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  1. Yes, Scott Lambie. He also is refereeing our game on Saturday.
  2. Games: 3. Wins: 3. Goals For: 7 Goals Against: 1. That is someone's Clyde stats for this season. Any idea who I'm talking about?
  3. When PES was great you played a preseason friendly against a team of famous bald players called Gli Pelati, which loosely translates as the peeled tomatoes.
  4. The frustrating thing with Airdrie's goals is that we wouldn't have scored the first four. We can't get a shot from distance to go anywhere near the target, we don't get players in the box. He had his limitations and we probably didn't have much choice, but losing Allan is costing us big time. Not sure Falkirk or he have gained much from it either. The players tried hard tonight but Sula was dreadful for four of the goals and we don't hit the target anywhere near enough when in some good positions. Cuddihy, Roberts and Salkeld played well, they should be our midfield trio moving forward. The drop-off when Scullion came on was staggering. Doherty has to be one of the most frustrating players we have had in some time. Some wee flashes where he looks decent, and hes certainly physically capable, but he spends most of the game looking like he's never played football before; he takes the ball in then doesn't ever release it. Airdrie are going to beat Falkirk in the playoffs, then lose the final to Edinburgh. Written in the stars.
  5. He really was. This mess is undeniably Lennon's fault but Duffy was an appointment noone wanted, so the minute we got a poor result the daggers were going to be out. He's made absolutely no difference. 1 win in 16 league games. He previously had 1 win in 18 during his first spell. Fair play to him for making a career as a manager as he's an absolute imposter.
  6. I've enjoyed watching us go forward tonight, we have played well enough and could have more goals. No imposter full backs in midfield surprisingly makes a difference as Salkeld, Cuddihy and Roberts are all athletic and decent runners with the ball. Defensively, we are playing an Airdrie who are on the crest of a wave and Sula hasn't been clever for any of the goals. We've also abandoned the edge of the box at corners, presumably to try and stop free headers in it. Means that teams can get a free shot if the ball drops there.
  7. I'd like him pressed on that as Ive heard it a couple of times. What is a competitive budget? Is it simply competitive against ourselves? You can immediately rule out the idea that it's competitive relative to Dunfermline, Falkirk, QotS. Alloa, Airdrie (mostly FT), Montrose, Kelty all larger; historically and also indicated by squad quality and/or depth. Edinburgh no idea but again their signings suggest a bit of cash there. Can't disagree that we made poor signings and that Lennon is to blame for that but in our current state, we are never going to be anything other than a bottom 2/3 team in this division.
  8. Thing you didn't want to know: Since the move to 36 game seasons in 94-95, the worst cumulative points tally by the bottom two in any of the four Scottish leagues is 33; from Elgin and East Stirlingshire in 03-04. There has only be one other sub-40 season; the 34 that Brechin and Dumbarton took in 17-18; of which only 4 came from Brechin. Ourselves and Peterhead currently have a total of 27 points. I suppose we may as well try and make history. By comparison, the best ever bottom two is the 81 points that ourselves and Airdrie shared in our relegation from the current Championship in 08-09.
  9. This new rule where Rabiot can just handle the ball whenever he likes is a strange one.
  10. Woefully out of our depth on the pitch at this level, woefully out of our depth off the pitch at this level. We deserve to be a League 2 side and have done almost from the minute we were promoted. We are progressively getting worse; our last three away games have featured halves that are amongst the worst of the entire season.' Duffy now has them fully programmed to punt the ball aimlessly and as for this recent idea that Lyon can play in the centre of midfield... In fairness, the half-time change, putting Cuddihy centrally, and a miserable piece of goalkeeping got us back in it but Alloa were quite simply better throughout. No surprise given their squad packed full of real-life footballers. Even the brief hope from some new additions has worn off. Doherty did absolutely nothing but justifiably stayed on ahead of Rennie who was even worse than that, just kept falling over. Hynes finally got a run at right-back and was dreadful; couldn't even block crosses that were blasted right at him. The only entertaining part of another awful Saturday was a quite ridiculous outburst from a steward.
  11. Could be. Typically minging 45 minutes from Clyde. Why is Ross Lyon playing in midfield? He's literally given up possession ten times.
  12. His goal was a terrific finish, the first touch in particular.
  13. There have been a couple of recent instances of BBC commentators not knowing the offside rule; the other week James McFadden had an argument with one of them on the Friday night game trying to explain the fact it changed years ago. When a player is offside, the freekick is awarded where he touches the ball, not where he is offside. Therefore, it is absolutely possible for a player to concede a freekick for offside in his own half.
  14. Think they were indicating handball, players seemed to say shoulder. Ref had blown well before the shot even came in. Not a fan at all but those three were better than Rennie, Cunningham and Hynes today. Docherty's best game as well, though I doubt he'll ever score a goal. Sula, Parry our best. Draw was fair, should've probably been 2-2.
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