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  1. League 2 - Golden Boot

    From top to bottom; Goodwillie McAllister Albion Rovers Darren Smith
  2. West Ham doing some decent business this summer. Obviously they brought in Pelligrini but have they got someone else bringing in guys more based on stats etc? Anderson is an excellent player at opening up a game, and wins the ball back defensively a lot.
  3. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    Let's not forget Neuer's mad bit of wingplay.
  4. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    If two players from the same team are tended to by physios etc at the same incident, they don't need to leave the pitch.
  5. Teams play a high line, Salah will burn them in behind. Teams sit deep, Shaqiri will smash one in from 25 yards. Great signing as an option, means 3 points against the dross is more likely. One more attacking player who can shoot from distance hopefully still to come in.
  6. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    Prices for all group G matches set at £12 and £6.
  7. League 2 2018/19 Predictions

    At the moment; Clyde Peterhead Stirling Annan Elgin Edinburgh Cowden QP Berwick Albion Still plenty of time to change before the season starts. I'd be astonished if Stirling didn't add a couple of players, QP definitely will, and Sutherland leaving Elgin could drop them right down the table.
  8. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    We lined up with Cuddihy at right back, rest of back four self explanatory. Rankin and Grant in front of the back four, but not at the same time. Lamont off Goodwillie with McStay and Love either side, but plenty of movement between them. First goal came after 5 dominant minutes, a cross from the right wing towards Love whose effort was well saved, before Goodwillie tapped in the rebound. Similar chance at the other end with a shot pushed out by Currie but Rankin made a superb block from the rebound. The second Clyde goal was a cracker; superbly flighted diagonal ball from Stewart from deep and a great touch and footwork from Goodwillie to finish. The whole of the first half we played like it was a cup tie, whilst Hamilton were out for a stroll. We won the ball high up the pitch, kept possession well and more than deserved our lead. The second half Hamilton changed almost their entire side and unsurprisingly the part-time team struggled to play with the same intensity. I can't remember Currie having a save to make though, with our defence well organised and playing high enough up the pitch to keep them at arms length. Hamilton must have sent 20 or 30 crosses in the box but nearly all were over-hit. We were noticeably tired late on and Hamilton hit the bar, had an effort that was well saved by Hughes and had a few other close things. DIdn't ever think we wouldn't win though. Positive individual performances were McNiff who was outstanding, Lamont before going off injured with a sore knee pre-halftime. Love as a sort of inside-forward gives a bigger goal threat. Goodwillie best striker on the pitch. Grant/Rankin tandem has a bit of promise. Cuddihy natural footballer, can play anywhere. Negatives would be Gorman's distribution again (decent defender though) and Eddie Ferns, who lost possession when he had it and didn't track McMann at all the other way. Unlike other seasons though, neither will be playing if they don't improve. I thought Rankin was neat and tidy and did a lot of talking. When we sat back after the break he was pulling people into position to keep the shape. Two outstanding blocks as well. I think he'll make Grant an even better player. Cup games are going to be great but I absolutely can't wait for the league season. Lots of wins and good football ahead.
  9. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    We look right on it. Even fitter and stronger than last season. Much better options with Love almost like another new signing. The pressing and countering in the first half was like something from MOTD.
  10. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Regardless of the second half outcome, I think this is the worst team we've ever played against.
  11. The East Fife Thread

    Linton didn't play centre half at all at Clyde. Started at LWB, played at LB as he had historically, but as a good technical player in a rubbish division mostly played on the left/right of midfield in first season, before moving into the middle of midfield for a fair proportion of his second. Class everywhere for us.
  12. Belgium v Brazil - Quarter final

    It's almost like the ref has watched Neymar before. Delighted he is out. Another cracking game. Superb win for Belgium. Hazard outstanding, absolutely top class.
  13. Belgium v Brazil - Quarter final

    Looked like they were checking if the ball had gone out. Seemed a foul.
  14. Belgium v Brazil - Quarter final

    Hazard and De Bruyne are absolutely unplayable here. Think Brazil need Firmino on asap.
  15. We had him at Clyde for a wee loan spell and he's a proper backs to the wall centre half. Superb in the air, which is always the worry for younger centre halves. He'll be as good as anyone in the league in that area. Would've been good in a nice tight Jim Duffy back four. The problems came when he was under very little pressure, he twice cost us goals by under-hitting simple back passes, that in the space of just a couple of weeks. I'm not sure it was concentration, I just think his footwork isn't particularly smart at times.