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  1. The comments from Tatters are ridiculous, it was raining this morning, yesterday and several times throughout this week and last. It isn't even a new problem as Jim McInally was moaning about it at the end of last season. I wonder if perhaps the new drainage system they put in a few seasons ago has worked too well and caused this problem? Whatever the reason, painful to be a laughing stock yet again for off field reasons.
  2. Cityfan

    FIFA 18

    For a Prime Icon, he's amazing value for coins in my opinion, I tried him and Del Piero both on loan before deciding which SBC to do and preferred Rui Costa by a mile, current SBC cost on Xbox for both is 500k for Costa and 1 million for Del Piero
  3. Cityfan

    FIFA 18

    I had been using the 84 Immobile for months and didn't bother upgrading to the 86 because of how good the 84 was for me, then he got bumped to 86 during the ratings refresh and I couldn't believe the difference so got the 88 and it's easily the best striker I've used in any FUT, he's an absolute tank that rarely gets knocked off the ball and scores 9/10 times inside the box. The biggest upgrades I've noticed from the 84/86 are his long shots and he finally has decent passing. He reminds me of Ibra from FIFA 17 just with much more pace. I use him alongside SIF Icardi and have Rui Costa at CAM and they can be unstoppable. Agree with people about SIF SAS, he's a beast and worth the coins.
  4. There are some comments from him in the Northern Scot report. Also some interesting comments from McGovern about leaving Clyde... Northern Scot
  5. Our Highlights have a different angle, if you pause it as the player heads the ball, McCord does look to be level and onside. Arbroath 3-2 Elgin City
  6. Absolutely ridiculous that it took a month for the club to send him for a scan and that he travelled to Annan and came on at Cowdenbeath in that time. I agree that Gunny will​ be off to the Highland League next season, so recapturing his old form to help us get promoted would be the perfect end to his spell at Elgin
  7. Dick Campbell's thoughts on the penalty...
  8. After losing the game at Gayfield despite being 2-0 up and then not being able to score against 10 men today, our inability to beat Arbroath is worrying with the playoffs in mind. Would rather they caught Forfar than have to play them. Ridiculous decision from Northcroft not to give the penalty, his record of shite decisions against us continues.
  9. Avoid Defeat on Tuesday and we'll be in position to move into 2nd with a win over Arbroath. Forfar looking a little more catchable now too
  10. If we don't go up, Buckie would be absolutely brilliant so we could get a fierce local derby 4 times a season. The attendance was over 2000 when we met them in the Scottish Cup, so there's financial benefits there too. They have one of the biggest followings in the Highland League and would bring a decent number to most grounds
  11. Seems like a good signing but he's a Winger/Striker, which are the positions we're strongest in. Could do with more defensive cover. I heard Scott Smith is close to a return, he'll be like a new signing for us
  12. Forecast is for it to be dry and mild all week. Even if it's wrong, our pitch covers seem to do the job to protect from frost and we have some fancy air machine thing that stops the pitch being waterlogged. Buzzing for this, can't wait. The difference in form and confidence at the two clubs create the perfect conditions for an upset. Someone asked about Mackay, he's cup-tied but we've signed Marc Waters as backup and he's a capable replacement
  13. Looking forward to revisiting the "why we hate Caley even though it's a new club" debate from when we last met 5/6 years ago We came bloody close to causing an upset that day, I'm still haunted by Frizzel's miss at 0-0. Shane Sutherland is in the form of his life the moment and he's going to be fired up for this. I read somewhere he said he was dying to get Caley in the draw.
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