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  1. We've got a wee pocket of newbuild McMansions not far away from us, and there seems to be one family there that prefers to say it with explosives rather than flowers. At random times during the year they send up what resembles a Russian WW2 Katyusha barrage for not apparent reason...the smart money is on it perhaps being someone's birthday. If there ever was a fire in their garage I dread to think what would happen - it must be stocked like an ammunition dump.
  2. Sister in law just phoned my missus to tell her she'd hit a gull on the motorway. On reflection my first question should have been "Is she okay?" rather than "What species?"
  3. In general, my colleagues have roughly the same effect on me as I imagine chemical castration would, so no. I think I previously mentioned on here somebody in my place who got busted taking a shite in the middle of one though - the video was off, but it was one of those ones that hit the water sideways and caused a much louder plop than he'd bargained for.
  4. It's invariably complete brain donors that hit out with that line - I always answer it with "Bit of a blind leap of faith though, isn't it?"
  5. The female biological clock can be a fearsome thing - nearly got caught up in that "now or never" thing myself one time. Girl I had known through sharing many of the same pals since we were we were in our late teens - nothing had ever happened between us, although from memory I had tentatively tried it on once only to be told in the nicest possible terms I was now in the friend zone. Until one night in our early 30s that is when she more or less launched herself at me and it did happen. Weird situation anyway starting seeing someone you already knew pretty well, and one which was only made worse by people giving it "Oh, you two are so RIGHT for each other" and pretty much marrying us off after a matter of a few weeks, while within a couple of months she started talking firm plans for timeframes for having kids . I was lucky enough that firstly enough alarm bells started ringing for various reasons that I backed out after about three or four months, and secondly that I possessed the cojones not to care that quite a few people subsequently thought I was a c**t for doing so.
  6. Just wasps which are basically the neds of the insect wprld. Big moths and spiders get the humane treatment - wee moths tend to fall apart a bit and are more difficult to remove. That being said, the other night we had a badger squealing at 3am in the front garden that I'd also have been happy to kill if it hadn't eventually fucked off.
  7. This came up a while ago - I think very few people "feel" like an adult regardless of their calendar age, and moreover that a lot of people end up shoehorning themselves into situations they're not particularly happy with because of societal norms of What People Should Do By A Certain Age. Some of them will end up following the societally approved template to the letter, but it doesn't follow that they're intrinsically any happier by doing so, because lot of the things you mentioned if done wrong can end up being a curse rather than a blessing.. Think of the amount of people you know who have paid over the odds for a house say within a specific school catchment area and are crippled with the mortgage, or the amount of people who have settled for a partner that isn't 100% right for them just so they can say they're part of a couple and will repent at their leisure. And so on.
  8. It was either that or keep calm and Carry On.
  9. Really sad to hear that - I'd only properly connected with him last year when he'd reached out to programme editors for assistance in putting together something for Kello's SJC QF game against the Medda. Getting to know him I realised we shared a lot in common in terms of musical taste, politics and obviously a love for non-league football. R.I.P. John.
  10. The disinformation that was flying about clearly worked - the absolute worst thing about that is they're under the impression they're somehow in the Lowland League.
  11. It's something that occurred to us on Saturday - it teemed down the whole day, and under normal circumstances the crowd would naturally gravitate to the covered terracing. Having the friendlies BCD is useful in as much as each one raises a few new questions which will need to be addressed when and if fans are back.
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