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  1. On 28/08/2019 at 07:03, newcastle broon said:

    Yes they did it shouldve read since winning league,jeez I was the one defending them 🤷‍♂️

    Its getting more and more difficult for Spartans so can you answer why they lost their best players  ? 

    Lose yer best players especially to yer main rivals yer always gonnae struggle does nae matter who's in charge   🤔

    I would imagine because the players in question were offered treble what they were on at Spartans 

  2. 17 hours ago, Spyro said:

    May as well, will be a laugh to see how wrong we are at the end of the season...

    The league is far too close to call but I’ll have a go anyway!

    1. Penicuik (hopefully!)

    2. Broxburn

    3. Whitehill Welfare

    4. Linlithgow

    5. Hill of Beath

    6. Tranent

    7. Musselburgh

    8. Bo’ness

    9. Jeanfield

    10. Dunbar

    11. Dundonald

    12. Camelon

    13. Newtongrange

    14. Crossgates

    15. Blackburn

    16. Sauchie

    Fire away lads... 🙈

    1. Penicuik

    2. Boness

    3. Linlithgow


    5. Hill of beath












  3. 13 hours ago, fowler23 said:

    It’s debatable if those 3 were there best players, certainly dish, wouldn’t say other 2. Would say they don’t seem to be attracting quality players like ek, kelty and shire have so far. Then again doubt Spartans budgets are as much as the 3 mentioned. Hard times ahead for Spartans to challenge for the league.

    Well I would certainly say Garry is the most consistent and Steven was top goalscorer so make of that what you will

  4. 1 hour ago, HibeeJibee said:

    Craig Stevenson... did he not sign for Berwick a number of years ago then left again within weeks?

    Btw, in context of bombing out of SPFL2 it's interesting the players leaving are all joining tier 6/worse.

    Yes I’m sure Ian little was manager at the time also, could be wrong though

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