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  1. Tony Watt sounds like he's seen a TV programme about what a modern football player is supposed to be into and he's saying some of the bits he remembers. He calls a YouTube channel a "website". He seems like an absolute jazz pamphlet of a guy. One Barcelona goal apart, I do not believe he could kick doors at Halloween.
  2. Shame, we had our moments in this match but didn't capitalise on them and now it's a pumping.
  3. I've got Celtic -5 on. That's on the number of seats that will be broken in their end by the way.
  4. Remember when old rangers used to win everything and Celtic fans spouted paranoid conspiracy theories? It's almost as if neither side can just accept getting beat or being shite. There's always a hidden hand denying them their rightful glory. Two cheeks of the same arse indeed.
  5. Looking like an astute piece of businesses getting Gerrard to extend his contract.
  6. I sometimes charge my car outside there. Nice digs.
  7. Sorry my mistake, having pitch side offices is clearly much more aspirational
  8. Dundee and their ground level executive boxes with vertical blinds
  9. I think the stake goes through the heart usually
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