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  1. Think that this statement is factually incorrect. Below is an excerpt from the Chairman's Season end statement. Finally, we will implement an option to pay-up your season ticket for supporters who are unable to lay out the full amount up front. Those wishing to take up this option should contact the club office directly after tickets go on sale.
  2. I agree that the Iron Bridge does not look fit for purpose but unfortunately traffic is being encouraged to use it by the road signs currently in place.
  3. Just to advise anyone coming to the game on Saturday and requiring to cross the Bawbee Brig from Leven that there are currently traffic lights on the bridge.The works are estimated to last for a further 9 weeks. Riverside Road is closed southwards between the Sainsbury roundabout and the roundabout at the Bawbee Brig.
  4. The trouble is that Civil Service Strollers,Spartans,Hill O Beath,Cowdenbeath, and Buckie Thistle are also part-time. Did EF outplay these teams? The directors have set out their stall. There will be 14/15 youngsters at Elgin tomorrow.Are they of a calibre to maintain the club within this league. I hope do for the good of the club. Time will tell.
  5. A very good question.Not too sure of the answer,mind you. Player sponsorships now available via club shop.
  6. Sam Martin is 17 Jay Sutherland 16 Mackenzie Williamson 19 Not sure who Allan was,but there is a Ruaraidh Allan 17.
  7. Mackenzie Williamson. Incidentally there were 7 players aged 20 or under who started the game v Buckie.At the end of the game there were 8 players under 20 on the pitch. The 4 players you are asking about are all teenagers who did not actually feature in the game.
  8. Brogan Walls extends contract to 2024.Well deserved.
  9. Answer is None. The concerns are with the quality of player who currently are playing for EF. Would not matter if EF were playing a part-time team. That is the concern.
  10. Lucas Williamson signs for EF on 18 month contract.
  11. Agree with your comments and concerns. 3 years ago this month,EF went to Tannadice and beat Dundee United 2 -0 in one of the best performances I have witnessed from an EF team in recent years. At the testimonial ,I was heartened by the large local support. For Saturday's game v Dunfermline ,looks like EF fans are voting with their feet.Unless there is a last minute surge,there will be an extremely low home turnout. Unfortunately there appear to be problems at ownership,BOD,and perhaps managerial levels within the club with the prices of Season Tickets turning fans away from the club.
  12. There is no doubt that there is great negativity at Bayview with genuine concerns amongst the fans about the direction the club is taking regarding the number of young players being contracted by the club , not being matched by older, more experienced players. How refreshing therefore was it to attend last night,s match v Heart of Midlothian, attended by an excellent support for both sides, being Kevin Smith,s Testimonial I think the Organising Committee deserve great credit for the organisation of the event together with those who compiled the Match Day programme. Kevin Smith is obviously well respected within the football fraternity and it was a pleasure to see him mix with the younger fans after his substitution. He is about to commence his coaching badges and I am certain that he will be back at Bayview in a managerial capacity sometime in the future.
  13. Question is why anyone at the club allowed any individual to own 51% of the club. The fact that Rankine effectively asset stripped the club by buying the land outside the stadium from the club at a discounted price only compounds the club's plight.
  14. Seems to me that the Chairman should call a Q and A session with the fans with no questions/topics being off the table. The Boards/Fans concerns could then be discussed.
  15. Whilst the Board are excellent at controlling the club's finances,they are totally abject at promoting the club commercially and more importantly ,entering into dialogue with the wider Levenmouth community. Unfortunately the Board is continuing to adopt a "they ken where we are" attitude whilst presiding over a substantial reaction in fan numbers.It is one thing for the Chairman to give the fanbase a periodic update on social media.We are the converted.Why is there never an appeal to the wider public.? Although personally,I believe that changes are needed at senior Board level,the number 1 priority would be to appoint a Commercial Director part of whose remit would be to promote the Club in the wider community. With a view to fostering a better understanding of the Boards and Fans concerns,the Supporters club have,or about to,write to the BOD suggesting a Fans rep on the Board.Be interesting to see the reply. Having said all this,the club will NEVER prosper,until Neil Rankine/Johnston/Twigg sells their share in the Club.
  16. I am currently, and have been for the past 4 weeks in Espana. Apparently the starting line-up was: Fleming Mercer, Denham, Slattery, Williamson Omar,Millar ,Walls,Newton Trouten, Shepherd . Changes were made at halftime but no info.on what they were. Missing at least from the starting lineup were Smith,Steele,Murdoch,Cunningham, Healy,and McManus.
  17. It may well have been Burntidland Shipyard and not Thornton Hibs.My point is that I thought that he was an up and coming player.That thought was torn to shreds that evening-and yes,I did know he was playing against East Fife.
  18. Must admit that a few years ago,I saw Nathan Laird as an up and coming no nonsense centre half.Last season I saw him play for Thornton Hibs in the 15-0 debacle. With regard to recruitment,there appears to be vacancies all around especially in defence with a 19 year old replacing the experienced 2 Higgins and Dunlop. With ,I think,9 players aged 20 or under currently in the squad, a few more experienced players would not go amiss.
  19. The lack of information coming out of Bayview is truly appalling.
  20. The onus is now on Stevie Crawford to produce.
  21. Perhaps if the club's owner supported the club financially,the BOD could either help subsidize season tickets or initiate ground improvements.Remember that he is the guy who set up a company to purchase the land outside the stadium ,and as principal shareholder of EFFC ordered the sale the land at £100k at least beneath market value. Although there are concerns I have at Board level principally concerning their lack of engagement with the general Levenmouth public and lack of marketing nous,the biggest obstacle to what we all want,is Mr Rankine.
  22. There were EF fans behind the goals at the sea end v Dunfermline.Seem to remember that it was blowing a hoolie that day .
  23. Or perhaps Stirling offering more? You could argue that these players contributed to Darren's sacking at EF.
  24. The only senior player who appears not to have made a decision whether to sign or move on/retire is Chris Higgins. As others have suggested,there does appear to be concerns about Jude Smith future at EF.
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