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  1. Gk. Carswell spartans Rb. Burns stirling uni CB. Mbu city CB. Russell ek Lb. Selkirk c.colts Rm. winter ek Cm. Mcfarland city Cm. Stevenson spartans Lm. Horrobine spartans Cf.allum city Cf. smith ek
  2. Selkirk have signed midfielder ross gray from berwick rangers great signing in my opinion one of berwicks better players and ex hibs and hutchison vale striker lewis page dont know him so can't comment on him
  3. as I said I think both are really good players and hope they do well with their new clubs, I dont doubt that I actually think ek will win the league this season
  4. strange one this as craig mcleish went to clyde and couldn't get a game there and queens park are a better side than them and vitoria couldn't get a game for queens park when they finished bottom of the 3rd division, both good players on their day though and hopefully do well with their new clubs
  5. I hear whitehill have signed nikki murray from Edinburgh united juniors
  6. if you are naive enough to think that ek dont pay players then you will believe anything
  7. 2 great signings for ek can really see them pushing on this season and challenging for the league title
  8. I think the league will be a lot tighter at the top this season,city can't really improve on last season with the number of points and everyone will be out to beat them this season, east kilbride and bsc will improve there squads, gretna and spartans will improve especially the latter who can't get any worse in the league form and ive noticed they have signed maxwell and greenhill from league 2 which will enhance their squad, think whitehill will struggle along with dalbeattie to match this season
  9. Have city lost any of there players or they kept everyone?
  10. Whitehill signings so far are John Williams, sean wringe, callum connely and kevin keane all lthv, Tony muir and jamie devlin tynecastle, Mikey bruce, matty Cunningham and davie stewart spattans along with 3 under 20s not sure who though
  11. think its matty cunningham and davie stewart from spartans eos
  12. I heard spartans are only keeping 8 of there 21 man squad any Spartans man confirm this? Whitehill are also in for 2 lothian players aswell as 3 from tynecastle
  13. Think whitehill will just be full of young players next season from 20s and young players from east of scotland
  14. The boy david stewart is apparently signing for welfare aswell from spartans eos
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