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  1. So, for an overall majority, all the SNP need is to win all the 26 as yet undeclared seats they won last time and add another one from either Aberdeenshire West or Galloway & West Dumfries. No list seats needed. That right? Gulp. Piece of piss... 😐
  2. My wife's got Emmerdale on . . . If only there was some way to record tv programmes!
  3. In the interests of fairness I should point out that Balfour has pretty significant disabilities. Being a tory is just one of them.
  4. Shock headline - "BBC backs Boris against Scottish electorate".
  5. No its not. SNP win comfortably The SNP would get a majority if they hold their previous seats and take Edinburgh Central and Dumbartonshire. (Oh please, PLEASE!) I could see them winning these 2, but it is a tough act to lose none at all.... If you look at a map showing the outcome of the constituencies won last time you see there's damn few seats left to try to take.
  6. Aye, she reminded me of Al Gore... "I used to be the next President of the United States"
  7. It's not necessarily bad. Three of us in this house had postals for the first time and to the best of my knowledge all 3 were SNP Constituency and Green on the list.
  8. Seriously, if Labour's collective arse gets tanned in England tonight any non-Indy vote in Scotland last night was effectively a "Boris - come in and shag Scotland" vote. Shame on every one of them.
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