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  1. If you don’t think Jamie dishington and Michael herd trebled there wage by moving on then you are wrong
  2. I would imagine because the players in question were offered treble what they were on at Spartans
  3. Spartans won the league 2 year ago so how do you figure that out?
  4. Great start for kinnoul look like they will be right up there this season
  5. I have nothing against Penicuik by the way I actually quite like them just my opinion
  6. Yes stuttered beaten by ek beat the worst team in the lowland league by a goal hammered by kelty and beat a poor Whitburn side 3-2
  7. I honestly think whitehill will turn Penicuik over tomorrow, Penicuik have stuttered pre season whitehill up at rosewell will be well up for it
  8. Will probably be a few shocks along the way but as you say it’s only guesswork and a wee laugh
  9. 1. Penicuik 2. Boness 3. Linlithgow 4.broxburn 5. Hill of beath 6.tranent 7.jeanfield 8.whitehill 9.musselburgh 10.dundonald 11.newtongrange 12.camelon 13.blackburn 14.crossgates 15.dunbar 16.sauchie
  10. 1. Kelty hearts 2.ek 3.east stirling 4.bonnyrigg 5.bsc 6. Spartans 7. Berwick 8.css 9.edusport 10. Cumbernauld 11.stirling uni 12. Dalbeattie 13. Edinburgh uni 14.gretna 15. Gala 16. Vol
  11. 181 to be precise which is a hell of a lot for a 23 year old
  12. Well I would certainly say Garry is the most consistent and Steven was top goalscorer so make of that what you will
  13. It is garry cenerazo from Spartans another good addition to the squad
  14. Good signing getting George hunter in, proven goalscorer at this level
  15. Spartans seemed to have lost their 3 best players in Jamie Dishington garry cenerazo and steven Mcdonald, can they no longer compete with the big boys in the lowland anymore?
  16. Forbes was arguably the best right back in the super league the season before going to Berwick so time will tell but I think both will do well at their new clubs
  17. Andy Forbes signed back with Stevenson going the other way in a swap deal what do Penicuik fans think of this?
  18. Keith lough and wayne sproule 2 solid signings for this level
  19. Lewis Barr and Andy Forbes signing back at Penicuik?
  20. My 3 would be crossgatea Blackburn and Dunbar but you never know one of the big guns could get dragged in
  21. Depending if Bonnyrigg go up or not I fancy them for this section if they do go up could be any 16 but I will go for Bo’ness
  22. Who would you’re favourites be for conference b? I’ll go for Preston for this section
  23. Who would you’re favourites be for conference a? My choice would be haddington
  24. I heard from a Linlithgow player so don’t know how reliable but seemed pretty sure
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