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  1. We've signed plenty of wingers and then quickly realised that we are better playing down the middle of the pitch, with the players in question quickly relegated to the bench. Eddie Ferns, Darren Smith, Adam Martin, Ross Lyon, Gregg Wylde, possibly even Chris Johnston (although he does play inside more often than not). Even Scott Banks didn't really fit in for most of his loan spell. I can only assume we got him cheap because of DL's connection to St Mirren. Henderson had a bit of pace and trickery but would only ever go on the outside. He'll not make a career at any sort of a level unless he adds a bit more variety to his game.
  2. It is a reasonable and justifiable approach if it is prize money. There is simply nothing reasonable and justifiable about the fact that Arbroath and Alloa received considerably more money than Partick Thistle and Falkirk.
  3. On a similar note, one of my favourites is the number of commentators, players and managers who still don't know a free-kick for offside can be awarded in your own half, which has been the case for a number of years. Liam McLeod was having a meltdown about it a couple of years back and a fraction of the Clyde support went apoplectic up at Peterhead last season.
  4. There was one a few years back where Lovren tried to control a through ball and mis-controlled it through to Harry Kane who won a penalty. That explanation was given then; it's not a recent rule change.
  5. Signed on loan for Kasimpasa in January.
  6. I'd imagine the only people surprised, or who complain, that schools aren't going back Feb 1 will be the #usforthem mentalists. What I'd hope for is some sort of forward plan re: older kids. I think we're going to be stretching it a bit fitting in two prelims pre-Easter; it would be good to know if there'll be an extension of SQA's dates, or if the expectations for evidence will change. Given Swinney's previous I'm not holding out much hope for an update pre-April.
  7. There's been plenty of players in matches over the last few days who have clearly had a fresh cut.
  8. Could Lenny let us know how professional footballers appear to have became so good at cutting their own hair?
  9. Whilst I agree that the distribution was unfair (Hearts getting the same as Alloa? Falkirk getting the same as Clyde?), the government grant wasn't for testing. Indeed, they absolutely shouldn't be getting used for that. The government funding testing for footballers would rightly be viewed as a disgrace.
  10. Even the QP fans, who would almost be guaranteed promotion, can see that.
  11. I wonder if our club would rather accept the 3-0 defeats and keep the fine money. Accept the defeat v East Fife and then play Forfar IMO.
  12. I see that St Mirren and Kilmarnock have had their 3-0 defeats turned into fines; £10k with £10k suspended. In terms of league games, that's a number of times that has happened (e.g. Napoli in Italy had a 3-0 defeat against Juventus turned into a re-arranged tie). Without knowing any details of how we may have erred (if we did), you'd imagine it would now be a financial penalty if anything.
  13. Would there not be issues for the rest of the league if the top division stopped, due to potential loss of TV revenues? I don't know if the BBC Championship deal would be similar.
  14. They're such an ambitious full-time club they bottled putting their undersoil heating on the last two Saturdays. Do they reckon full-time Queen's Park should be launched up two divisions?
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