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  1. I couldn't find it this morning but yesterday on Facebook there was a post from someone who was seeing a "walk" for the first time. He said something like it was like watching a parade by a Sgt. Pepper tribute act, being supported by the world's least successful weight watchers group. His views on penguins are unknown.
  2. I am struggling to think of any person that I would trust to decide whether or not a particular type of march should be allowed. I'm basically a freedom of speech sort of person, and I acknowledge that this approach leaves "undesirable" loopholes. Similarly, when folk start talking about banning books, or even movies, you enter the absurd world of fatwa death sentences on authors, the murder of cartoonists and us having to go out of Glasgow to watch "The Life of Brian" because the nutterocity in the Glasgow Council 'banned' it. There's examples all over the world of countries whose governments ban freedom of expression, and I wouldn't want to live in, or even visit, any of them. Do I like "Orange Walks"? No, and I wouldn't mind if I never saw or heard anything about them ever again. "I thought the 'Only an Excuse' Gorilla was brilliant.) Are there other parades that I hold the same views about? Yes. Like the" Title Celebration" wan#ers who disgraced themselves on the way to and in George Square. Political Party marches? Which ones do you ban? "Church" ones? What about Remembrance Sunday? Anti-Trident? Pro-independence? Anti-independence/Pro-Union? As I recall, Gaelic Choirs have a parade through the streets in the towns or cities where the Royal National Mod is held every October. Ban it as well? The Edinburgh Zoo penguin parade? In my experience quite a few folk are happy to consider banning things that they have an issue with, but they tend not to be quite so happy when folk scrutinise the activities they themselves are keen on. As I said, slippery slope. I might dislike things you like - doesn't mean I should get to decide to ban them. Unless you drop litter. Ban litter louts? I'd have snipers for these fu##ers.)
  3. No, not at all. There's republican marches as well, and regardless of my own views, I wouldn't want them banned either. Slippery slope time. Off out now for a "non orange" walk!
  4. I'm no fan of these marches but am wary about banning things. FWIW I don't think that your comparisons with American and Irish Independence celebrations is helpful. These issues are settled, unless there's a plan to retake the USA and Ireland. The NI situation is entirely different. We have 2 opposing sides with entrenched views. Personally, I'm in favour of Irish Unification and I think it's inevitable.
  5. F##k sake. How's anyone supposed to know that? More discrimination! When old bat ears became Prince of Wales in 1969, there was a televised ceremony and 5 Stamps! The new Chookie Embra didn't even get one stamp. The country is going to the dogs, I tell you! How's Chazza supposed to do both these crucial jobs at the same time? Who is he meant to support when Wales come to Murrayfield? This won't end well.
  6. I want to know why the BBC is ignoring an absolutely disgraceful situation that has persisted in Scotland's capital city. We have been struggling along for over 5 months now without a Duke. Just think of all these Dukeish things that are being left undone, resulting in an appalling situation for the population. The city is on its knees. Rioting in the streets by crazed mobs chanting "we want a Duke". Something MUST be done!
  7. It's a Hell of a cost to pay, but if the past 18 months encourages folk to think about prioritising a better diet and more exercise over Greggs' sausage rolls and 12 pints on a Friday night, you might be right.
  8. Nonetheless the point stands. The automatic assumption that everything the UK government decides on covid matters is automatically correct, and that any differing view is 'political' is staggeringly simplistic.
  9. Interesting viewpoint. It is curious that those holding that particular opinion never seem to even entertain the possibility that "the Tories" might be prioritising politics over anything else, and that there is a possibility that it is their opponents who might be acting in the best interests of their populations.
  10. It will be interesting to see the mental gymnastics involved in blaming the Welsh measures on the SNP.
  11. The answer is probably known, but not by you or me!
  12. I'd be happy with 'tough on the fekkin eejits who will cost the club cash, possibly points and maybe even a ban' if the nutterocity don't drag themselves out of the gutter.
  13. Nah, 6 for the bus and another 6 for the more 'traditional' of the 'traditional' parts of 'The Great Rangers Songbook' Volumes 1 to 3 that will no doubt entertain us this evening . One incident at a time...
  14. FFS. I hear that the Lyon team bus has been vandalised with RFC graffiti. What's it going to take for the wee fanny cult of the mutant tendency to get a fu##ing grip? It would serve us right if we started off on the group at minus six points. Any arses that comes on here trying to justify or excuse such self-destructive vandalism needs their heads looked at.
  15. Oh dear. Brown should have gone to Specsavers.
  16. I hope BoJo doesn't shift the present Secretary of State for Scotland, whoever he is. I'll certainly miss his valuable contribution to political discourse about Scottish public policy.
  17. Cheese & pineapple on sticks surely? I understand that there was an intention, as advocated by the upper echelons of the Conservative Party, to strengthen the cheese bridge with spaghetti, but the Italian spaghetti tree harvests would not be reliable enough to ensure the necessary supply due to Brexit. Cocktail sticks were suggested as alternative to the spaghetti but those proposing it were told not to be silly. Those investment gurus holding pineapple futures were desperate to become involved, due to a huge surplus caused by the reluctance of pizza makers to include pineapple on every pizza, but no appropriate use for it could be found, even as a lubricant. (... and this is without a drink in me..... )
  18. It's ok, there will be another scheme along in a minute. A guy on another forum a few years ago theorised a bridge to the moon made out of cheese. Must be odds on favourite now that the staunch tunnel is a no-no. (Cue excited Unionists wondering if there's oil there.)
  19. Will the Unionists (especially the Tories) be as quick to pursue Gove as they were recently when they set loose the dogs on Janie Godley over previous comments? Nah, thought not.
  20. As far as I know nobody is advocating hiding under bedsheets, rather it's about following as far as possible the public health rules and guidance. A fairly basic approach, I'd have thought. As the actions of individuals during a global pandemic are to a large extent what helps or hinders the spread of disease, I wasn't aware that being interested the general health of the whole population was only your 'business'. Still, I'm happy to leave it there and let you get on with following or rejecting public health advice if you wish. Have a healthy day.
  21. What an embarrassment. If they want to 'stand with the banned', I suggest they stand with them as far away from the grounds and from sane people as possible.
  22. Well, that was better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but only just. Pretty poor game and a performance that lacked inspiration. Happy to get out of Perth with 3 points and no red cards. Over to "them" v Ross County.... 'mon the Staggies. Park the bus and fixed bayonets defence time.
  23. You may rest assured that I will give your life guidance the attention it merits.
  24. Go and have a wee lie down, there's a good lad.
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