drew a Pollok, Talbot or another of the better-supported sides in a cup.
  3. I was over on the Isle of Man once, and the easiest way to get to the airport was to get one of those Thomas the Tank Engine-style trains that still run there. Folk were doing that waving thing all the way oblivious to the fact I had a stinking hangover and wasn't for waving back. There's something about a steam train that seems to make folk think they're extras on The Railway Children,
  4. I suppose it's a transitional season for everybody in some senses, but it's something they're going to have to address at some point for sure, as I think it's untenable in the longer run. The Airdrie thing is clearly in place to retain a Scottish Cup place, but ultimately it would probably work out cheaper to bring one of the pitches at Garscube up to licensing code rather than continue indefinitely to hire out an SPFL ground. And it would end the nonsense of us playing a "local derby" in a town 18 miles away.
  5. That's exactly it - I was at our game there maybe a month back, and I asked. If they wanted to admit a crowd, they'd have to hire stewards which I think would be an extra few hundred quid on top of the pitch hire. Given the fact they'd only probably get a few dozen through the gate tops, they've come to the conclusion it's not worth their while. The first time they used Lochburn it was BCD...I don't think they have a committee in the traditional sense to help put a game on...but the second time we had a couple of guys that were going to be there that afternoon anyway and it was open to the public.
  6. For every classic sitcom, you've always had some utterly gash stuff running in parallel that panders to the lowest common denominator and is way more popular than it should have been. In the 70s, for every Fawlty Towers or Reggie Perrin, there was an On The Buses, Robin's Nest or Mind Your Language, and in the 80s for every Young Ones or Blackadder there was a Hi-De-Hi, Allo Allo or Terry and June. We still get some things that are probably destined to be classics...the likes of Detectorists, Friday Night Dinner, maybe Derry Girls and a couple of others will likely stand the test of time, but Mrs Brown's Boys and the like are just the modern manifestation of On The Buses.
  7. We quite often get deer in the back garden, but this is the first time one of them brought the weans along...
  8. With a lot of those cryptozoological things, you've got to treat them like any other animal species - look at the habitat and the likelihood of it being able to sustain a breeding population. For example - Nessie isn't real...somewhere the size of Loch Ness simply isn't big enough to sustain a viable breeding population of large plesiosaur-type reptiles. Given the fact they would also have to surface to breathe, if they existed you couldn't drive between Fort Augustus and Inverness without seeing half a dozen of them. Bigfoot or the yeti are maybes - an undiscovered species of ape could still persist, or possibly went extinct in recent centuries. If they do exist, it's deep in the unpopulated wilds of the Himalayas or the Pacific Northwest...bigfoot reports from the likes of Texas are clearly bullshit, as there's not enough unfragmented suitable habitat for a viable population of something that size to go unnoticed. The gorilla was treated as a traveller's tale from the hinterland of Africa until they were finally located in the mid 1800s.
  9. Last month or so has been enlivened by the arrival of an insane wee cat next door who regularly appears on their roof from the loft conversion skylight. It's taken recently to extending its territory into ours, and even appearing at windows trying to bam up our cats, who don't seem to realise they're cats and thus far aren't rising to the bait.
  10. These wee fuckers. Used to love them, but I'm guessing they've stopped making them, 'cos I've not seen them in years.
  11. There seemed to be a wee colony of ex Big Brother contestants living in the West End at one point when I was living there...the blind guy, the gay Asian guy that got bumped out after a few days and the blonde Scottish lassie whose tits seemed to be scared of the dark all must have lived nearby going by the amount of times I saw them in the street.
  12. I think it goes back to that false memory thing I was talking about earlier in the thread where I feel it happened in the morning our time even though I found about it as I came back into my office at lunchtime. By the time the second plane hit, every news camera in the city was probably trained on the buildings, so we saw the second one from so many different angles we've all - including Bush - managed to convince ourselves we saw both of them in real time which makes no real sense. The only footage AFAIK that exists of the first one was from that (French?) documentary crew that were filming down the road and turned round to see what all the noise was about when the plane flew low overhead.
  13. I can vouch for that - I remember flying into Washington Dulles a couple of years before 9/11 via Schiphol where we'd picked up a bunch of Swedes coming in from Stockholm. We arrived at the gate next to a flight from somewhere Muslimy - Jakarta I think it might have been. The contrast between the way they were handled was an eye-opener....the Dutch, British and Swedish NW Europeans - a significant proportion of whom were blonde - were pretty much waved through by the time the first half dozen or so had cleared from the other gate.
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