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  1. That tackle from the Schalke goalkeeper Gone full Schumacher.
  2. Fans arguing with the manager👍 Players pulling out of challenges👍 Boardroom rumour mill and financial crisis in full swing👍 Scudded by Montrose👍 Fantastic bit of nostalgia back to 12-13 or so today. First half we started energetically but by the end of the half were pushed right back. A couple of wee breaks for Montrose's goal (which I also thought was scored by Steeves?). We started the second half well and really should have been level. Great long ranger from McStay tipped over the bar, an awful cross from Johnston which Goodwillie somehow turned towards goal that was also saved. A close range header from McStay blocked on the line and the rebound deflected over. Smith a run and shot into the side netting. We were so threatening that Montrose had to make a change and stiffen up their midfield, which worked, with Lyons twice seeing shots superbly saved by Mitchell. Mitchell then completely sold the second goal, sprinting out and getting nowhere near the ball, leaving an open goal that Montrose worked the ball into. Right after that, Grant, who was at left-back by now, hit the most under-hit back-pass ever and Webster stuck it past the post. Third was from a corner kick bundled in at near post. By the fourth we were an absolute rabble, down to ten men with Duffie off injured and the rest with no idea where they were playing. A ball into the box, Petkov seemed to be favourite despite being on his own against a number of players, but it fell for the Montrose player to roll into the corner. Mitchell cost us the crucial second but probably gets a pass because he'd made two excellent saves with his feet. Centre halves won plenty of tackles and headers, made plenty of blocks, but that pair are just strikingly ordinary. They don't win you games. To go from having Lang/Cogill to that... Duffie tried hard and was trying to play even when he clearly couldn't run, against their most dangerous player; others should look to match his effort. McMullin was beaten time and time again (some gig McNiff has competing with him/Allison for a place in the team). Grant, who was ill, was dreadful and probably shouldn't have started. Johnston threatened at times, couldn't have shown less interest at other points, including when he inexplicably didn't bother challenging for a loose ball in the box after he'd had a shot blocked. Not a player we need in a relegation scrap. Cuddihy ran around a lot without ever influencing the game. Goodwillie was completely lost until Lamont came on and started getting within 20 yards of him. Lyon came on and pulled out of a tackle within a couple of minutes. Montrose are a better side than us. On the two games against Clyde, I'd be amazed if they didn't get into the top four. Their two full-backs irritate the life out of me every time we play against them; we're fielding midfielders, centre halves and non-league players and they've got two great defenders who bomb forward with quality. Lyons is clearly a class above this league as well. No idea what they were doing the first few games of the season but it's a shame we didn't play them then. Need a massive effort from everyone over the next couple of games but we are clearly a club going in the wrong direction again. The second Montrose went 2-0 up, they could have ended up with any score-line.
  3. Awful game, Montrose got a lucky bounce for the goal but we have been so uninvolved in an attacking sense it's maybe not a surprise. Playing two "8s" behind Goodwillie just doesn't work. They just don't get near him.
  4. Minamino bargain (TBC). Klopp new contract until 2024. James Milner new contract until 2022. Liverpool are run superbly at the moment.
  5. Someone tell Sutton Celtic are only allowed three subs.
  6. Mark McLaughlin made his debut for Clyde in July 1999 and played his final game for the Bully Wee in May 2016.
  7. Liam Allison Karim Belmokhtar Eddie Ferns Declan Fitzpatrick Joe Gorman Kyle Gourlay David Hopkirk Kieran Hughes Steve Kipre Ross Lyon Adam Martin Michael McMullin Alex Petkov Darren Smith Tony Wallace ^^^ That is some amount of garbage to have signed in two years. I can't see why he would have looked at Smith/Wallace and thought they'd fit into the way we played last season. Jack Boyle Chris Johnston ^^^I'd have the jury out on those two. Boyle good during his loan but not great last season. Scott Banks Dylan Cogill Ray Grant Craig Howie Tom Lang Ally Love Chris McStay David Mitchell John Rankin Scott Rumsby Kristoffer Syvertsen ^^^Acceptable. We've got an excellent manager but his transfer record is starting to become a big area for improvement.
  8. I agree. It was an absolutely dreadful substitution; I don't think we came close to scoring after the change. We've seen Love play (and be a man short) in that striker role before (Edinburgh last season, Dumbarton this season). I actually thought Smith was having a decent second half with Lamont/Cuddihy playing closer to him and he was causing Forfar problems trying to go in behind. I would agree that he should have been on for Johnston or Lamont. As someone who doesn't particularly value wingers, I would also agree that our reluctance to put Johnston central and get him more involved in the game is baffling. It was a tough game to try and win; Forfar didn't even counter attack when they had the ball, it was nearly impossible to have a man advantage at any time. That makes Smith's two terrific chances (one in each half) and the inexcusably bad penalty from Grant even harder to stomach, as we absolutely should have found ourselves ahead. As it was, Forfar got brave in the last ten minutes and probably should have scored themselves. I don't think any Clyde fan would be happy with a point, but we're needing to pick up anything we can at the moment in the hope things will turn around a bit post-Christmas. I thought Cuddihy had a great game and that Duffie will now get a good run of games at right-back (if he stays fit). The rest are trying hard but it's just not happening.
  9. Well, DL has picked a team that can get the ball over the halfway line and no further. Need to get someone up with Smith. I can only assume Forfar think it's a training exercise as all they've done is defend. We aren't that good guys.
  10. Does every Clyde fan work with Craig Howie?
  11. That is what has been spent since the new owners took over so not all on the current squad Apparently their eleven tonight cost more than Liverpool's. Think Mane has leapt past Ronaldo already in next year's Ballon D'or race.
  12. Interesting that DL has a go at the players for hitting long balls, when he's just spent three games trying to turn Mr Annan into some sort of Simon Mensing-esque target man. Then throws McNiff and Petkov up front for the last ten minutes. He also has a pop at a referee who I didn't think was that bad to be honest, apart from not dealing with the time-wasting sooner. I know we're constantly rotating because of who is actually fit but we are an absolute shambles just now, with no consistency of selection or game plan. I agree with him that others need to step up when DGW isn't playing well, but he was so unbelievably bad today that he was messing up any attacks that we did muster. Hard to be a midfielder when the target isn't pulling his weight. Which player does he expect to step up though, apart from maybe Johnston? The non-league left winger? The attacking midfielder with 6 goals in nearly 100 games? Dumbarton only looked like scoring once they were 2-1 up. They defended that lead very comfortably. Fair play to Duffy; he has started with the wrong set-up twice against us this season and changed it both times. Good news is that we've got a Glasgow cup tie in which to pick up more injuries on Tuesday.
  13. I was listening to that in disbelief after the game today. The BBC don't hold their commentators to any sort of standards at all (no surprise reading above the Liam McLeod didn't know the rules either; he has previous for that).
  14. Totally enjoy watching Bayern squander a barrel-load of chances and losing as a result.
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