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  1. Porteous would be as well binning off playing for Hibs and just spend time with Steve Clarke. He blatantly needs a coach like that to reign him in a bit.
  2. Tough one for Parrott to finish given that, apparently, it was literally put on a plate for him.
  3. Awful game between probably the two most evenly matched sides in soccer history, literally nothing happened bar the goal. You have to feel sorry for Lyon; Grant does one mis-hit cross and nets the winner, he does ten and gets pelters. No surprise that we looked a better side playing a back four even against a team that really didn't threaten (not that we did either). McLean and Grant far more comfortable. After seeing Louis Longstaff last season and Fidel O'Rourke today, I'm disappointed I haven't got a game for the Liverpool youth teams yet. Ray Grant and the away number 6 were the best players on the pitch. It was positive to get a much better performance out of Roberts and Kennedy is clearly our first choice left back. The Caernarfon left back was so bad he'll end up signing for us at some point. If we could announce our preseason trip to Caernarfon now that would allow for adequate planning time.
  4. Could have just agreed to play 45 mins and not bothered with that. We've found Lyon in space time and time again and he's wasted it every time. I sense we have overestimated Caernarfon's ability.
  5. Its rubbish but still better than the home top. First time in quite a while that I've not bought one.
  6. This has been an absolutely awful first half.
  7. Positives; Ray Grant, Ross Cunningham and Euan Cameron. I also thought Sula had a good first half and regardless of the desire to change system etc, was completely baffled that he was taken off. We were probably as unlucky with the opening goal as you can be (can't really comment on the decision either way without seeing it back) but going in at half-time behind was more down to Allan missing two great chances; contrast those with the standard of Airdrie's finishing after the break. Airdrie had started well and should have scored early on but I thought we settled down well and possibly ended up edging the opening half. Changing to a back three at the break would ultimately cost us but we were still well in the game up to the second goal. Airdrie's front three are just too mobile to play those three centre halves against though. On another day Thicot maybe gets a foul for the fourth one but the truth is we were all over the place and could possibly have ended up conceding six or seven. McLean hasn't been poor but he was woeful today. That group of players is not without flaw but they're far better than shipping 9 goals in two games. Lennon at the moment has no idea what team we should be starting with and is trying to shoehorn four centre halves into the team when only two should be playing. He needs to pick a way of playing and stick with it.
  8. Half a team all-out defence, half a team all-out attack. Safe to say I'm worried about how this will go.
  9. We've obviously got a lot more about us this season and we should have a chunk of extra points at this stage, but I can't shake the nagging feeling that we're the 9th best team in this league. The players that Alloa and Kelty are bringing in are worrying from our point of view. It would make a massive difference if we can get Cuddihy fit to play at right back for a run of games, start with a back four, and more than anything find ourselves a left-back. That said, looking at the fact that Airdrie are still considering playing Deveney there then things could be worse I suppose.
  10. There's been plenty of comments from Klopp, Dalglish, Henderson and the Hillsborough families warning people off booing. Can only imagine that had some impact.
  11. This Juventus v Salernitana game has been absolutely phenomenal. Salernitana the better team throughout and should have won having been 2-0 up at the break and largely untroubled in the second half. Juve then get a last minute penalty to equalise which Bonucci misses but nets the rebound. Then Milik scores a last gasp winner from a corner kick, is sent off for celebrating only for the goal to then be ruled out by VAR for a dodgy offside. That then led to a mass brawl which saw at least four people sent off.
  12. I remember on the morning of 9/11 that old Rangers were told they had to go and play Anzhi in Dagestan. It was quite a big story at the time as there was a war raging right next door in Chechnya and Rangers were understandably not keen to go. Needless to say, after the events of that day, the tie ended up being quickly moved to Poland. I also remember that evening going to see a Challenge cup tie, which saw Clyde pick up a rare penalty shoot-out win. I was in S4 at the time and remember watching a lot of the footage and reading a lot in the papers but I'd be lying if I said it properly affected me, certainly in the way that 7/7 did. Obviously the 21 years since have changed that somewhat. I'd thoroughly recommend the "After the Fall" podcast series on Audible for anyone who has a bit of an interest as it's scope extends well past the day itself, including looking at the post-attack FBI investigation.
  13. There can't be many more visually appealing games than watching players in Sampdoria kits play against players in Milan kits.
  14. Good draw for Stuttgart at Bayern, last minute penalty equaliser. A penalty that wouldn't have been given pre-VAR but was rightly awarded as De Ligt fouled a player who was getting a shot away.
  15. I see they're listing various European games as available to watch tomorrow afternoon, looks like the blackout has been binned.
  16. There's a Saturday in December with no games (and no cup rounds scheduled), hopefully the lower league card will just get shifted until then.
  17. Milan derby was great, the bits of Lazio v Napoli that I saw were end-to-end. Udinese have been absolutely terrific in thumping Roma 4-0. Roma look slow all over the pitch.
  18. 1 win in our last 22 games against Dunfermline and that was entirely Div McGowan Sol Bamba inspired. The only positive is that the match isn't at EEP, where we haven't won since 1974. That's despite being ahead in 6 of our last 7 visits, on a couple of occasions by two goals! I'd not actually be surprised if we win this one; we're clearly capable of winning any given match this season. We'll need to get the first goal to do so, whilst ditching the back three nonsense.
  19. Craig Bryson has announced his retirement. On the field as both Keane's lost their Celtic debuts, one of the best goalscoring seasons for a midfielder in recent EFL history at derby, a promotion with Cardiff, two trophies with St Johnstone and a couple of Scotland caps. It's safe to say he has had a decent career. I feel really, really old.
  20. I don't think you'll have many problems if Offord's performance today was anything to go by. Best player on the pitch when he came on. Obviously our St Mirren link has dried up. It is absolutely wild as a lower league side that we don't have any physical presence in midfield or up front. A goal behind with ten to go and on three occasions we gift possession back to Alloa when in dangerous areas because our forwards can't stand up in a breeze. We are badly missing Duthie as someone who can hold the ball. I think it's reasonable to be expecting a lot more from Kurtis Roberts. It's unfortunate that Gomis had a shocker given he's generally played well. I'll not write Thicot off yet; I thought he looked knackered after an hour. Surely today will consign the back three, and Ross Lyon, to the bin. The Rodden family will be buying Barry Cook a Christmas card. Two absolute stick on red cards for me. Taking one point from the Peterhead, Edinburgh and Alloa games is terrifying given how many chances we had across the three games.
  21. Soft goal from Lyons pathetic concession of the corner, Parry's silly attempts to come for it and then watching the ball bounce in. After that we have been the better side and Alloa are exceptionally lucky to have eleven men on the pitch.
  22. Big game for us, need to try and keep things positive and another defeat would spoil that. Hopefully we go back to playing a back four as the 3 at the back hasn't worked at all. If that means two of the centre halves are benched, so be it.
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