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  1. That season from Alonso was ridiculous, especially when you compare it to what Massa was doing in the other car. IIRC it was something like 14 podiums to 1? A guy that was one corner from WDC being destroyed like that was crazy. As for today, looked a fairly boring affair from the highlights until Checo fell asleep. Can't believe that 6 races ago their was genuine talk that he was WDC contender. Sainz looked good again, I think the first win (and lack of gravel at PR) has pushed him on. I think he'd have won comfortably without his penalties.
  2. Yogi will be on Sportsound pimping himself for it, no doubt.
  3. The problem for me is, due to the women not getting a proper shake for a long time, is the depth of talent in the womens division is still lacking. The top ladies are as good as the top men, but it drops of quickly. Lynch and Asuka are a mile above the others in that match, that said Liv has definitely got better over the last year so hopefully she can push on.
  4. More than Shotzi falling through the ladder? Only half watching, but seems a bit of a botchfest here.
  5. Falkirk QoS Dunfermline Alloa Montrose Airdrie Kelty Clyde Peterhead Edinburgh Probably hope more than anything. I could have ordered the top 3/middle 4/8-9 in any order in my head.
  6. Good night 1, but night 2 really struggled in comparison. They could have crammed that all into 1 night if they cut down on the ridiculous amount of video packages. Was that 3 matches on night 2 ended with a spear? Nothing like a bit of variation...
  7. Possibly the only pundit who makes me yearn for Damon Hill... Painful listening I was surprised Alpine let them race for as long as they did, as it looked to be getting a bit tasty at points. And then it let Bottas close right up. They'll surely change need to change the drs zone on upcoming tracks as it does look way too powerful as it is. Although there does seem to be a distinct difference in the top end speeds of the engines at the moment (Red Bull>Ferrari/Renault>Mercedes) so maybe a combination of a much faster engine and drs may make it look more potent than it is.
  8. We're in a poor league, and he's had the luxury of being able to bring in 6 f/t players (one on a wild wage) as well as getting Dowds back from Arbroath. Any moderately decent manager should at least be able to make us competitive with the right signings, look at Partick last season(although a slightly different scenario.) For all we scream the current crop of players are hopeless, as someone said a few pages back if we released everyone I bet a good number of those players would end up at teams above us. I think thats 14 league games, in 3 months, and Rennies yet to have consecutive wins. Anyone even trying to defend that, is at it.
  9. Yukis engine fails on the way to the grid. Hamilton podium getting closer. Scrap that, forgot he was already behind Hamilton
  10. Can you swap drivers after qualifying?
  11. But, but, but he only got to bring in 7 players in the transfer window...
  12. Based on that last sentence, if Saudi isn't immediately binned from the calendar as soon as the teams have all left the country, I never want to hear or see any worthless slogans on t-shirts, or printed on the cars again. Imagine dropping Spa, and keeping this farce
  13. That is absolute tory drivel. Plenty who were employed will have had hours or conditions/benefits cuts. My partners wage effectively halved after the initial lockdown. Certainly didn't seem great for us saving money.
  14. Deary me, that is tragic Deserves binned for that alone.
  15. That would make sense. I noticed in FP3 they had some issues with the graphics, names/positions/times would randomly disappear on the timing list on the left, and for a while Bottas didn't seem to exist at all
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