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  1. Get River Plate right in the fucking sea imo. Absolute wallopers.
  2. Steve Clarke is a guid kafflick so we're the Killie Bhoys now.
  3. Imagine being an adult and lining up to chuck things at a bus
  4. I hope Willie Miller drowns himself in his tears tonight tbh.
  5. Think I've fell in love with this soundtrack in this. "See the fire in your eyes" and "That's the way it is" are absolutely fantastic.
  6. I went from from not that bothered at the start to squeaky bum for the last 15
  7. Arseholes collapsing all over Scotland
  8. They'll be dancing in the streets of Palestine tonight.
  9. *Spoiler alert - Realised spoilers don't work on mobile. Completed chapter 6 today
  10. Cinematic camera is fucking hopeless and I absolutely hate it. Turns me into a seething mess.
  11. Losing to a team from a fake country...minter
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