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  1. Scorers were Dunsmore Hamilton Watt Agnew-with an absolute 30 yard howitzer and Denholm. Calumn Tapping for Stenhousemuir. Hamilton looked like a good old-fashioned centre forward with Swanson looking like a classy midfielder. Both should do very well in this league. All players played at least 45 minutes including Mc Conville,Laird,who I thought was very promising,and Newton.There were also a couple of trialists. I must admit that with this being the first friendly of the season,I was mightily impressed.A few slack moments-yes-but hopefully these will be rectified as the season progresses. I thought that the quality of the stream was patchy with the link going down for 5 minutes approx.second half.
  2. https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/light-will-shine-down-fifes-new-bayview-2938493 Interesting article in EFM. Plaudits are quite rightly given to the EF Board. Feel that those who manage Fifers For The Community deseve equal praise.
  3. Courier reporting that EF were interested in signing Rico Quitongo.He decided to re-sign for Dumbarton. Left sided defender still a priority.
  4. https://eastfifefc.info/latest-news/822-chairmans-update-13-july-2020 … Season Ticket News
  5. Think that the Chairman said that the game v Falkirk cost the club £20,000 never nind the other 3 games and perhaps the play-off games. Darren Young stating in the EFM that the club hopes to have a capacity of 600 - on the basis of 1 metre distancing- never mind the current 2 metres. Will be interesting to see whether away fans allowed. Will also be interesting to see if the club offers both actual attendance plus EFTV access for home games especially as I cannot see all fans feeling confident in returning to Bayview. For obvious reasons already mentioned, I do not envy the Board in their decision making. With regard to playing staff,the manager stated that he wished a forward -and that was in addition to whatever Anton Dowds decided to do-plus a left sided defender. Rory Currie,if fit , did an excellent job while on loan 2 seasons ago. Adam Livingstone , a left sided defender has been released by Motherwell.I seem to remember he was also on loan a few seasons ago. Irrespective , there will be more than a few players available who will have to be realistic in their demands if they wish to stay in the game.
  6. Or alternativelty ,if the club has aspirations to reach the Championship, surely the cost of development-no matter how elementary, would be self financing and is an asset for the future. If ,eg EF were to find itself in the Championship this coming season. I am sure that there would be crowds greater than 1990 for Raith, Dunfermline,and Dundee,and potentially against Falkirk and Partick. The club certainy had recent plans for a second stand/terracing which had to be shelved owing to a combination of the Murray years and to the club not being able to sell the land outside the perimeter wall on the open market. The current directors have done a marvellous job in reversing the huge deficit from the Murray years and posting profits for the past 2 years with no help from the majority shareholder.Just imagine what could be achieved with an owner remotely interested in EF.
  7. I think that you are correct Scott. I am sure that EF benefits by basically getting free electricity at least during the day ie when power is used during office hours .Not enough to power the floodlights during community /match day use but perhaps there is a supply that can be used to offset the full cost of night use. My understanding of what EFFC owned comprised the area within the perimeter wall plus either 20 or 25 metres beyond the wall.That would take in the Solar Panel area. Perhaps the club benefits from a rental? With regard to ground development,I would have thought that the club could have considered a Montrose FC ie concrete the side opposite the main stand. A cheaper alternative for a first step than build a second stand.
  8. EFTV showing EF V Hearts July 2019 from 3pm this afternoon.Free to all or donation. Match will be available until next Friday. eftv.info/classic-matches2/
  9. EFTV are showing EF v Heart of Midlothian July 2019 from 3pm this afternoon.Available any time until next Friday. Free to view or donation. eftv.info/classic-matches2/
  10. Understand that 4 clubs have made contact with Dowds.His desire to try full-time football is tempered by the fact that he has an excellent banking job.Big decision for him to make. Forthat particular game v Raith,neither Davidson or Dunlop were available ,and with Murdoch and Watson in the back 4, there was a distinct lack of cover in mid-field. Unfortunately Lewis Hunter was not up to the task on the day. Noticed that Rory Currie had been released by Hearts. Thought he did well for EF when on loan a couple of seasons ago. Perhaps a possibility, if he is fit.
  11. I think the only facts are-1 EF agreed a fee with Arbroath 2 Wallace agreed a 2 year deal with EF.
  12. I think top flight clubs will be recompensed by the new Sky deal.Other clubs,I'm not so sure. From an EF perspective.lt will be interesting to see whether Rankine,Johnston,Twigg put their hands in their pockets. No so sure that everyone will be buying a season ticket next season. Psychologically will we feel safe and if the disease persists,will fans be allowed to watch games.
  13. Messrs Hart, Murdoch, Higgins, Dunlop, Slattery, Agnew, Watt, Denholm, and Wallace are contracted for next season. Even with furloghing however, there must come a time when the club will be unable to meet its contribution to the players' wages. All very well speaking to more players , but with coronavirus still prevailing and with potentially no football for months and even then ,with social distancing still in force, the number of fans being admitted to Bayview will be substantially reduced. In other words, the club will be putting a financial noose around its neck by signing more players. Will be interesting to see what the club does with season ticket prices against this background Personally I cannot see sponsors, advertisers lining up to invest in EF next season. Having said all this , the same applies to all clubs outside the Premiership.
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