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  1. Paul Slane is an ugly wee rat who got exactly what he deserved out of his football career. Looks like he dooks for chips and then dries his face with a cheese grater and is about as funny as getting kicked in the arse with an open toed sandal.
  2. Thanks. It turned out lovely, really cheap & simple to make as well.
  3. Chicken thighs, pan roasted with a tomato and chorizo sauce.
  4. I know I've had a heavy night on the booze when I do a shite the next day that smells exactly like Southern Comfort. I've not drank Southern Comfort since the early 90s.
  5. Green Milk Smoked Bacon (decent dry cured gear only) Gluten free bread (medical reasons, don't each much of it either because it's garbage)
  6. A loyalty scheme for the team with fans who are already meant to be...loyal?
  7. "Did Lalo send you? Ignacio he's the one" certainly has much more significance now. Despite never being mentioned in BB, the transformation of Kim from straight laced corporate lawyer, to slipping Kimmy has me feeling she might still be pulling strings in the background somehow during the BB era. When it was all coming down and Saul gave his receptionist the card of a lawyer who could help her, that's got to be Kim right? What will become of Nacho though?
  8. One of the small benefits of the current lockdown is being able to take time for a nice breakfast. This was just some bacon, avocado and soft boiled eggs on gluten free toast. You need to put something tasty on gluten free bread because it's absolutely shite.
  9. Just the standard one mate. Picture is a bit contrasty, so it looks more red than usual I think.
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