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  1. Someone in my work got caught out with that one the other day apparently. He switched off video, but enough folk heard the "PLOP! "for it to become news.
  2. Meanwhile in Texas, a strip joint has a sense of humour about things...
  3. Third Lanark were never on the cards IMO. Their self-styled superfan has been making grandiose announcements in the press every couple of years about their plans to come back for about the last decade, but nothing ever seems to happen. The biggest stumbling blocks are the facts that the fanbase they had has either died off or dispersed to other clubs, and that there seems to be some insistence about playing at Cathkin again, a venue which is now completely unenclosed and unsuited to anything but the most basic level of football...I caught a Saturday morning ammy game there earlier this season and that's about all it's up to hosting...while it's still an atmospheric place to watch a game, it's a ruin.
  4. It's been coming...finally lost the rag with a brain donor in a shop. Waiting in a queue with clearly delineated 2m spaces on the floor, this dopey late middle-aged bint out with her daughter wandered up and stood about a foot behind me...space invader distance even under normal circumstances: "The f**k you doing?" I then had one of those horrible moments of doubt when it crossed my mind that maybe I'd just growled at somebody who had early onset dementia or something...she had that slightly bovine uncomprehending look about her that I've seen in some that do...but going by the comprehensive and voluble way her daughter proceeded to tell her off, I'm glad to say she was just thick as f**k.
  5. I'd agree with that - while clubs should celebrate their history, they shouldn't get lost in it. My club was guilty of that a few years back when we plummeted down the leagues...in our first season in the Central Second after an opening day 1-5 horsing at the hands of Stonehouse Violet (RIP), a few of the older boys who were involved at the time were in complete denial: "That shouldn't be happening to us. We're too big a name for us to be where we are...." I remember saying at the time to them that when all you've got left is your name, you're in big trouble. The fact was that at that point in time we were where we were because we weren't good enough to be anywhere else. And you do still see that sometimes on here...if a team are in turmoil, as a sort of displacement behaviour some fans go to their happy place: "Aye, but we had a great team in the 70s...remember so-and-so.?" Which is missing the point...you might have had a great team in the 70s, but you've got a shite team in 2020, which is always going to be a more pressing problem.
  6. I suppose if you're looking for true local derbies in terms of geography rather than between two teams who are necessarily at the same level,at that point in time, you'd need to look back at the old pre-reorganisation sectional groups which were always structured that way...in the old Central Region there were quite a few; Bellshill v Thorniewood, Shettleston v VoC, Greenock v the Port, Bens v Ants, Shire v Ashfield, the four way thing with the Clydesdale clubs and so on.
  7. I don't think he would ever enter the Scottish Junior Cup anyway, so no biggie.
  8. Been feeling it coming on the last couple of days, no doubt due to the amount of time spent drinking in the garden. Stocked up on antihistamines earlier on....thankfully there hasn't been a run on them...
  9. New local derby for us then - unless they continue to play at Airdrie! I'd actually been given a heads up about this one happening a few weeks ago, but obviously it wasn't my place to say anything until the uni announced it themselves.
  10. Calderwood was dumb as f**k and completely tone deaf to do what she did considering the circumstances at the moment. Meanwhile, we're preparing to be lectured on keeping calm and carrying on by an out of touch old woman who has never been inside an NHS hospital unless it was to cut a ribbon and whose own son did...well, exactly what Calderwood did, only while having a dose of COVID-19 at the time.
  11. The idea of incorporating the colt teams of the bigger SPFL sides into the wider pyramid structure is a bad idea that just refuses to go away. Living in the Glasgow area, I know lots of Rangers and Celtic diehard fans who would never countenance going to a reserve/colt game....merely following the first team is enough of a drain on their finances as things stand. Selling it to smaller clubs as a financial benefit is a red herring too - as someone already said the real small fry will see a lot of any potential profit eroded by the increased policing and stewarding required as the local OF bams will inevitably come out of the woodwork and pretend it's their big team on display, while fans of the medium size sides will see it as an insult to be playing against a second string and will actively stay away.
  12. I suspect they'll try to complete this year's Junior Cup, which after all was very near completion. Certainly (at least in the West) there's zero need to finish off the league campaigns though as almost everybody's moving on and promotion/relegation from the old setup is irrelevant to the conference system that'll be in place the first year.
  13. Good idea! Assuming we get a proper pre-season this year, that is!
  14. First time I've actually been slightly spooked in a shop since this all kicked off. I'd walked down to Rutherglen (I know, bad move...) as there were a few things we hadn't been able to source more locally. One of the chemists on the main street was complete bedlam...they weren't limiting the amount of folk in it at all. One aisle was completely blocked by three middle-aged wifies having a right good catch-up, another was blocked by a massive and clearly mentally ill woman who appeared to be conducting a heated argument with the washing powder, and while I was debating if I had it in me to actually join the queue another old dear came breenging right through it right up to the till to ask if they had a certain brand of hanky in stock. I decided I didn't need anything that badly. Nobody does.
  15. I'd be surprised too, but it would be an absolutely cracking awayday! A mate of mine's folks used to live across the river in Minnigaff and I've spent quite a lot of time down there.
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