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  1. https://eftv.info/highlights-2021-22/?doing_wp_cron=1632764469.8643798828125000000000 Some of that defending in the first half
  2. Might be worth checking if you'll get a view of the game and a bit of cover before booking anything as well, given our experience up there.
  3. Not that I am a fan of Off the Ball, but BBC Scotland ending their football coverage at 6 now is a bit of a pain. Too many drives home haven't ended by that time. I also don't get why they have episodes of Off the Ball on at the same time as live games.
  4. Two teams playing a 352 against each other never results in the best of games to be honest. It worked out well that we had to make a change at the interval as EF ended the first half on top. Not a classic game at all but I always felt we might nick something. The one real moment of quality won the match and that's something that Cunningham should produce more often. As a team we rarely seem to score from outside the box. He's had a decent start to the season, though ironically had one of his quieter games today. Balatoni was our outstanding player, with Cuddihy and Elsdon just behind. Livingstone had a good game as a substitute. Splaine didn't find a team-mate all game, one of the most infuriating players we have had given his obvious ability. Gomis and Tade made a huge difference. If Jones could bother himself to get in front of a centre half for a cross then it would be much appreciated. All in, we've done staggeringly well to be sat on 11 points after 8 games. Hopefully we'll get a couple of loanees with a bit of experience before the deadline (the difference a centre half with pace, and a better attacker would make is huge). EF wore black shorts, which is great, but apart from that... No attacking threat at all. What was the deal with putting every corner kick onto Cuddihy's head at the near post? They'll come back again a bit once they've a few players back but I fear (hope) that they'll be cast adrift by then. It doesn't look like a league where anyone is going to go on a run over a number of games.
  5. Need Gomis on asap. That midfield was great last week, completely hopeless this week. The minute EF stopped hiding in their own half we fell to pieces. Really poor performance all in. Balatoni has played well.
  6. On the face of it, that seems like a great signing.
  7. Looks like the assistant is having a nightmare as well, that's an awful decision. It's not even close!
  8. Can't believe I just watched Kieran McGrath dribble past Kai McCormack on television.
  9. I don't know who is going to win the Serie A title this year, but I'd be amazed if it was Juventus.
  10. This is what he will now be remembered for, rather than the weird idea that he was ever good enough for England.
  11. A big bunch of kids sitting down the front, they were buzzing at the end. A disappointing attendance all in though.
  12. He has taken quite a bit of stick recently but full credit to Danny Lennon for the set-up today; it was still the 352 (really a necessity with our lack of pace at the back; look at Balatoni getting pulled out wide late on) but it had a lot more of the hallmarks of our best teams since he came in. Even the late changes were brave and got a deserved reward. It was the best we've played since PTFC at the start of last season, albeit still with a smattering of quite horrendous moments. After a pretty awful first 15 minutes we settled down nicely and played our way into the game. It's amazing the difference having five energetic football players across midfield made. Cuddihy was absolutely superb, Cunningham equally so in spells. Kennedy, who was lucky to last 37 minutes last week, had a great game for an hour before tiring. Deveney played well on his debut. And what a player Splaine would be if he got some consistency in his game; some terrific moments but then fails to play a simple pass to send Goodwillie in on goal. I'm not convinced that team would work against every opponent but it competed today. I have very little idea what Parry was doing at the first goal, he maybe had completely lost his bearings? Seemed to just pull his arms out of the way. At the penalty, if it's Balatoni/Elsdon challenging they simply win the header. He's maybe a bit unlucky to catch Doyle but Rumsby turns every header into a 50-50. He was lucky that Murray didn't take advantage of the four times he got caught on his heels in the first half. Him and Jones were the clear weak links in that team we had out today. A centre half with pace and a Tade that can play for an hour and we might end up climbing away from the bottom two. Queen's Park....if you had told me Ray McKinnon was in charge, I'd have believed it. Some terrific players and they deserved a point but I'm struggling to know exactly what their game plan was. It helped that Murray had an absolute stinker in fairness. Goodwillie's penalty was awful but he had a great game. That first goal was absolutely sensational and it means I might buy some "100 merchandise" now.
  13. Some laugh the amateur Tade causing full-time QP to lose the plot completely.
  14. Kennedy and Cuddihy have been superb. It is amazing the difference having a bit of legs in midfield makes.
  15. Kennedy and Cuddihy have been superb. It is amazing the difference having a bit of legs in midfield makes.
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