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  1. I can't speak for other schools (or indeed other departments in my school), but we did the following: 1. I assigned predicted grades to pupils in my classes. Our PT went through pupil by pupil on a phone-call with myself (lasting a good hour and half) and challenged me on every prediction, which was useful as he was purely going off data. We were told that if there was any uncertainty in our mind (as any teacher knows, there are a host of pupils who sit right on grade boundaries, there are always surprises and disappointments in any exam cohort) then we should predict the higher grade. I don't know if that was specifically a school policy, or council, or a national one. 2. Those grades were then collated and analysed in comparison to our department's previous SQA results, and in the case of S5/6 pupils, prior attainment in previous exam diets. It matched up reasonably well; I think band 1 As were the main outlier in terms of being over-inflated. 3. The data was then submitted and a whole school analysis was done, comparing the predicted grades with the school's expected grades. A list of potential anomalies was drawn up and fed back to departments. We do whole-school class-by-class prelim analysis and year-long tracking, so we have a fair idea how pupils will do anyway. 4. The PT then discussed the pupils who raised eyebrows with ourselves and any alterations agreed were made. 5. At about this point, the SQA decided they wanted pupils ranked in order (my only bit of opinion in this post; I hated doing that, as I found it nearly impossible for my own classes, never mind trying to do it across a department with kids you don't know). So that was done, then submitted.
  2. Remember in 19/20 there were two extra ones tacked on because of the "pay deal". I don't remember asking for them, but the EIS seemed to take it as some sort of bonus to cover up their incompetent negotiation skills.
  3. Several staff bases in our school (A reasonably new build) have no windows. Ours has ten PCs and 20 members of staff and it is almost unbearable when it's warm, with zero ventilation.
  4. I think it would make sense for Palace to move on from Hodgson.
  5. If it's the same as it's been in England, then you can make the changes at 3 different stoppages, or at half-time. Injuries are irrelevant. It's a ridiculous idea for this division.
  6. That is a dreadful decision. I've no idea why out of all the referees you'd give Taylor a second FA Cup final.
  7. I've seen numerous games like this, where Aberdeen play Rangers/Celtic and just stand completely off them. In cup finals as well. I understand there probably has to be an element of caution, and that better teams will naturally keep the ball, but they always take it too far with how deep they sit and how little pressure they put on the ball.
  9. I'm pretty sure PTFC view games with Clyde the same way as we view playing QP. Whilst there are some Clyde fans who are disturbingly obsessed. Maybe a few years sharing a division would spark it up but only if we can be a bit of a nuisance. For me there has to be an element of a level playing field for a rivalry to really flourish and we've been miles away for ages. Personally, I do view it as a rivalry as growing up in the West End of Glasgow there were a few (like two or three) Thistle fans in my school and that was around the time where the two teams played semi-regularly late 90s, early 00s, so there was naturally a bit of chat back and forth. That probably comes out a bit when we play, as does the natural bit of excitement when it's a match where there's a bigger crowd (similar to the Falkirk games). We've had cup games which had me shrugging my shoulders in complete indifference though. Remember the match we had to play at Alloa? Not sure the Thistle fans even bothered celebrating when they scored.
  10. It would be absolutely ridiculous for L1 to introduce it for a season given that it's been introduced to help players deal with a hectic schedule. L1 teams are scheduled to play every weekend, the same as usual.
  11. I think it's a real positive as well, but people will just look at it and see "Oh, there's no concessions, I need to pay £250?!" and not even consider the fact they could have paid in instalments, or they could have paired up with a pal, or that the money carries over etc. The club will argue that it was obvious but I don't think it was advertised particularly well for that group of supporters.
  12. I'd imagine the players are still furloughed and therefore unable to take part in stuff like that.
  13. A good player and one for EF to be excited about, but his negatives are staying fit and his disinterest in defending. For them it makes sense as with a stable defence and midfield it's easier to add a player like that. We have far bigger issues to fix at the back and in midfield that we need our budget for.
  14. We've obviously got quite a big stadium we can use, compared to the size of our support, but I'd hope that might spur a few people on to buying a season ticket.
  15. Swinney getting told off for heckling. 1400 new teachers will be spread pretty thinly across the 2400 schools in Scotland.
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