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  1. CLYDE FC season 16/17 Thread

    So, will Clyde still play at Broadwood in the Lowland League next season?
  2. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

  3. Hard Brexit: Relation to Scottish Independence.

    Your anger is pleasing.
  4. Australian Open Tennis 2017

    Haha. Someone has wet his frillies big time today.
  5. Aww! Someone is hurting badly. Still it was great to see Jackie take you down.
  6. Jackie McNamara? A bloody hero who should be knighted.
  7. TV Deal negotiations

    Gardeners World. Hosted by Ally McCoist telling you how to rake out £850,000 per year out of a weed infested football club and how far to dig to find those pesky EBT' s.
  8. Andy Murray Latest and General Tennis Chat

    Surely credit to Zverev. Not every day you beat a Scottish hero and a knight of the realm.
  9. Australian Open Tennis 2017

    Dan Evans pleas(unlikely),but Tsonga for me.
  10. Australian Open Tennis 2017

    Pumped. That gong around his neck is obviously weighing him down.
  11. Australian Open Tennis 2017

    Not looking good.
  12. Australian Open Tennis 2017

    Farewell brave knight.
  13. Clyde v Montrose

    The Shettleston thing dead?
  14. Australian Open 2017 Prediction League

    All the Sir Andy predictions are going well!