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  1. After yesterday’s disappointment I feel spartans will be lucky to make top 4, no real depth in the squad and for a team that won the league last year they seemed to have went backwards
  2. Great result for the shire tonight took in the game and they played well in poor conditions, not many teams will go to edu and get the 3 points
  3. Your post reads as though it was a cup tie.and if you got beaten 4 v 0 in the league.you would have got a point. That's all folks.as for gogshite he is a walloper. It was a cup tie it finished 0-0 in normal time which would have resulted in a point if it was a league game
  4. Considering a poor shire side took 5 of them then don’t think they would get many points anywhere in lowland
  5. Whitehill definitely improved from last time sides met hopefully they can kick on from this, I know it finished 4-0 but if this was a league whitehill would be coming away with a point
  6. Really surprised spartans have let someone of his ability leave always thought he was one of their better players when I seen spartans
  7. Stevenson will prove to be a great signing for Penicuik proven lowland league player can play in centre midfield or full back great replacement for Andy forbes
  8. Think Yano is a good appointment for whitehill would imagine he will have contacts and let’s be honest can’t be much worse than previous duo
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