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  1. Do you believe that there is a significant number of Aberdeen fans that are bigoted towards protestants?
  2. You're definitely laughing and not at all seething!
  3. 'Scoring goals' would mean scoring more than one goal. Sorry if this offends.
  4. Prices up, less to play for, and a terrible economic situation in the city. The fact that we might give Motherwell a doing isn't enough to get people to part with their cash.
  5. They want to set up a direct debit system that fans pay in to every month to fund the playing budget/stadium. George Yule isn't happy that crowds went down this season and wants the fans to spend even more of their money to watch an uncompetitive league.
  6. Draper is an effective hatchet man, but an absolute donkey when he has the ball. Wouldn't suit our team at all.
  7. Don't mind admitting that my eyes were a bit moist at full time yesterday. A heartbreaking way to end the season, but I've no complaints about the team, the better team won on the day. Hopefully losing McGinn and Jack (and also either Hayes or McLean according to a rumour that was going around pre-match) doesn't have too bad an effect on the way we set up next season.
  8. The important thing is that everyone enjoys themselves and gets home safe. I love you all, even Romeo.
  9. First beer down already. Nerves have kicked in. Wish I didn't feel so optimistic about this one.
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