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  1. With the sunny uplands apparently before His Britannic Majesty's United Kingdom, I confess to some puzzlement as to the lack of a queue of small European countries to leave the EU and join us in this blessed union pronto.
  2. What's perhaps more surprising was that two Tories apparently voted with a conscience in favour of the proposals, and against the approach being taken by their colleagues.
  3. No, but commentators certainly have, as well as the showing of the candles at No 11 photo which I had also seen on TV in the past week. It seems important to him. It's only important to me to the extent that he keeps it to himself. If he does, fine by me. People's beliefs are for people to hold and I have absolutely no problem with that. Mrs Salt and Vinegar has different beliefs from me, and we've been together for decades. You'll note that I passed no comment on my own view of his belief system; my comments were on the possible implications of his belief system on public policy, and a sideways dig at a seemingly odd kind of political career "reincarnation". I hope nobody is naive enough to claim that religion/s generally play an unimportant (and in my view unacceptably large) part in UK politics. Bishops in the legislature and the "rather odd" situation whereby our Head of State must also be the Head of a Church (and swear an oath to defend it) demonstrate its perceived importance. The Coronation Oaths are heavy on protecting one religion... "His people" don't get a look in. What an effing stupid country.
  4. Sunak clearly takes his religion seriously. I'll leave it to others to opine on whether that's a good thing or a bad thing in a political leader. It was a pretty extreme example of the Hindu belief in reincarnation, bringing Braverman back in. As I understand it, (happy to be corrected) one's reincarnated status depends on how moral you were in your most recent previous incarnation. For someone who acted so badly a week ago that they had to resign or was fired to be back in the same job within a week is extraordinary. Had Truss still been PM, Braverman would still be out on her backside. The offender is the same; the act was apparently serious. There can be no grounds for her return. Also I confess that I find someone who thinks that folk "come back next time" to be a worrying person to be in charge of dealing with the poor and destitute. Can't afford to heat or eat? Well, never mind, next time you'll come back as wealthy as Jacob Rees-Mogg.
  5. All these toilets won't clean themselves. Surely either that or phone sanitising?
  6. Personally I wouldn't give either of them a job CLEARING the table.
  7. If the business folk like the ones you mentioned were on PAYE like most teachers and civil servants, you might have a point.
  8. I doubt his kids will be clustered round a candle sharing a broken rich tea biscuit as their main meal of the day. If he utters the "all in this together" pish, he should be run out of town.
  9. If Larry the cat isn't on it, there should be a riot. He's been the most consistent performer in Downing Street for years.
  10. In the "List of Things Too Ridiculous to Contemplate" does ET get to do a Resignation Honours List?
  11. Interesting. Presumably the wealth in the better off areas of the country didn't trickle down to their poorer immediate geographical neighbours... Who'd have thought it?
  12. Quite so. How fortunate we are to be run from Westminster in all its glory.
  13. Boris will be round soon to give her something to cheer her up. Flowers or chocolates, something like that.
  14. Nadine Dorries for Chancellor and Jacob Rees-Mogg for Secretary of State for Industry.
  15. I understand that RS wants more scrutiny of the policy differences between Scotland and England. Bring it on. Starting rate of income tax, balancing budgets, child payments, prescriptions, older and younger people free bus travel, state-owned water company, tuition fees... He might start facing uncomfortable questions from voters in England.
  16. Now, if they charged admission for that, it might help clear the national debt!
  17. Cue outraged membership being denied their democracy...
  18. If Bojo wins, the SNP should hold street parties. Within a month or so, the clamour will be "bring back Truss".
  19. Any even casual observer of Dross recently would conclude that he is firmly in favour of, or opposed to, things... until he isn't. If BoJo returns, it will surely be the end of the Scottish Tories... won't it?
  20. It's even worse. Most of the folk experienced in running elections and referenda, who spend months booking premises, ordering ballot papers, ballot boxes and the necessary transport and security, pencils, string, booths, drawing pins, signs, staff for the count, allocating political party and press accreditation etc ad nauseam work for local authorities. Without legal authority to run an election or referendum, I doubt the Chief Executives would have the power to spend any money of allocate staff resources. Every "no-body" in the street would kick up Hell and the unionist parties would tie up the councils in legal disputes from day 1. Which, as I and others have said, leaves us with the question - are we hostages or are we "allowed" to decide our own future, based on a democratic mandate, at a time of our choosing?
  21. "Bring Back Boris"? Bloo&y awful for Britain but an early Christmas present for the SNP.
  22. Scotland's Tories having a long lie again this morning. Nobody from the Scottish Parliament or the Scotland Office available for Radio Scotland. They must be knackered making sure that the country is being kept on an even keel.
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