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  1. The Clyde highlights are phenomenal; a fantastic summary of the day. Featuring Annan GK timewasting, a number of other players hitting the deck under very little pressure, Syvertsen retiring the Annan number 4 with an outrageous bit of skill. Then onto the goals, with the second one summing up our style as Lang manages to keep possession when others would have just gone to win a tackle. Then the post-match scenes with Rankin/Goodwillie jumping around with crutches, a classy Annan player (Swinglehurst?) going to congratulate our dugout and the stuff inside the changing room where Ray Grant works up a sweat for the first time this season. Oscar worthy. Annan highlights are worth watching as well because they're from the other side and the huge crowd is fully visible.
  2. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Came on here to post the same. This is not a comedy comment; I genuinely feel he'd benefit from another season on loan. He had a few games where he made errors defensively or struggled to have an impact. Absolutely no doubt that in our biggest game for years he stepped up to the mark though; a sensational individual performance to open up a very defensive Annan time and time again.
  3. Premier League playoffs only I think.
  4. Thought the penalty was soft at the time but looks blatant on that footage. Well done Marcus.
  5. Swinglehurst is probably the Annan player who is furthest away from being able to play in our team.
  6. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Looks like Raymundo will be getting the Website PotY as well. Thoroughly deserved, for the calmest player I've ever seen play for Clyde.
  7. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Hopefully that doesn't clash with my holiday; the trip to Linlithgow was excellent in November. I'd hope our supporters turn out in force; it's easy to get to on the train, lots of pubs/cafes etc. Look forward to seeing you make your way up the leagues.
  8. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    I'm sure in the coming weeks we will be able to share in some fun nostalgia about our own Banter years, but for now, a massive well done to everyone associated with the club. Thoroughly deserved. The anticipation of next year in what looks like a terrific League 1 is just another boost at the end of an amazing season.
  9. Firstly, commiserations to an Annan side that I reckon would have cruised through the playoffs and into the higher division most other seasons. You have a good manager and whilst the time-wasting etc. is irritating, it's the only way you were going to get the better of us. It was interesting to see Smith and Wallace rotated today, and I'm not really sure it worked to be honest. I'm also not convinced that a game plan that negates Johnston completely is a good one. That said, you should be early favourites for next season and hopefully it'll be your turn. I disagree entirely with those who say we played poorly at times today. I thought we were outstanding given the pressure that rested on the players' shoulders. It would have been easy to start panicking and rushing the play but we kept patient and wore them down eventually. To play against a mass defence and force their 'keeper into three or four excellent stops, with a couple of other chances missed; I think that's a decent effort. To stand up to losing Goodwillie (at least Annan's long throw expert went off as well!) and go onto win the game speaks volumes, and whilst it may have been a soft spot-kick, we had a cast iron certainty turned down in the first half because of Syvertsen's honesty. The team selection was spot on. Banks frightened the life out of Annan and Syvertsen had a superb game, pretty sure it was him who swung in the brilliant cross for the penalty. Grant and McStay totally dominated the centre of the pitch, Grant doing an excellent job in front of Nade (what were we thinking on Tuesday?!). Lang looked too good for League 1 bar one suicidal pass across the six yard box. Sometimes teams sneak up through play-offs, but we 100% deserve promotion. We've done it playing good football, fought for everything, and had the nicest man in Scottish football as manager. I'll still be looking back at highlights of this campaign decades from now. I'm absolutely delighted that 2700 people turned up, as the players deserve that stage. They are now club legends, every single one of them.
  10. Team announced: IN: Pace. OUT: Plodders.
  11. That's one that randomers around the World will be seeing during this week.
  12. Awful refereeing. A so called top referee has to see that, it's right in front of him!
  13. Jet 2

    I see what you mean now. We got boarding passes at the desk; I meant we didn't have them beforehand, like we did on the outbound flight with Ryanair.
  14. Jet 2

    I am the teacher!
  15. Jet 2

    I was away a school trip to Valencia this week and flew back from Reus with Jet 2 and we didn't have boarding passes or anything. Just checked in at the desk with our passports.