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  1. It's Albert Ferrer (ex-Barcelona player).
  2. That dive by Braithwaite and the reaction The sooner bans are dished out for that sort of thing the better.
  3. Peterhead have a smattering of decent midfield players but I think they are a pretty awful team as well. They lucked out big style with the early red card for Airdrie.
  4. Even without this, the games v St J and Forfar should be moved a day later anyway?
  5. Think it's only fair to give a wee bit of credit to Falkirk TV which was much better than the cup game. I don't think it would hurt the main commentator (who was a bit less biased today whilst still suiting the majority of his audience) to do a bit of research on the away team but given its a proper camera, there's replays and an actual production before/after/at ht then I think the extra couple quid is fair enough.
  6. I read an interesting article on The Athletic this morning regarding Dundee Utd's youth development. If you add Neilson to Mochrie at Montrose then they are clearly doing something right. Hindsight would have us playing a different side from kickoff. We probably didn't know Falkirk were playing a 442 when we put our teamlines in or we would have played three centrally. We didn't know Nicoll would be so poor, Cunningham awful or even that Lang/Otoo would have stinkers. Still, we could have had a massive dent in our goal difference and been without Nicoll for the next two. Josh Jack had some lovely touches. Given the other results, today could have gone a lot worse.
  7. Every single podcast, Clyde players say Josh Jack is a player. This half has been the first time he has shown it.
  8. Thomson has done okay since coming on but he is at fault for that goal. Can't allow a transition there.
  9. That's not true, you see lots of yellow for a careless elbow that catches someone. I think a yellow was fine here, he's not swung it deliberately in Howie's face.
  10. Apart from Mitchell, Jamieson and Goodwillie, they've all been very poor. Lang has given it away as much as anyone. I can't understand why we haven't made more changes.
  11. Knew it the minute he took such a heavy touch, he has done that numerous times in his Clyde career. Very lucky.
  12. Howie and Nicoll in midfield isn't working. Lang surprisingly sloppy so far, Rumsby not surprisingly being bullied. With Falkirk playing two in midfield we need to put someone else in and outnumber them.
  13. Reads like someone who hasn't been to a football match, or indeed ventured into any sort of public event. The thing actually says "avoid high fives"
  14. Hearts v Alloa pulled from the telly as well
  15. It's the lead story on the BBC Sport page. I'm genuinely struggling as to whether religion or the Royal family is a bigger sham.
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