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  1. Went into a 50/50 robust but fair tackle but unfortunately came off second best. Too many trialists - some young some not so young- to guage a team performance. Denholm and Wallace will certainly improve our forward play but unfortunately there was no Dowds or Duggan playing alongside. No Watt or Agnew either to support the strikers. Defensively I was really impressed with a youngish centre half- no.19- who I would have thought was worthy of further games. Anyone know who he was?
  2. Seem to remember Johnnie Walker( ie whisky not player) used to sponsor Kilmarnock.
  3. Personally , if a private enterprise won the draw , I would expect their name/logo to appear on the shirts. As EFSC has won the draw , they have a right to their name appearing on the shirts. They also , in my opinion as EFFC is a Community Club,have an opportunity to include a local charity on the shirts.eg EFSC also supports (eg) Gingerbread. On the bigger front as far as I am concerned , is that local business is NOT supporting the club. Where are the club's accountants, solicitors,bankers. Where are Campion Homes , Muir Homes who are selling properties in Leven for Millions of GBP. Where is Diageo ?
  4. Thought his general play was also extremely funny as well.
  5. Hopefully the club announces that the signings have actually been registered.
  6. Watson is certainly a good organiser/talker during a game and would probably make a better team captain imo. A few of us at the last home game were talking about EF captains and who was the best in recent years.Everyone agreed -Steven Tweed-an organiser of the old school-who was continually encouraging ,mentoring - a captain who took no nonsense-ask Wullie Mc Culloch- not merely a player who was present at the toss-up.
  7. Firstly both the BoD and Management Team deserve great praise for the squad so far assembled.Absolutely no idea where the budget came from. Unfortunately with Meggat , Docherty, and Linton having departed,there is a clear lack of defensive cover at left-back and left midfield in particular. Really hope that Craig Watson does sign but still think there will have to be another additional defensive signing. Time for the chairman to hire a van (with loud - speaker attachment)and drive up and down both Den Walks, Wellesley Road, and the miners raws of Denbeath and spread the word !
  8. With Kane and Meggat definitely away ,and Watson,Higgins,and Docherty out of contract whilst Murdoch's loan has expired, surely defenders MUST be the priority. i do not consider Dunsmore to be a right- back , more of a wing-back or right mid-fielder, and consequently I feel we have only Dunlop and Slattery as defenders. If Watson was to return that would be fantastic news as he gives us pace and height in defence, whilst his presence brings out the best in Dunsmore further up the field. Personally I would have no problems with Higgins, Docherty, and Murdoch re-signing. The main problem towards the end of last season was the defensive midfielders in front of them. Irrespective, we do need a big, strong centre half with aerial ability to defend and attack at corners. A few years ago Gary Naysmith tried to sign Ryan Mc Geever from at the time Queen's Park. He has just been released by Brechin. With regard to the second keeper, I must admit that I was not impressed with Ben McKenzie . A few years ago we had a local keeper Jordan Millar , who eventually played for Montrose . No idea where he is, but my recollection was that he was tall and liked to come out for corners. The nucleus of a good squad is there at the moment- a few defenders and hopefully we will hit the ground running.
  9. Cannot disagree with the above.I would like to see a natural left-footed attacking midfield player with pace - the equivalent to Dunsmore on the right . On another note , I heard on Saturday that the club is still paying for Rory Currie's loan despite the fact that he was injured whilst playing for Hearts months ago. Also , another gripe, what is your definition of a Captain. Is it merely someone who is present at the toss-up?
  10. EF actually play Stenhousemuir Away and For far at Home.
  11. A profit of £14,969 is not shabby at all. Thanks for the info. We are all getting older ,including Rankine/Twigg, and personally I cannot see what's in it for them. Why not enjoy the fruits of your labour while you can enjoy it. Certainly a large villa in Spain would be more financially attractive than a football club in the Scottish first division. I do not think that they get involved in the day to day running of the club , although he did have a say in the price that the club received -from him - in the sale of the land. Conversely you would like to think that he would assist the club with their running costs if only to improve the clubs financial viability and attractiveness to potential purchasers.
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