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  1. Chesney seems to have spent the last 5 minutes lying down inside his 6 yard box, nowhere near the ball despite it bouncing around the goalmouth.
  2. He described Pedri as a young 18 year old a few minutes back.
  3. Danny Murphy is an absolute idiot; it's not a wee bit of contact, the Polish player has stood right on his foot/ankle. It's a blatant penalty kick.
  4. They should move Scotland v Croatia there as well.
  5. I think that performance is exactly why Scotland stuck with, and should continue with, that formation.
  6. Gilmour has played well but he's been flagging a bit in the last ten minutes defensively. I thought him and Dykes were the obvious two who would be replaced.
  7. We also need to wear face coverings throughout. Absolutely bonkers sitting with a face mask on when outside. I'd absolutely love to know the justification for that (I appreciate it probably has nothing to do with Clyde). Meanwhile they're letting full capacity crowds at baseball in the USA, no masks.
  8. I have booked my tickets and I can't wait. I really hope we don't play Airdrie.
  9. Rafa Benitez rumoured to be joining Everton tonight. He loves making some bizarre career choices.
  10. When Barry Ferguson was at Clyde, he very much approached transfer windows from a fair distance out. I think in his final 5 (of 6) transfers windows he had at Clyde, the rumour mill had spat out the names of new signings well in advance of the window actually starting. It was definitely one of his strengths; getting players to commit early on, whether they actually signed "pre-contracts" or not. I do wonder if these additions are simply filling needs at this stage given he wasn't in post well before the end of the season. Some weak signings in there.
  11. He certainly played like he was 35 the last couple of times we played them. Albeit having been excellent on the previous occasions. That said, he is a major improvement on the current situation. Can easily see him being a good partner for a certain type of centre half.
  12. He was terrific. We played Kilmarnock in his first competitive game and they couldn't get near him. He was thoroughly entertaining to watch albeit a wee bit irritating in that he'd sometimes keep the ball himself rather than passing it. I'll be honest, it didn't actually irritate me at all. What surprised me most was the number of times he won the ball back high up the pitch. He got injured in September and still finished third in assists for the season. What's clear I think is that the team has to be built around him. And that will have an impact if he ends up missing a run of games. Following that injury we just got progressively worse.
  13. Dylan Easton was lying when he said we were the biggest/best part-time team, wasn't he? At least they've not had the cheek to ask us for money for season tickets and the like. I reckon pre season training will be back next weekend at the latest so they'll need to get moving.
  14. Totally. What happens when someone goes down with a head knock? There's no way they are emotionally settled, regardless of what they've heard.
  15. I'll be honest, I switched the TV over when the CPR started. Exactly the same nauseating feeling as seeing the same happen with Ross McCabe; the sort of thing you only expect to see in fictional TV. Fingers crossed his recovery continues successfully. Reading about the media doesn't surprise me. These are the same people who openly cause extra hysteria when there's a terrorist attack. Or, indeed, some of their Covid reporting. Hopefully the outcry from this will cause a change.
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