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  1. I don't know if it is mandated or not but there's loads of new build near us in Edinburgh and they all seem to have solar panels. We looked at solar panels a few years ago but HMG had just done away with or substantially reduced the feed in tariffs so at that time we decided not to go ahead. Looking back it was probably the wrong decision. Our bills are now mental. If the likely pay back period was say 5 years I'd probably bite your arm off.
  2. Football is a great leveller. Within 6 months of us being there they will be a nation of raging alcoholics and 3 months after that, there wil be an out break of ginger-haired babies.
  3. At this rate VAR might end up being one of our top scorers.
  4. I'd like to think that the second half can't be worse. It can't, can it?
  5. I wouldn't take anything for granted against Fife's finest. They're wee but they're wiry.
  6. These matches always make me a bit nervous... I'm not exactly in the first flush of youth so after decades of disappointments/ rage/ fury/ tantrums I must confess to a laugh when some pundit says something like 'of course, (insert name of diddy country) should present a team like Scotland few problems...' Heard it! In 2007 Scotland reached 13th in the Fifa rankings. We're not at 45th spot now by accident. We don't beat the teams we 'should' beat consistently enough. Maybe this recent campaign is the start of sustained progress. Some encouraging signs are there but our lack of top notch striker options is a huge drawback.
  7. I'm not in favour of booing anthems, yet strangely I have no problem booing GSTQ. How is it an anthem for a country, when it lauds just one member of one family, and demands the protection of that person by a supernatural entity? At least some Scots get a look in, (but only the rebellious ones) and the Welsh and Northern Irish are totally ignored as far as I can see. Nah. Get it in the bin. At least FoS mentions "Scotland" and refers to its land and people. (I'd prefer something a bit more upbeat, but it'll do until something better comes along.)
  8. Outrageous. That sort of thing would never happen in this country.
  9. Nights like this remind me that it is possible to love and hate something at the same time. Football really can be both an utter b*****d and fabulous simultaneously
  10. Just stuck a couple of quid on that at 14/1. Ever the optimist!
  11. What's your point, caller? No not on the bevvy yet.. just fed up hiding behind the couch for the last 20 minutes of internationals!
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