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  1. We're following most of that as well. One way systems in corridors, wiping down anything they use. It's been strange in science as we've not done anything other than demos so far because of issues with goggles (They'd need cleaned after use and apparently the straps take a while to dry?!). Each of the kids are getting their own elasticated strap to use from next week. It's been less of an issue in physics as we don't use them generally but still not had as much practical as usual. I personally can't remember a year where I've had so little absence, after the initial onslaught. We're a school with 2000 people in the building and track and trace measures have been used twice for pupils. There's been a few members of staff off but for self-isolation/awaiting tests, not because they've had it. Whilst I fully accept the fact COVID may be flying about asymptomatically, I wonder if the measures have cut down on a lot of the other colds and diseases that would normally be causing absence.
  2. That's no different from normal football in fairness though; e.g. £17 (plus car park charge) for Airdrie, £15 for Clyde, despite the fact it's exactly the same stadium. Even more for Falkirk, despite being stuck behind the goal.
  3. I see that Mike Ashley has decided to become the People's Champion in one of 2020's more surprising moves.
  4. Remember the last time Peterhead came to Broadwood? Liam Allison was given a start, Keiran Duffie played half the game at centre half (and was MotM), Rory McAllister played his only good game in a year and Goodwillie went off injured at half-time. Even our goal was awful. It was absolutely dreadful.
  5. Yes. I am delighted to be playing a Peterhead team without Jamie Stevenson. Never thought I'd see the day.
  6. He's from the Wirral and has previously been punted from the '06 FA Cup final because Liverpool were in it.
  7. I am absolutely amazed that Man U's turning of the corner has proved to be a nonsense false dawn.
  8. That's been a constant problem with pixellot apparently. One issue is that it doesn't appear to affect everyone (I've not had any problems with the two games I've watched but others have).
  9. Does Dumbarton's pitch mean I'm the only person in Scotland watching this? Interesting that the IFAB new laws of the game this year made a big deal about the fact that pulling a shirt isn't an offence in itself, only if it impedes a player's movement. I'm not convinced it did in this case, as silly as it is from Lenglet.
  10. Dumbarton have an absolute cheek having a stadium so close to the river that was named after us anyway. They should bugger off to Balloch.
  11. There was another League 1 striker who you were trying to throw money at.
  12. What is a bigger issue, and actually quite remarkable, is that the VAR officials who managed to miss it are refereeing an EPL game tonight! The lack of accountability is staggering.
  13. Van Dijk confirmed as having a torn ACL. Liverpool will now be regretting not signing a fourth centre half this summer. Hopefully this will cause Pickford to have a good look at himself; he's been on the verge of seriously injuring someone a number of times. And the VAR official needs binned.
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