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  1. I was fortunate enough to get a great day of weather on Friday which coincided with a family holiday to Fort William. I was able to add Stob Ban and Mullach nan Coirean to my list. Stob Ban is spectacular looking and an enjoyable, if straightforward climb. The initial descent from it on frost covered, loose quartz, was a bit unnerving. Mullach nan Coirean had some tremendous views but as a mountain it's pretty non-descript (one of those ones where only the cairn gives you any idea where the top actually is), a bit of bog on the way down as well which became tedious. Still, a great day out with lots of views over to Ben Nevis and the Ring of Steall, which is one of my favourite walks.
  2. Verona currently giving Milan the thrashing that their kit deserves.
  3. Montrose: 1. Have consistently played in the same manner under Petrie and signed players to fit that. 2. Have retained players year to year. 3. Started today with three established players on loan (Ballantyne, Lyons, Keatings). Clyde: 1. Have chopped and changed pretty much any time we have had a poor result (Plan B indeed). It was blatantly obvious in the summer that regardless of quality, one half of the squad didn't match the other. 2. Have not retained players, including those who chose to stay part-time but move elsewhere. There's Howie sitting on the bench again. 3. Started today with one weak, ineffective loanee who is as bad as the guys we have shipped to the Lowland League.
  4. Another goal conceded from Splaine giving the ball away under almost no pressure at all. The truth is that this could have happened in just about any game this season.
  5. Completely. It's entirely the manager's fault. He has also done Livingstone completely as well.
  6. I can understand why changing to a 451 seemed like a good idea given their strength out wide. I would back Balatoni and Elsdon to deal with Keatings. We have obviously considered their strengths when picking the team. Why we then play a centre half at right back is completely beyond me.
  7. We could be 2 up and I would be asking why we are playing Rumsby at right back.
  8. If there are two teams who are due to give us an absolute thumping, then it's Montrose and Cove. Seven games unbeaten against those two and very much second best for much of those matches. That said, we have picked up positive results at Broadwood this season so you'd give us half a chance. Gomis will surely be back in the side.
  9. It could well be the case that the SFA and FA view things differently; e.g. SFA just go for the highest bidder whereas FA take a bit of a hit so it's on free to air. Doesn't appear to be much info either way unfortunately; can anybody find out how much they actually pay for the rights? Of course, the only home nation who has ALL of their matches on free to air is actually Wales on S4C.
  10. David W


    Here's one thing that I can't make any sense of... I'm currently in charge of Raith Rovers (having been at a couple of clubs prior). I looked back to check this out; I have played against 10 men on 12 occasions since taking over. Indeed, one of those occasions ultimately was against 9 men. I have scored a grand total of 0 goals. ZERO. In my three full seasons we won League 1 and finished twice in the top half of the Championship, so it's not like we've been a poor side.
  11. It's inexplicable to be honest. Let's remember though that the decision regarding signings falls entirely on Danny Lennon. I'll maintain my commitment this season but I will not be putting a penny into anything that is "ringfenced" for the player budget moving forward. It's an insult watching some of those players pull on a Clyde jersey; players that unqualified posters on P&B knew weren't up to the standard. I can only imagine how poor we'd be if they weren't trying. More of the same really today. Cuddihy, Cunningham, Goodwillie and a goalkeeper with enough quality to play at this level consistently. A couple of others with enough ability to get by but struggle at times physically in Gomis and Balatoni. Possibly Elsdon who is safe and solid but a mile away from Howie/Lang. The rest can't leave soon enough. If DL can explain in his post match comments why giving Airdrie the run of midfield in order to get Ally Love to stand miles away from possession was worthwhile then that would be appreciated. Or indeed why we started the second half with Rumsby still at full-back. The Kennedy throw-in situation was quite funny but it speaks of a much bigger issue. Why was he taking a third throw-in? That sort of stuff is exactly the same as Rumsby putting an easy pass-back onto Parry's weak foot (which then ends up in the stand), Kennedy chickening out a tackle, Splaine giving away a 5 yard pass, Jones ducking under the ball, Munro fouling people on the corner of the box, Nicoll "ball-winning" and giving away a free-kick/throw-in in the process etc. I could go on. Just wee things that in isolation don't amount to much, but over a season will ultimately see us floundering and watching other teams results. I quite enjoyed the last two games. Second half today was as bad as anything we've seen this season. Didn't even come close to scoring a goal. Airdrie deserved to win as they always do against us. If you're playing a defence as slow as ours, which needs to sit deep, it's impossible to get close to the likes of Easton.
  12. Airdrie battered us early on. A goal as a result of lead footed centre halves and the 352's weakness of being doubled up on the outside. Could have been more but for Parry. We changed to a back four and have been much the better side since, with Cuddihy in midfield. It will be interesting to see how Airdrie and the animated Chimp change it up at the break. Having a more direct go at an out of position Rumsby might be it. I'd maybe bring Munro on just now to counter that.
  13. Stoke finally get in front with a lovely finish from a classy player. They've been by far the better side.
  14. Every other team in the league (except possibly Peterhead) has been able to go out and loan players who have a good chunk of games under their belt. Not naive youngsters but established players. It's absolutely ludicrous if we haven't managed to find a player or two given the blatant holes in our squad.
  15. Do you happen to know if he watched Dunfermline at the weekend?
  16. https://eftv.info/highlights-2021-22/?doing_wp_cron=1632764469.8643798828125000000000 Some of that defending in the first half
  17. Might be worth checking if you'll get a view of the game and a bit of cover before booking anything as well, given our experience up there.
  18. Not that I am a fan of Off the Ball, but BBC Scotland ending their football coverage at 6 now is a bit of a pain. Too many drives home haven't ended by that time. I also don't get why they have episodes of Off the Ball on at the same time as live games.
  19. Two teams playing a 352 against each other never results in the best of games to be honest. It worked out well that we had to make a change at the interval as EF ended the first half on top. Not a classic game at all but I always felt we might nick something. The one real moment of quality won the match and that's something that Cunningham should produce more often. As a team we rarely seem to score from outside the box. He's had a decent start to the season, though ironically had one of his quieter games today. Balatoni was our outstanding player, with Cuddihy and Elsdon just behind. Livingstone had a good game as a substitute. Splaine didn't find a team-mate all game, one of the most infuriating players we have had given his obvious ability. Gomis and Tade made a huge difference. If Jones could bother himself to get in front of a centre half for a cross then it would be much appreciated. All in, we've done staggeringly well to be sat on 11 points after 8 games. Hopefully we'll get a couple of loanees with a bit of experience before the deadline (the difference a centre half with pace, and a better attacker would make is huge). EF wore black shorts, which is great, but apart from that... No attacking threat at all. What was the deal with putting every corner kick onto Cuddihy's head at the near post? They'll come back again a bit once they've a few players back but I fear (hope) that they'll be cast adrift by then. It doesn't look like a league where anyone is going to go on a run over a number of games.
  20. Need Gomis on asap. That midfield was great last week, completely hopeless this week. The minute EF stopped hiding in their own half we fell to pieces. Really poor performance all in. Balatoni has played well.
  21. On the face of it, that seems like a great signing.
  22. Looks like the assistant is having a nightmare as well, that's an awful decision. It's not even close!
  23. Can't believe I just watched Kieran McGrath dribble past Kai McCormack on television.
  24. I don't know who is going to win the Serie A title this year, but I'd be amazed if it was Juventus.
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