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  1. Depending if Bonnyrigg go up or not I fancy them for this section if they do go up could be any 16 but I will go for Bo’ness
  2. Who would you’re favourites be for conference b? I’ll go for Preston for this section
  3. Who would you’re favourites be for conference a? My choice would be haddington
  4. I heard from a Linlithgow player so don’t know how reliable but seemed pretty sure
  5. Ross Allum signed from east Stirling thoughts on that?
  6. East Stirling’s what do you make of Ross Allum?
  7. He'll be signing for whoever offers him the most money. Which must be tranent
  8. Heard Wayne macintosh is signing for Tranent tomorrow
  9. Tony muir will be a terrific signing for Whitehill lothians best player last year
  10. Apparently craig Stevenson from Penicuik and and Owen Ronald from Linlithgow are both on the verge of signing forcowdenbeath
  11. I’m going to go along to this game on Wednesday, was at the game on Saturday and Penicuik were the better team Broxburn didn’t play much football to be honest, my prediction for Wednesday 3-1 Bonnyrigg can’t see Penicuik going there and getting anything
  12. I hear Dylan Easton is signing with kelty on big ££, Barry signed him for Clyde and is desperate for a reunion
  13. Well done to Penicuik for winning their section big games next week
  14. Well done to Broxburn on winning their section great achievement considering Linlithgow in the league
  15. Hill of beath win 2-0 tonight so it goes to the last game of the season, Saturday is certainly going to be exciting
  16. Penicuik doing their bit yesterday winning 0-4 away to tweedmouth, hill of beath need to win at newtongrange tomorrow night or the title will be penicuiks with a game to spare
  17. I think Broxburn will comfortably beat Stirling eos but you never know nerves might just get the better of them
  18. Most teams have to do it just get on with it and stop putting you’re excuses in early
  19. Massive game for both clubs playing in conference a tonight for different reasons, Penicuik can go a step closer to the title and Coldstream for their top 5 aspirations should be a good game with it being 4-4 in the cup between the sides a month ago
  20. Good win for the rose yesterday keeping pressure on Broxburn will defo now go to the last game
  21. Massive win last night for Penicuik after saturdays draw and as you guys said wipes out the goal difference they had which it may well come down to
  22. Big results on Saturday there with Musselburgh failing to win at Coldstream and Penicuik being held to a 1-1 draw at home to Dunbar, hill of beath sitting top on goal difference but will fall back into second place if Penicuik can get a point at Hawick tomorrow night, a win for Penicuik will rule out Musselburgh for the league title and becomes a 2 horse race between Penicuik and hill of beath
  23. 3 huge games in conference a today with the top 3 all playing, would expect hill of beath and Musselburgh to win Penicuik have a banana skin against Dunbar but they can afford to draw one of their games
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