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  1. Damn. I was hoping to buy my barricade material, torches and pitchforks in the January sales...
  2. Aye, can you imagine the rage and snotters there'd be all over the press if Corbyn's wife/partner/bidie-in (delete as appropriate) received huge dividends from a company that still operated in Russia? Or Starmer's? I'm pretty confident that Tories would be beside themselves with rage and the fact that wasn't the politicians themselves doing it would be utterly irrelevant.
  3. Were the pupils of Larkhall Academy who recently chased off an alleged (in case the lawyers are watching) 'Nazi recruiter' denying him free speech?
  4. Ok, taking a bit of a risk here, but is using criticism, wit (complete or half) or name calling to criticise or bring down an opponent no longer allowed then? Winston Churchill took the pee out of Bessie Braddock MP and Lady Astor with his comments about them but his quotes are still discussed, praised and I dare say used today. Please look them up - I don't want the consequences if the hyper-sensitive curtain twitchers are about. (Oh-oh.... I suppose I have to formally apologise to the hyper-sensitive curtain twitchers out there... see Chief Constable Miekelson's series of apologies in Scot Squad for a giggle about language use.) If all that's left is 'I say, I strongly disagree with you on that and consider you to be most reprehensible!" or "is that wise, Captain Mainwaring? " type stuff, that's pretty sad. Governments can plunge folk into abject poverty, wreck the economy, feather bed their pals' finances... but we have to play nice? Now THAT is obscene! Calling someone a grumble 'n grunt? Nah, not so much. Scottish football match officials are sponsored by Specsavers... they're taking the piss out of THEMSELVES so I've got no problems with folk doing it. In one of the few episodes of River City that I saw, one heavily overweight bloke fought back about his size with something like "you know I've got trouble with my feet" to be hit with "Aye, ye canny keep them oot o the fish and chip shop!" Insulting? Very probably. Funny? Aye, it was. If politicians rip folks' knitting to the extent that some members of the public are driven to use "bad language" when discussing them and their exploits, maybe its not the words uttered by "the public" that are the problems.
  5. I've seen a fair amount of coverage about the kinds of measures the Chancer of the Exchequer may put forward in his budget. Cutting the energy bill support, not raising personal allowances by inflation for many years, reducing the starting point for the top rate of tax by 25k, increasing that rate to 50%, even introducing vehicle tax for electric vehicles (currently £0). Airports better get ready for the flood of economic refugees fleeing the UK because they'll be paying more in tax! That's what we hear all the time, isn't it? Or does the fleeing hoard problem only apply to Scottish Government-decreed tax changes?
  6. They've just referred to that quote on "Breaking the News" and thought that was an ideal reason to appoint Trump as the Scottish football manager.
  7. Actually.... that might suit the Donald's ego very well. If DeSantis becomes the nominee... 1) The DT would have an irresistible urge to give a huge GIRFUY to the party that embarrassed him, 2) it would allow him to play the downtrodden "very stable genius"* who was unfairly punished for the failures of others** and the clincher.... 3) how could he resist the attraction of winning the Presidency as an Independent? * as in 'more of a genius than a horse'. ** in his opinion.
  8. I never knew that we had poultry farmers in the P&B clan. Or are you just egging him on?
  9. Pedant alert klaxon... pedant alert klaxon... If anything is being served in these 'Scottish embassies' I suspect it will be "whisky" and not "whiskey".
  10. Dunno if this is an appropriate thread, but the person involved is one of Dross's lieutenants, so why not.... https://www.thenational.scot/news/23110461.scottish-parliament-embarrasses-potato-stephen-kerr-twitter/
  11. No, no... What you want is to see how it operates in a large, cosmopolitan city, as that's where most folk live. Personally, I'd recommend London.
  12. If anyone can find a widely-acceptable alternative to the Council Tax, they should receive the thanks of a grateful nation and free tattie scones for life.
  13. The Williamson issue is getting a good going over on the Daily Politics. Guy seems to be a total creep.
  14. "living in an alternative reality" thread for that post. You might as well want to change the colour of a wall from blue to red by going for a walk.
  15. Anyone who believes that could only conclude that the particular God referred to has been on a long holiday.
  16. The "boaby" , the "bung" or the backroom deals? (i.e. the economy is knackered so let that poor innocent sap Sunak carry the can for 18 months then I'll ride to the rescue!) It's hard to know.
  17. Want to know how we can tell that the UK is ABSOLUTELY "knackered"? If there are news reports that a Tory Chancer of the Exchequer is said to be considering additional taxation on second homes and landlords... THAT'S when you know.
  18. Yay! James O'Brien will be talking about Brexit in few mins. Quite right. I mean it's all going so well!
  19. Why did Sunak change his mind about attending COP 27? 1. He tossed a coin; 2. A fortune teller told him that the stars said he should go; or 3. Because he realised it would make him look weak and spineless if he didn't go and BoJo did. Another possibility is "to get away from his increasingly rabid looking Home Secretary" , but I thought 3 was enough.
  20. Assuming these figures are correct (and I've no reason to believe they aren't!) that should surely put to bed this "invasion" rubbish that Cruella has been pedalling? If not why not?
  21. I understand that there is going to be a silent protest at Ibrox today. Excellent. Any chance it could be during that time in the final few minutes when folk usually belt out the Royal Anthem? Now that WOULD be nice.
  22. This is a tough call. We should have enough to see off Aberdeen but confidence is low and the first goal will be vital. The European defeats have been sore and I'd like to think the players will have booted themselves and each other up the arse. Hopefully Aberdeen will suffer for the European results. 3-1 Rangers today.
  23. I think we should take a moment to spare a thought for the wealthy and powerful who will be quaking in their boots with terror at the implications for them of all these "difficult" decisions that Sunak and Hunt are said to be wrestling with. Our thoughts are with them at this worrying time.
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