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  1. Nice to score from a set piece rather than concede from one.
  2. A yes, Offord, the political giant who is so well respected by his fellow Tories that he was placed 5th on the 2021 Lothians Conservative Party list behind Miles Briggs, Sue Webber, Jeremy Balfour and Rebecca Fraser. His party's low opinion of him meant that he couldn't be elected as a list MSP at a time when Stephen Kerr could. Never an organisation to let such obvious political talent go to waste, the Tories sent Offord to the Lords. He had previously donated over 135k to the Conservative Party. Pure coincidence. Maybe Dross was still knackered after running the line yesterday to give his considered views on the political scene.
  3. It's going to be fun watching all the tv newsreaders and political pundits desperately trying not to start Hunt's name with a "c".
  4. The Tory-supporting media hasn't taken long to get back into its stride. The "don't look over here, look over there" operation has resumed normal service. Headlines in the online Mail and Express - when the government is in meltdown and we can hardly hear ourselves think for the grinding of axes - The King's friends telling folk not to watch a TV programme and Ghislaine Maxwell saying a photo is a fake. Tomorrow's headlineswill probably be about a poll on what the public think about the late monarch's corgis view on the latest Strictly scores and a "scandal" about an SNP MP being photographed putting too much sugar in a cup of tea.
  5. I'd have thought that Kincardine wouldn't want bureaucracy to get in the way of businesses accepting whatever media of exchange they like. The state that His Britannic Majesty's Government has left the economy in, shops would gladly accept necklaces made of cats' teeth, jam jars and ginger bottles. Edit... Some shopkeepers in England refuse to take Scottish banknotes, which are denominated in Sterling so, frankly, fek em.
  6. Maybe the state broadcaster should ban organisations from appearing if their sources of funding are secret?
  7. There's no point in us sitting complaining - get stuck in tomorrow and make sure Tam Cowan's pus is greetin like a baby. 4-0 Rangers please.
  8. As an Edinburgh resident I'd like to wish Hibs all the best for their trip west.
  9. For as long as the two @rsecheeks of Westminster politics think they have a chance of winning an outright majority there's no chance of PR being brought in.
  10. The Tory party must been struggling "a bit" in Scotland. Nobody available to speak for the Scottish branch (or is that perhaps Scottish twig?) on Radio Scotland this morning.
  11. Such is the fabulous success of His Majesty's Government's handling of the economy, and the commitment to world leading public services, one find one's self amazed that no countries are publicly stating their desire to leave the EU and take advantage of the boundless opportunities offered by being run from Westminster. Ireland will obviously be first, but it's only a matter of time before others like France and Germany join the queue.
  12. IIRC correctly, dross is what is left at the bottom of a sack of coal. She'll probably want him to get fracked.
  13. Oi! Behave! SOME "Rangers fans and folk scared of their penshun imo. " The sooner we rid ourselves of the Westminster shackles the better.
  14. I think being asked, effectively "why are you still there" four times was too much for her tiny mind and she couldn't face a fifth.
  15. If it's standard practice it's a bit odd it didn't apply to the Chancer's letter to Truss.
  16. Any chance of hearing from Rees-Mogg? Should be good for a laugh.
  17. Please tell me that the ex-Chancer won't now get a huge boost to his pension as a result of his 25 minutes in office.
  18. Given his disastrous performance, I wouldn't have him sitting on a hedge.
  19. The press will have a hard job deflecting from the Downing Street shi****w. They'll try, you can be sure of that. Tomorrow's DM will probably lead with "Ex-Police Officer's shame over litter dropping horror".
  20. James O'brien has just ended his programme with a good question. If the Liz Truss as a committed Liberal Democrat in her 20s had decided to join the Tories with the intention of leading it so that she could destroy it, what would she have done differently to what she's done since becoming PM?
  21. Is it actually a press "conference" or a press statement? In a conference, she might actually be expected to answer questions. Questions are like Kryptonite to Truss.
  22. Please.. I've not watched it yet.. Is that true. Delicious if true.
  23. The economy is unstable and the markets and Bank of England are not going along with HMG's plan. The party of Government appears to be in open rebellion and 'no confidence' letters are seemingly pouring into the 1922 Committee. The main headline on the website of what I understand is Britain's top selling paper is about Willoughby and Schofield being booed at an awards ceremony. Never underestimate the tactics that will be used by the Tory/Unionist press to play the 'don't look over here, look over there' cards.
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