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  1. I see Livingston have released Carlo Pignatiello, who is one of the two Dumbarton players from last season that I would have been interested in. If you have him and Cuddihy then you have two players who can play at this level and cover three or four positions to a good standard.
  2. Do ICT often play a back three? They don't look like they know what they're doing.
  3. He's speaking like a man who has the experience of winning 5 Champions League titles.
  4. I'd keep Livingstone as he played well for chunks of last season and is a player with some technical ability and pace. I think it would also benefit him to stay and get another 30-40 games under his belt as he's already lost a season at Cove. However, the fact is, he's a left-back that is awful at left-back. In terms of actual defending, the difference between him and Docherty was night and day.
  5. Fair play to QP, whatever you say it was rubbish for you lot missing the celebrations last year. Well deserved over the two games.
  6. If I were Dumbarton and I'd just signed Ally Love, then I'd play him up front. He'll work hard off a main striker and score some goals. No doubt he's good around a dressing room as well and he'll engage with your support. If he's being played out wide then he'll contribute absolutely nothing on the pitch.
  7. These two will now be frantically trying to work out if Inverness can bring more players on for the shoot-out.
  8. Bits of quality in the match were the Edinburgh goalkeeper, the Edinburgh goal and Owen Moxon. Annan will regret not going for the kill in the second part of the first half I reckon, Edinburgh were all over the place.
  9. Edinburgh 'keeper has more than made up for his error at the second goal, a couple of tremendous saves.
  10. Since going to 2-2, Annan have probably still been the better team but have proceeded to end almost every attack with a big punt straight to the goalkeeper, or straight out of play. Edinburgh have been absolutely shocking so far.
  11. It's safe to say a second goal for Annan has been coming. The Edinburgh goalkeeper, who I think has had a decent season, has had a nightmare there.
  12. There you go, exactly what the game needed. A very soft penalty kick award.
  13. No, we won 2-0. I'm sure we scored the second really late on and there was chaos with the crowd getting in. My abiding memory of the game was that we had moved to a 442 after starting the season playing a back three. The Adam handball was when Roberts was in charge.
  14. Definitely not defensive. Box to box or attacking midfield. Similar in some ways to Splaine in the positions he can take up, he'll go past a player and do a lot of running. I'd have taken him after leaving QP or Airdrie. He has always played well against Clyde. I'm not bothered about Gomis staying, I think he will bring a bit of balance. I think he will be better with more legs around him than he had last year.
  15. Different. Interesting to see how that works out. Not sure mentioning his involvement in that Hibs friendly is a good idea though.
  16. Cunningham is a good player, definitely up to L1 level, but this is a big season for him. Really unlucky injury when he was finding consistent form. I don't think he has ever played well at right wing. He has to be involved inside the pitch. Either way, it's good to have someone who can run.
  17. I said exactly the same thing last night. Every team needs a second goalkeeper who probably wont be very good. I'd be worried if he had to play a decent run of games.
  18. He was the previous season's back-up 'keeper. Similar to Joshua Bradley Hurst he looked decent for a game or two but when given a run for Stenny this season he unsurprisingly started throwing goals in all over the place.
  19. That's why we celebrated promotion and why staying up was important. A league with Dunfermline, QotS, Falkirk is a cracker, L2 isn't. Hopefully Annan come up. We've not won at Dunfermline on our last 24 visits so we are due a win there as well.
  20. Pretty sure Wallace, Mercer and possibly Murdoch are contracted until 2023. I suppose they might have a relegation release clause.
  21. Given the type of team that we became, Docherty and Page both did a job particularly over the winter period. Not that there's much in it but I'd say Page was probably our best centre half this season (whilst still being too slow) but he also missed far too many games. Jones was signed as a target man and then claimed he wasn't one. Up there with Chris Johnston as the laziest player in many a year. Let's not let the management team off the hook for signing him though. Every single supporter knew he was hopeless and it petrifies me ahead of this summer that we signed him having watched him stink the place out at Broadwood for Dumbarton/Stranraer. I don't think any player in my time watching Clyde can have as many important one-off goals as Ally Love, even going back to his first up at Montrose in the game which kickstarted DL's tenure. However, for an attacking player he hasn't ever been good enough at L1 level. All in though, you can't argue that he isn't a name now etched permanently in the club's history so fair play, he's ahead of most in that regard. For the others, I really enjoyed Mortimer scoring against Airdrie and I appreciate Tade putting Jones to shame by trying hard despite his body being completely finished.
  22. Players released by Falkirk/QP would be a target for me. Not the youngsters but established first team players. We are very much a different environment, certainly compared to Falkirk.
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