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  1. Pity he helped them to get the dogs and cats out The poor fkkrs left behind might have had something to eat.
  2. That's why Ross turned against BoJo. Fighting the Scottish local elections as a BoJo supporter would have been politically suicidal for the "Scottish" Tories. Yet if BoJo stays, can Ross stay part of the unionist Conservative Party led by that Charlotte Ann*? (*Copyright Salt n' Vinegar, 2022.)
  3. Isn't it just homage to last nights result in Paisley ? Aye, Aberdeen couldn't raise a gallop because unfortunately the Saints don't play in blue....
  4. Rees Mogg is wearing a mask at PMQs that makes it look as if he is peering out from behind prison bars. I wish.
  5. Never mind resign, if Sturgeon has been accused of allowing a situation whereby almost 20 social events has taken place in Scottish Government departments during lockdown/s, or even worse that she had attended any of them, or even, even worse that she had claimed during FMQs that there were no such events, some of the unionist loyalists around here would have wanted her hanging from a lamppost.
  6. Forgot to mention this so it's a couple of days old now, but when St Andy was put out of the Australian Tennis Open, the BBC sports roundup announcer said something like ".... the Scot made 16 unforced errors.." I can't remember them saying how many unforced errors any other losing players made, but it must have been important otherwise I'm sure the beeb wouldn't have thought it important enough to mention. I understand that Dan Evans and Emma Raducanu are also out, presumably they didn't make any unforced errors at all....
  7. Can't see that TBH. If Boris thinks that Biden will participate in armed conflict on Ukrainian soil to chuck Putin out of Ukraine, with or without multi-national support, he's even more delusional than I thought. If he suggested that the UK should try to do it alone, his own generals would be justified in shooting him. (Well, maybe not, but they'd tell him to eff off.) There'll be no Falklands moment for Boris unless France invades the Isle of Wight.
  8. I agree. I suspect that the Met were able to body-swerve investigation by saying all they had (maybe) until recently was gossip and tittle tattle. You're right, it would be interesting to know what flipped the switch from "no" to "yes". The utter shambles at Westminster makes Trump's Presidency look like a masterclasses in government propriety.
  9. Another thought on that - maybe during the investigation information came to Gray's attention that she felt HAD TO be passed on to the Met. If a civil servant comes into possession of information that on the face of it suggests criminal activity, and that civil servant does not refer it to the police, they'd probably be accused of participating in a cover up. Hasn't she just had written evidence from Mr Cummings? Could these recent events be related? (Dunno when the Met decided to investigate but it would be interesting to find out.
  10. She would have a point if something like that happened to me when I worked in Edinburgh city centre. Well, ok, my colleagues would have had to invite my wife into the office to hand over the cake, and the bloke who was painting and papering our living room would have to be there as well, bit she has a point. NOT! Hint to Cabinet members - if it looks like a duck.....
  11. Please, could one of our Tory-loving, nothing to see here, forum members tell the English speakers among us how an indoor event for about 30 folk where refreshments were laid on, a birthday cake was handed over and people sang "Happy Birthday" doesn't fit the (usually) widely accepted definition of "a party". No, really, come ahead.
  12. I hadn't realised that one objective of Brexit was to have bigger and better lorry queues than before, but it's clearly just another great success that we will be seeing the benefits of anytime now.
  13. But Boris, being such a Christian gentleman that he changed sect in order to marry the (latest) love of his life, would have no difficulty with that approach. Thessalonians 2;3 is all you need to be a Tory. "If a man shall not work, neither shall he eat". Maybe that's why Tories aren't terribly keen when people raise issues about food banks - their very existence goes against God's will and even worse, they regard them as an unacceptable corrupting use of the word "banks".
  14. I watched him on that clip. 4 Yorkshiremen anyone?
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