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  1. Looks superb, having played for Darvel way back I still dont get where they got all the space from as it never seemed that big a building. It's about being relaxed and comfortable in the lead up to kick off and that looks like it will do the job nicely. Agree away dressing rooms should be clean and tidy with decent facilities but nothing more. If teams visiting cant see beyond that and do the talking on the pitch then that's not Darvels fault.
  2. Some brilliant signings by Liam and everybody else involved so far. If the quality of players coming in continues then Kilbirnie will be a real force again. Didnt realise Longworth was still only 31 as his first spell must have been around 10 years ago.
  3. Great to see big Kev back in the game since hanging up his boots, cracking big guy and a Beith legend. All the best to the new management team, times have changed since I was at Darvel on £5 a week Haha. All the best.
  4. Arnie is doing a fantastic job at Largs and deserves a lot of credit for the way he has them playing. Big fan of some of there players as well. Well done today & all the best for the rest of the season.
  5. Kennie is the best thing to happen to the junior grade in years, I really hope he is in the post for years to come as things will get even better with time. As for games being cancelled over the Christmas period, I think everybody just needs to chill out & give clubs a break. I think it's wrong to criticise any clubs or committees over this period regardless of what's going on. Kennie put fixtures out for the last couple of weeks, some got played some didn't, big deal. As Kennie said better to get some games played instead of none.
  6. How could you not be happy with what Johnny has done at Beith, you haven't been happy with him for a long time, how long a time are we talking, before they won the Scottish for the first time ever or before they won the league again last season. To do what Hurlford have done so far means they have something special about them this season where they are never beaten. That's football sometimes, even at 3-0 a game is never over.
  7. How would you know that Darvels, Whittletts & Winton budget are higher. I would put money on you being wrong there. You took offence to Tombo mentioning your budget then started talking about other teams having higher budgets than you, one of which is 2 divisions below you.
  8. Well done to Dalry, when you look at their record over the course of the season it's been really impressive. Deserved to win the league & I'm pretty sure if they can keep the team together & add a wee bit extra they will do well in the Championship. Well done to everyone involved.
  9. They may have outplayed them for 85 mins, I wouldn't know as I wasn't their but Lugar still lost 2-1, that's all that really matters. Sorry what I should have said was I don't really care what Lugar pay their players, that's none of my business. My original point was that this season Irvine Vics would have been mid table in terms of budgets. If you don' believe that then no problem let's leave it at that.
  10. I ain't going to go into all the details of why it's happened, but it has, why do you ask, your not even a Irvine Vics fan as far as I'm aware. 5 years is a long time in football, sometimes a fresh start is needed to move on.
  11. Why not, thats like saying that no manager should ever leave a good club. People move on for one reason or another & thats football.
  12. That's great for yous, glad to hear it, but i don't think anybody really believes what they read on here so its all irrelevant.
  13. Hey T Just wanted to say a few words on behalf of Stevie & myself. Stevie has loved his 5 years at the club and I feel exactly the same about my 3 years. Irvine Vics are a great club, the committee is small but great to work with, the band of diehard fans like yourself have given great support. The players have been excellent to work with & deserve loads of credit for gaining 3 promotions in 5 years. We really do wish the club all the best in the future. Cheers Neil
  14. I think you would find that wrong again, you would be surprised if you knew the truth about what budgets each team has & you would be very surprised what a Lugar or Craigmark are paying out. Proof being Ardeer Ultra post above.
  15. Irvine Vics are a fantastic club with a small hard working committee & a great band of supporters. The crazy situation that what all teams face is that the players wages even in the district league are way over inflated. Jamie Anderson is a cracking player but has a lot of injury problems & it's a big risk for a team to pay a players wages when you know he has a problem that will keep him out.
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