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  1. Boris probably doesn't think any of these things were social gatherings because at his type of social gatherings he expects pole dancers and/or a pig's head. Maybe the blurred out faces belong to the "entertainment"?
  2. Which players do folk think it wouldn't be a disaster to lose in the transfer window, and who is a "must keep, ffs!"?
  3. Dearie me. In the case if Dunfermline, I'd be more interested in Dunfermline more often sh!tting the bed against Raith, rather than anyone else!
  4. It was a devastating blow when the Pars went down. I'm sure the city thing will soften the blow considerably.
  5. Fans' behaviour will improve, but in the absence of firm club/Association/league/police action, it seems to only change over geological timescales. I can remember being at Hampden decades ago when the fans were less tolerant of "alternative relationship" issues. 2 popular chants were "We hate Jimmy Hill, he's (ahem," aloof") " and" Bobby Moore, superstar, he walks like a woman and he wears a bra". Doubt that pish would go down well now. The anti-Catholic pish so beloved of our more "staunch" mob is so ridiculous it is beyond parody. I can only assume that when one of our Roman Catholic players come on, these "supporters" close their eyes and don't see the players blessing themselves. If they weren't utter hypocrites, they'd tear up their season tickets and let sane folk take their places. Maybe one day. On a positive note, at least there was no Hampden pitch invasion on Saturday. Small mercies.
  6. Just wondering... if Dunfermline doesn't make good use of its City status, can it be relegated back to being a town? As a bloke with an interest in the fortunes of the bold Raith Rovers, these issues need to be clarified before a civic ball is kicked. Some fans would probably have preferred their team to avoid relegation than be interested in this city status p!sh. Edit... that's right.... "wee team found".
  7. I should have said that my pre-match prediction was wrong. An unusual event for a forumite to confess, I know, but after the exertions of recent weeks I didn't give us a hope of coming out on top if it went to extra time. I stand corrected.
  8. Bassey has come on by leaps and bounds over the season, but I do worry when he moves forward with the ball and seems to have a propensity to kick the ball too far ahead and risk losing possession, or has to risk a lunge to retain it. Having said that I hope we keep him. He has the potential to be a great player.
  9. Nah. Among other venues, I was invited to a "party" in the basement of a pub near the Kings theatre. No idea why it was allowed to open. Utter s#ithole. Favourite Edinburgh pub is the Thistle Street Bar.
  10. Any chance someone could get BoJo to wish Hearts all the best for today?
  11. Hey, I've been to some Edinburgh pubs where drinking out of a Hampden lavvy would be a step up.
  12. When Inverness became a city, as far as I remember, all that changed was that the cost of staying in hotels went up. I mean, seriously, who the Hell pays good money to stay in Dunfermline, let alone have to pay even more to do it?
  13. Morning all. I might get to watch the game today. Mrs Salt and Vinegar a bit better; son still coughing like a horse with bronchitis. Given what I've been doing for the past few days, it's remarkable to me that I'm still clear. Ok, I spend all day wearing a deep sea diver suit, but needs must. As for that bit, if Ramsey is meant to be on the bench, the useless c#nt will probably miss it and fall on his @rse . I think we'll shade it in normal time by the odd goal in 3. If it goes to extra time, I reckon it's a nailed on Hearts win.
  14. Hi all. Not been in hiding since Thursday. Unfortunately I only watched the full game overnight last night as 2 family members have gone down with covid, including one with "underlying health conditions". (Anyone who thinks that covid is gone or trivial can eff off.) Headaches, high temperature, being in separate rooms, wiping down toilets, trays, dishes, the lot. I spent most of Thursday night doing the Flo Nightingale bit, so the football had to take a back seat. It was on in the background but boak won't clean itself up. Quick summary of my thoughts. Most players had a good games on Thursday and we finished both halves and extra times very strongly. A penalty shoot out is always a lottery, but a real sickener when you lose one. Overall, the campaign has been brilliant. 19 games, a great run and some remarkable results, home and away. Hundreds of teams would have loved to have the kind of run we had and the reputations of Rangers and Scottish football (and of course the coefficient) have been given a great boost. I just hope the team has some legs left for Saturday! I think it's ridiculous to be playing tomorrow instead of on Sunday, but we are where we are. Right - off to Boots for more effing paracetamol...
  15. Right. That's it. I'll be back to P&B later on. Maybe!
  16. Na. He's the secret weapon. Steam into the EF (no, not East Fife) keeper and take a red for the team. Either that or he's there to win first touch fouls to save the legs of the good players from too much "attention".
  17. F#cks sake. I'm hanging on by a thread here. As for a prediction, it will be a s#ite game and we'll win 1-0, hanging on for dear life against 10 men.
  18. What are these German lads like... rampaging Germans running uninvited into other folks' territory...
  19. The flunkies shouldn't let her watch the match. A Tav penalty in the 90+3 minute would be the end of her.
  20. I get the distinct impression that no matter the result there is going to be an epidemic of goading for some time to come .
  21. These politicians are so low they could march under a snake's belly.
  22. Internet melts with Duke of Cambridge searches on Google...
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