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  1. I guess it's big team found for the infamous Electric Scarecrow:
  2. That's pretty bad. I like it when breweries at least have a sense of humour in the blurbs - Pilot did a parma violet hefeweizen a while back and the back of the can was along the lines of: "We've taken a beer style that no-one likes and flavoured it with sweeties no-one likes. We expect sales to be spectacular."
  3. I think a lot of it is forcing yourself to think in the language like someone mentioned earlier in the thread, and an acceptance that you're never going to be completely colloquially fluent in a language unless you were brought up in that environment. I speak French reasonably fluently but when I've asked native speakers what my efforts sound like, the honest opinion is that I speak the language in a slow, stilted sounding way with a distinct Germanic rather than English-sounding accent...I was told that my accent wasn't a million miles away from a Strasbourg one.
  4. Ordinarily I'd agree with you 100%, but this one was a serious piece of work that seemed to derive actual pleasure from belittling and upsetting people...it was more or less a weekly occurrence to see somebody coming from the direction of her section in floods of tears, so you could hardly blame the folk that had to work for her for being somewhat less than concerned when something happened to her. She eventually was given the option of resigning or being fired a couple of years afterwards when she had at least four separate harassment cases I knew of on the go against her simultaneously and the weight of evidence was such that there was no way she was getting out of it.
  5. Karma's a bitch sometimes. We had one dragon who actually told somebody on the way out the door because their father had died suddenly that they better be in the next day because there was a return due. Fast forward maybe a year and some junkie mugged her at lunchtime. Came in with a black eye looking for sympathy - people were literally pointing at her and laughing.
  6. Any P&Bers in or near the southside of Glasgow might want to pay the Allison Arms a visit before it reopens on Monday - they're getting rid of some stuff that's recently gone out of date for a quid a can/bottle...I'd got a message at lunchtime from a mate who lives round the corner and had just come back with 30 for £30 and told me to get my arse down there as soon as I finished work. As you'd expect most of the really good stuff didn't last long, but there's still a fair selection to be had. Best phoning ahead and making sure somebody's in if you're travelling any distance...obviously they're not keeping pub hours!
  7. TBH, you tune out the supporters when you've got to do it...had one memorable altercation with an opposing player though...he'd dragged the ball a foot or more over the line and called me a cheating b*****d when I flagged....I countered by telling him that was the worst first touch he'd taken since that time with his uncle when he was ten. That one stopped play for a good half a minute Slightly before my time there, but Andy McClay, Richie McCusker, Pat Keogh and the rest...if nothing else it proved that there isn't a huge gulf between the top of the non-league game - where we were at that point in time - and the lower divisions of the SPFL.
  8. I started supporting the team when I lived just off Byres Rd, but I'm not from the area...I live miles away from the west end now. And aye, I've been dragged into doing the club linesman duties there many a time...there's nothing worse than someone coming into the social club ten minutes before kickoff when you're on your third pint: "You alright for doing the line today?" Baws.
  9. Speaking of rock and roll lifestyles and Campbeltown, I remember a band I was in back in the day was booked to play the town hall there - the Victoria Hall? We were unloading the gear in the lane at the side of it when two polis walked down and said hello, only to see the bass player who hadn't noticed them and was still in the van head down doing an enormous line of speed off the dashboard. We thought he was getting lifted and the gig was off, but they just shook their heads, laughed and walked away. Bizarre.
  10. Absolute worst case scenario is when someone starts either quietly whistling or humming to themselves to while away the fifteen second journey. Subhuman scum.
  11. The over-cheerful punter that phones you from down south: "And how's the weather in sunny Glasgow...?" "Pishing. Next?" It's not as bad as lift banter though...those insecure souls who can't travel three floors in silence: "Oh, well...it's nearly Friday..." At 10.30 on Tuesday morning.
  12. It's just past the Briggs town centre on the right if you're travelling up towards Torrance...there's a wee old fashioned stand there, but unless it's radically changed over the last year there's no real infrastructure there...none of the pitches are even enclosed.
  13. Westerton's the bit - nominally Bearsden - that sits to the left of the switchback as you head up from Anniesland...it's kind of between Knightswood and Bearsden proper. Broomhill's sort of between Jordanhill and Scotstoun....think Victoria Park and you're not far off.
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