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  1. Inverness City fold

    Sad to see any club fold, but the one thing I never understood was them sinking near enough six figures into a park that they had only a short term rent on with no security of tenure.
  2. Things you want to share with P&B

    I had no idea this was a thing until a couple of hours ago - people camping out on the yellow sticker aisle in a supermarket waiting for further reductions. The missus had the trolley and I'd gone to the next aisle to pick something up....we appeared from opposite ends of the aisle and I noticed a big pile of Pizza Expresses reduced to a quid. A middle-aged couple had apparently set up their trolley at an angle to defend their hoard and were growling at her approaching with the trolley. I genuinely never registered the pair of them as I came in from the other end of the aisle, picked the pile of cheesy goodness up and dumped them in the trolley., but apparently if looks could kill I'd have been lying on the floor. f**k knows what price they were waiting on them going down to.
  3. Business / corporate speak nonsense

    A game I sometimes like to play is Chinese polysyllabics - use an obscure word and see how long it takes for one of the big bosses to parrot it back. A while back I called a task Sisyphean in nature during a meeting - within a couple of weeks it was the buzzword du jour amongst the higher echelons of management which was all the funnier because I'd told folk up front I was going to get them using it.
  4. First name /Age/ Criminal record.

    Adolf 130 Bit of a scamp in my middle years.
  5. Show us your pussy..!

    The temporary names they give them in the shelter are spectacularly unimaginative. Woody was called Jet, I assume because he's jet black, and Jake was called - wait for it - Fluffy. When we were signing the paperwork for them, the guy had the cheek to ask if we were going to keep those names. I told him in no uncertain terms I refuse to own an animal called Fluffy.
  6. Show us your pussy..!

    Our two have been engaged in attempting to kick utter f**k out of each other all weekend, so I came back home just there expecting carnage... Having a cat rule #1: expect the unexpected.
  7. Junior football, what is the future?

    Way, way back (maybe 2004 or 05 when I first saw them play) they used Glasgow Green, then started using New Petershill once it opened- that was the period I was talking about - but they then went to Airdrie for maybe five or six years before moving back to Peasy a couple of years ago. The move to Airdrie, which I understand was something to do with UEFA licensing definitely affected their crowds - I can remember going over to what I thought would be an attractive pre-season friendly against Chelsea and there were maybe 70 people there. And that's not denigrating women's sport; it's just acknowledging there currently exists a problem with getting paying customers through the door that flooding Hampden with freebies for a one-off game won't be a quick fix for. If it was, the Scottish Claymores would still be on the go and Junior terraces would be full of kids every weekend after free tickets were dished out to schools.
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    For me, it seemed to be taking off quite well a few years ago - City were pulling in a couple of hundred to home games anyway...moving for a few years to the middle of nowhere seems to have killed that momentum though. Once you've been in a crowd of 50 or 60 rattling about a 10,000 seat out-of-town stadium it's not really something you're gonna want to do once a fortnight. It's the main issue the women's game faces; the standard of play is quite high, especially in the top two divisions (it drops off pretty dramatically below that though) but by and large people won't walk the length of themselves to go see a game. Trying to generate interest by flooding Hampden with comps for the Jamaica game will generate a few headlines, but is about as likely to generate long-term interest as the Scottish Claymores' (RIP) attempts to drum up support by papering Murrayfield and latterly Hampden did. But yeah. the Scotland v Jamaica game will get a record crowd and predictably we'll hear just how the women's game is thriving while top division women's sides will continue to play in front of a few dozen friends and family...
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    I went along to the Glasgow City v Rangers game at Petershill on Sunday and there were less than 100 paying customers there, which was a shame as City appeared to be building a decent home following before the ill-advised decamping to Airdrie for a few seasons. The Scotland v Jamaica World Cup send off game will definitely set an attendance record for a women's game in this country, but there's ample evidence that the SFA are papering the house in advance to ensure this will be the case; I'd suggest the attendance figure for this one will probably need to be taken with a pinch of salt...
  10. Work colleagues

    When walking into a meeting, make sure you can see everybody that's there before announcing your presence with a breezy "Alright troops - hail Satan!" Which I did earlier this morning when I walked into a room expecting only a few folk I know well, only to be confronted by a couple of unexpected high heid yins who hadn't immediately been in my line of sight as I walked in...
  11. Taps Aff

    Either next door or next one along some c**t's brought out an acoustic guitar - sounds like a wee cheapo Spanish job that's he's spending half his time trying to tune and the other half plodding through the easier bits of the Oasis back catalogue. It could go two ways. I'm either going to bring out a practice amp on an extension cable and start shredding very noisily or...
  12. Home and away

    Yeah, it's bizarre when you look at it from outside...a section of the support refusing to go back but still hanging around away games like a bad smell just so they can bore people about how pissed off they still are. And pissed off about what exactly? That an area of the town they're moving to hasn't sufficiently paid its dues yet to be considered part of the place because it's only been there for 50 years? Wee towns in Scotland are weird. I suspect as said earlier it is down to a handful of old boys full of wind, piss and their own importance who've carried others with them with their sense of outrage...most of these risible rebels will probably slink back eventually, although there no doubt will be a few sufficiently bitter that they'll chuck it altogether.
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    Which is the most confusing aspect of what now seems to be the situation. In the ERSJFA, the North will consistently win against the South - most of what strength remains in the East Juniors is around Tayside. It seems completely pointless for the North winners to then face two further sets of playoffs to attempt to secure a place in a league they're not going to be allowed into anyway based on geography and an arbitrary line on the map. The West seems more cut and dried at least although it would be a genuine shock if any future SoS champions were to win out over the West champions, especially over two legs which always removes the random element of a one-off poor performance.
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    We're now a lot closer to having something workable, but playing level wise the structure's all over the place. Much like the West Premier winner will be likely to defeat the SoS winner nineteen time out of twenty in any playoff, the EoS champions will be equally likely to do similar to anything left in the remnants of the ERSJFA south. The worst that can be said is that there will now be two leagues involved who will be nominally Tier 6 but strength-wise probably should be a couple of tiers below that. I'd be confident of the playoffs taking care of the situation almost every year in both cases, however one worry is that it's added another level of essentially nugatory playoffs to the calendar which means the season will need to end even earlier in order to facilitate them.
  15. Home and away

    I've been down to see a game there and from what I remember it's definitely in Kilwinning...biggest clue is it being called Kilwinning Sports Centre As I thought - it's the kind of parochial spat that probably seems a huge deal to folk from the town, but seems laughable to anyone outside it....good luck with the move when it happens though.