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  1. The Daleks were my second guess to be fair. Who would dare Yewtree them?
  2. Scott Ian out of Anthrax clearly has too much downtime between tours:
  3. "Fucks sake, da...it you don't want to buy us birthday presents next year, just SAY..."
  4. That's the reality of the situation unfortunately, although it doesn't make it any easier on the poor b*****ds who got blasted into chuck beef. Sounds like they left it too late to retreat in an orderly manner and were left with one road out which turned into a shooting gallery. The Ukrainians will have taken the view that it's better to kill them now than let them regroup and have to kill them later at a patentially higher cost to themselves...sounds heartless, but after the recent revelations in Izyum and elsewhere, it's unlikely they're in a charitable mood.
  5. Yeah - I watched the thing live. There might have been some salient points in there somewhere, but by and large it felt like getting trapped at the far end of the bar while a drunk you used to know slightly rambles on about the state of his shitty life. It was only missing the part where he mentioned NATO turning the weans against him.
  6. Britain too - a lot of the aircraft the RAF found to be obsolete in the more high-tech Western European theatre ended up in Russia...early marks of the Hurricane, Hampden bombers and so on. As far as the Americans went, if they decided they didn't fancy an aircraft themselves, chances are it would get papped off to the Russians...they produced 8000-odd units of the Bell Airacobra, 5000ish of which ended up in Russian hands, and the majority of the rest given to various co-belligerents like the Free French.
  7. I suppose the two most successful wars Russia has fought that spring to mind are WW2 and against Napoleon - in both cases it was a case of absorbing incredible amounts of punishment, conceding territory .- something they're obviously not short of - while allowing the enemy to over-extend their lines of supply and eventually letting winter finish the job. Eventually their opponents exhausted themselves much in the manner of a boxer punching himself out against an opponent who won't go down. Purely in terms of equipment, the Russian genius in WW2 was to mass-produce low tech but incredibly reliable weapons that minimised potential points of failure...I'm thinking of things like the Sturmovik, the T-34 and the PPSh-41. The German tanks the T-34s faced were much higher tech, but at a cost of requiring much more maintenance at the end of a much longer logistic train. I'm not sure if they possess the Soviet style monolithic industries nowadays that could begin production on that scale, or even if it would be much help to them, as the modern battlefield is so different from 80 years ago.
  8. Pretty sure there is...from what I remember it was made in Denmark in the early 70s going by the state of the bush on show.
  9. Mobilisation's going great, but there's always one c**t that doesn't get the memo about the dress code and comes dressed as John Lennon impersonating Ken Dodd.
  10. I think he was momentarily debating whether to start up his own personal Nordstream all over it.
  11. Been there. I accompanied a mate to Costco once years ago and they had those big catering jars of pickled eggs you get in chippies. I used to love them, so bought one. I got halfway down the jar over the course of maybe a week - was doing that thing where every time I was through making coffee or whatever I'd grab one - and I've never touched one since. After sickening myself with them, even the thought of the gives me the boak.
  12. I actually watched The Trojan Women a while back - BRIAN BLESSED is hilarious in it as always. He plays Talthybius who is meant to be a fairly sympathetic character, but bellows the lines at the bemused women in his usual style: "SORRY WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO KILL YOUR KID, ANDROMACHE...DO NOT HATE ME!!"
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