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  1. Just to add my pennyworth, EF concessions start at age 60 as opposed to Airdrie 65.Swings and roundabouts etc
  2. An extremely hard fought victory with Peterhead probably deserving a draw at least. East Fife's victory was accomplished by a very impressive defensive performance with the back 4 plus Brett Long all playing extremely well, plus a lack lustre Peterhead attack. Offensively very little worked for Wallace and Dowds. Bottom line is that any away victory is a good result and that we picked up 6 points from our last 2 away games.
  3. When Ross Dunlop is fit , I would like to see him back in the team in central defence with Craig Watson in a central midfield of 5 at the expense of Lewis Hunter.
  4. Just noticed that Pat Slattery suspended for 1 game ie against Peterhead.
  5. Formation was all wrong today.Duggan at the moment is a mere shadow of the player he was 2 seasons ago. Liam Watt is NOT a number 10. Neither Duggan or Denholm could complain about being substituted as both were abject. The 4-4-2 formation in the second half has been tried and tested this season and more often than not ,has worked. Perhaps if the manager had played this way throughout the game. Airdrie were so much better than EF today. ps EF DO need a 6ft5in centre-half.
  6. It will be Sellars.Strange since the Forfar Board asked your previous M anager to get rid of him.
  7. Hello from Murcia and watched the game on EFTV. EF well worth their victory with an excellent away performance.In fact the victory should have been greater with Boyd in particular missing 2 easy chances. Our achilles heel of conceding from set plays almost came to Dumbartons rescue in the last 15 minutes of the first half. A dominating centre - half would not go amiss. EF looked very good when keeping the ball on the ground and passing at pace. Good to see Watson get game time and he certainly did not let the side down. Anton put in a hard working shift up front. Dougan came on for last 15 minutes. Not sure what happened to Ross Dunlop but there was reference on commentary to a broken bone. An excellent team performance and a deserved 3 points.
  8. Dunsmore available for this game.Misses Dumbarton away through 1 match suspension.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/EastFifeTV/photos/a.324087061640788/442924073090419/?type=3&eid=ARCPmyV1zxkWk2vzoGxP5fHmtsR-MaAtbzjDJIsGYLwZIpp_yUoQmecffQNxZVDbotwIFPB6_DFDRltv&__xts__[0]=68.ARA4463orhBTdzAbiZguUrNCght6bmajQ6zFFKa2pgOnr7SqKLEqAGPH3jQrUDjnXKaFVuLNlsoVtJD1ImD1eNt2aXdQMIP
  10. 754 EF fans reported as being in away end. Would be great ifthey all turned up at Bayview on Saturday.
  11. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2019/09/25/falkirk-v-east-fife/
  12. https://eftv.info/highlights2019-20/ East Fife highlights.
  13. Might be an idea to keep an eye on the weather as high winds of 45mph + forecast for Montrose this afternoon/evening.
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