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  1. The Correct punishment ??

    Thing is, it isn’t an “issue”. Or at least it shouldn’t be. All the legislation in the world won’t prevent people who have a problem with it still thinking the way they do…and it would appear some will unfortunately continue to do so regardless . What it will do is force them to think twice and hopefully keep their traps shut when they want to spout some retrograde pish regarding something that’s essentially none of their business, which can only be a good thing.
  2. pollok 3v2 cambuslang goals 18.8.18

    When I took over doing our programme, I asked a couple of people I knew who had previously done them for other clubs what the biggest pain in the arse doing them was - unanimously it was obtaining the opposition's squad, and in the more than likely absence of up to date online presence the phoning round their contact numbers and getting a purported squad list along the lines of "the big ginger boy in the middle, wee Davie Something, that keeper that doesny get a game, and that guy that came from the amateurs..." There's so much scope for error - I can remember one team who printed our U19s squad list by mistake, for example! I remember I'd done a piece one time on the history of the club- forget which team it was against- only to be taken to task by the local anorak who took great delight in telling me the information was wrong....needless to say I took even greater delight in telling him I'd lifted it from their own website...
  3. Indian or Chinese ?

    Lamb chilli masala last night which directly led to a 5.30am jobby this morning.
  4. Horrific club sandwiches

    I bring you Tesco's Wicked Kitchen range of sandwiches and wraps - the ultimate one-biters. Picked up one of the Fiery Tofu and Slaw ones a while back because I thought it might have a bit of a kick to it and it was yellow-stickered. Win-win, right? Wrong. "Fiery" my left nut. Bland vegan pish. Slung it.
  5. Bullied into boozing

    I knew a couple of people like that when I was younger- they pretty much drank every night of the week and almost certainly had some kind of problem with it. I think having everybody around them drinking as well normalised their own behaviour in their own minds, so they were always hyper-keen for anyone in their company to be on the scoop as well. "You no' drinkin'?" "It's Tuesday, man..." "Ah, come ONNNN....." I'm with the punters on here that calling it "bullying" is a lot of shite though. It's social pressure, no more, no less. "Bullying" would be holding somebody down, holding their nose and pouring Dragon Soop down their throat.
  6. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    Damn those pesky hyphens. It looked right at first glance
  7. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    Do not R-E-S-C-U-S-C-I-T-A-T-E
  8. P&B Hospital

    Eww. Not the same thing I was thinking of that a mate of mine had a few years back though...forget what it was called in medical terms, but it was basically the bit between the tailbone and the top of the arsecrack getting infected. Treatment consisted of getting the area cored out to all intents and purposes and packed with dressing which had to be changed every couple of days - apparently even less fun than it sounds. He got about six weeks off work, but according to him spent the entire time lying face down on the couch watching Homes Under The Hammer and waiting for when he could take the next lot of painkillers.
  9. Most famous people I've met have actually been fine. The only truly obnoxious individual I can recall - ironically one who wasn't all that famous - was Jimmy Bain, the bass player from Dio and Rainbow. He was in a pub in Edinburgh with some folk who knew some of the ones I was I in with, and I found myself standing next to him at one point. Quite innocently, I said "All right...you're Jimmy Bain, aren't you?" The reply: "Aye, so what if I fuckin' am...?" in a tone that would have normally got him his jaw rattled if he hadn't looked like a 5'5" tramp wearing a big daft overcoat.
  10. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I stick to standing up even then. As long as it's still making a noise you're fine.
  11. P&B Bird Watch

    Kingfisher on the White Cart right next to Pollokshaws East railway station this afternoon...weird to see in such an urban setting.
  12. Mug/cup/glass

    Someone got me one like this as a present a while back - I use it quite a lot because it's a decent size. Ooo-err, matron.
  13. Epic band names

    Myself and a few mates put together a not-very-serious covers band for a few gigs a while back and were shooting names back and forward in the boozer. Potential names I can remember were the bass player's suggestion of Two Can Dan and the drummer's frankly disturbing Set Phasers To Rape. We eventually went out as the Black Street Boys in honour of the old Glasgow VD clinic.