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  1. To be fair, that post gave you an open goal.... if someone rolls the ball right in front of an empty net like that, you are entitled to smack the ball into the net!
  2. Well, that was interesting..... Scenes for a draw, bedlam for a loss.
  3. It's been all Celtic since Hearts scored, so, obviously, Hearts will score next.
  4. At time like this I'm reminded of BoJo's faith in "the good sense and judgement of the British people".
  5. Minor incident. No sharks were harmed during the filming of these movies.
  6. In the early days of the season I'll happily say I love any team that gives Celtic a bloody nose! There are some who appear to believe that the league is already over and that the backroom staff at Ibrox can stock up on the silver polish. I think stories of Celtic's demise are a bit exaggerated. Let's see how things look at Christmas once the new manager has settled in. Still looking forward to the season though! So as far as tonight goes - "come on ye Jambonians". Must confess that it would be funny to see the Celtic "faithful" in full seethe tonight....
  7. Possibly, but he might be a bit confused about what a rainbow is.
  8. When he does that... when the cows come home to roost and the flagpole gets the cat's cream, then and only then will he know that there is no "I" in tomb and that his Mars is oot the windy. Ffs, Celtic, the coefficient....
  9. Sheesh. Listening to the post match interview. The gaffer must have been smoking something calming. The journalists are beelin' and he's an oasis of calm.
  10. No doubt this will surprise some of my fellow supporters, but for the sake of the coefficient, I hope Celtic get through tonight. (don't get carried away though, eh? 😁)
  11. The death of free speech will be the end of the right to criticise government and everything else. The "right not to be offended" is dangerous anti-democratic drivel.
  12. That must be one of the most expensive rolls and square slice around.
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